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Turning pages in a book is always a great experience. But when someone rips it out, it’s not easy to put all the pages in the original order. Readers have to browse through the pages and search for the text, that follows them correctly. And that’s no longer fun.

But what is not fun while reading can be very interesting when playing. Designer surely thought of it, and illustrator also supported his idea. The card game was released by and and released in the year . It comes to us under distribution of .

Box is not the smallest, but also contains 120 classic sized cards. Two decks are hiding under the cover with illustrations from some of the famous books. Depending on the back, player divides the cards into four packs by thirty cards. Each will belong to one of the players, who shuffles it and grabs the deck in hand.


Before the game starts, players will take top card of their set and play it up on the table. This creates a starting menu of three cards (always exactly three) and offer of color combinations of frames and centers printed on them. They have different combination of shades every time within the 30-piece set.

But then the players will count down together start of their efforts and all will be thrown into the battle at once. They can freely browse their cards back and forth in their deck by putting the unused and (for now) unwanted cards in front of them on the discard deck. Whenever the color of the card frame on top of active deck matches the colored circle on one of the three cards lying in the middle, player can immediately add it on top. This can be done not only from hand, but also from top of discard pile.

Often, however, top card will not be interesting at all, so the player will temporarily set it aside. By doing this, they are gradually moving the cards from hand to the pile on the table. Both decks can browsed and cards can be returned to hand from it, always one card at a time. This makes it possible to constantly look for the right combinations and prepare a series of cards. But the situation is constantly changing, because there are only three piles available for all and others are also playing their cards. And so, while at one point something is true, in the next one everything can be completely different.


The players are trying to get rid of all thirty cards, and when somebody succeeds, the game ends. But that does not mean he can start celebrating immediately. First, everyone together needs to check the correct play of all cards in three decks. And if players find a card in the stack, that does not fit in color rules, then it’s easy to identify the culprit. They simply look at the back of the card, whose color convicts the owner without any doubt. Only the one, who passes the test and at the same time has the least cards in his deck (up to zero) can finally celebrate victory.

is a really interesting action card game. The victory is being fought for in real time. And we love this kind of game, just like the excellent Loonacy has convinced us. Players must follow the top card from the public deck (at least one of its colors) and that is of course a matter of chance. Fortunately, however, he is not dependent on what he has actually in hand on the top card, because he can put it aside.

This is a crucial moment in the entire mechanism. Players discard their cards, try to remember their order and then use them later on. Looking forward and backward just like when searching in a book is an element, that we have not tried in any similar game yet. And we like it very much. Players have to be lucky only partially and can influence it themselves.


The whole process is beautifully dynamic. Players do not have the chance to watch what others are doing, and they only have to respond to the colors that lie in the middle of the table. The situation is changing every now and then, and the cards that have been uninteresting for a long time can quickly raise in importance.

The more players (up to the four maximum) take part, the greater the chaos. There are always three piles on the table, which means that the game is also quite interesting in two. In addition, players have a bit more peace to choose the right card. Simplicity is also a sign of the fact, that six-year-olds can play the game, but it can be as well used as family fun. It will also be appreciated by lovers of fast card games. This is also because one game usually takes about five minutes.

And where are the book classics? Every set of frames corresponds to one book, whether it’s a 80-day Journey Through the World, Moby Dick or Alice in the Wonderland. Otherwise, too much graphics or processing can not be mentioned, because cards are only about colors.


The only shortcoming is the final check. After everything has ended and one of players should be happy, they check the cards instead. And after the three decks and colorful links have been checked, the winner is clear.

Nimble made us very happy with ourselves. It offers a lot of fast card exchanges, because players are playing their color cards nicely at the same time. And because it’s all happening in tempo, the game is exciting and fun. Nimble is an inconspicuous box, that will have a lot of opponents on the market. The game is chaotic, there is no doubt about it. But you can really have fun with this one, if you do not mind, that everyone is playing at the same time.


Review: Nimble – book classics in box
Final word
Nimble is a great game for those, who like crazy card finished within minutes. Everyone plays cards one after the other and tries to be the first to get rid of them all. Their playing is controlled by the colors, that need to match. Players will put their inappropriate cards aside and return to them, but this second deck can beplaced back on top. Thanks to this, the game offers a feeling of book browsing, that is unique and interesting. The match is lightning quick and its overall impression spoils only the final error checking, that is too long. Even so, Nimble is really fun!
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everyone plays at the same time
interesting browsing forwards and backwards in decks
and thus the possibility of controlling randomness
fun in two, three and four
lightning fast game time
also suitable for children
final control of cards deteriorates pace
everyone plays at the same time
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