Review: Nitro Glyxerol – powerful substance


Finally, we succeeded. Scientists in laboratories invented substance, they had sought for so long. But it took a lot of sacrifice and especially luck. Number of human brains was increased by several small mice. Now they finally helped to resolve final step towards this liquid magic, that does everything you please!

And players will also be wanting to constantly mix them, because the only issue is limited expiration date. This is exactly, what’s new tale by designers and is about. New game was published under the brand name of and illustrations were prepared by . The game originates in year .

Inside a large square box with one scientist are plastic maze shaped flasks. And of course, each player gets to do his own experiments with one of them. So they should immediately each take one. Players also find colorful cubes in the box. Each participant picks single cube of each color for a total of five pieces and places them in front of himself. A set of cards inside the box should be separated into five piles by color and each pile is then shuffled separately. Included in the package are also numbered stop cards, that are placed  in the middle.


Players begin round always by choosing one (top) card from each color pile. They are placed into a line, that creates the order, in which ingredients should be added to your potion. Each participant in any manner pours his cubes to start the bottom left corner of his myxxer and they all start to attempt to do the same: be the fastest in moving cubes to the target end of whole labyrinth and in the right order as the cards tell.

Since the beginning of the round, players measure their time is an hourglass. During mixing it is arbitrarily allowed to tilt or tapping with the blender. The player can end then their efforts at any time and immediately get available stop card with the lowest value.

When everyone had finished and has picked up one of the numbered cards (or sand in hourglass has ran out), it is time to evaluate the whole round. It works sequentially for each card in common line. Player gets point for each cube, that is in correct position (compared with color). But to get a point, player also has to have lowest number among all rivals, that have this cube placed correctly, thus whoever ended up mixing first. But this applies only till the moment, when player makes the first mistake. From that moment on, player does not get any reward, whether he has next ingredients sorted correctly or not and even regardless of the speed of his solution.


Fastest player from the last round still gets one more reward. He receives mouse poo. Special black cube, which he get in the way for upcoming rounds and must be always positioned in the first place of currently mixed solution.

Players will return cubes back to their start spot, reveal a new recipe and start again from the beginning. This is repeated throughout seven rounds. Individual color cards have different values. And only their sum will determine, who will be the winner and may drink the magic potion as a reward (really?!).

Nitro Glyxerol is mad mixing game. Players get disobedient cubes in their hands and they have to rearrange them with tilting and shaking. Many platforms in their mixer help them, but at the same time also get in the way. Now this is precisely the problem, that  players have to deal with.


But its not really necessary to get everything right. The player may interrupt his cube ordering even earlier and get at least some points from cards in the middel. Other times, it pays not to be first, but to have it all without error. Some things, however, also depends on the hourglass, that measure time and puts pressure on everyone involved. This all means that’s not easy to piece together the whole recipe and also be fast. It is important to balance both elements to earn as many points as possible.

The game is really interesting, especially in the first matches. Shaking is a special and new mechanism. It entertains mostly children and younger players, as they will be the target audience. Those are also players, the game is designed for the most, because adult get surprisingly quickly tired of playing this.

Card and goal is same for everyone. Players can really compare their skills in this game. But it all gets purely to measurement of skill. There is nothing else in this game to do, than rearrange cubes. Nimble fingers, rapid response and feel for rattling dice.


The overall impression of the game is a bit controversial. It actually does not offer any scope for influencing tactics or getting in way of opponents. The player fights against himself and only his success or failure in rearranging the ingredients is based on good timing of getting card. Only this right timing can gain some points out of the whole round. Indeed, if you’re too slow, all points will get to others. But it also means that the game itself is no different, whether you play in two or four. Fortunately, the length of seven rounds is reasonably set and the whole thing will pass quickly.

Game collects plus points for processing. Plastic jugs are nice and inside surfaces gets in the way of moving cubes. Number cards each have their own illustration, which should certainly be appreciated. But some illustrations might feel inappropriate, which slightly disqualifies the game, when taking into account the target audience. It probably all depends on the sensitivity of individual families, because some pictures might seem sexist and strange.


Nitro Glyxerol puts on a good idea, but unfortunately the overall construction is a little wobbly. Above all, the game does not offer enough interesting possibilities and revolves around really only one mechanic. It finds fans only between players, who like games based on skill. This is group, where it can be fun to play, because they will probably appreciate the whole process of competing. For other players, Nitro Glyxerol will remain only mystery.

DesignerLuca Borsa, Andrea Mainini
ArtistAlexander Jung
PublisherLion Rampant Imports, Swan Panasia Co., Ltd., Zoch Verlag
Year Published2015
# of Players2 - 4
User Suggested # of Players Best with 0 players
Recommended with 4 players
(1 voters)
Playing Time20
Mfg Suggested Ages7 and up
Language DependenceNo necessary in-game text
(1 voters)
CategoryAction / Dexterity, Real-time
MechanicPush Your Luck
Primary NameNitro Glyxerol
Alternate Names仙丹妙搖

Infos courtesy of More Infos.

Review: Nitro Glyxerol – powerful substance
Final word
Nitro Glyxerol could with its cube shaking and effort to get them in the correct order first attract a younger child audience. But illustration are against this, because cards have some controversial imagery and it may be perceived as sexist. The game itself is a quick and trains finesse. Nitro Glyxerol is purely a game for those who love competing in nimble fingers, and at the same time are looking for something original. But you should not play it too often.
Reader Rating0 Votes
original idea about cube rearranging
you do not need to complete without errors
scoring is decided by order of completion in the round
questionable illustrations
everything concentrates on one thing
players compete primarily with themselves
you get quickly tired of it (mainly in adults)
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