Review: Munchkin Dungeon Side Quest

I still have our main task in mind, but I feel the desire to discover and experience adventure. Unless I’m in danger, I don’t feel like I’ve achieved anything. That’s why I’m looking for danger around every corner that a lot of other heroes would cross, like an uninteresting corner. And from time to time I come across treasures in these places that you have not seen before. Or horror over horrors.

The game was published in Czech as Munchkin Podzemí with the logo of the ADC Blackfire company. However, the novelty has already received a number of expansions abroad, the larger of which is called and was created by and based on the original play. The game is released by Steve Jackson Games and with unforgettable illustrations by . This lower box was also the result of a successful campaign on .

The lid of the box shows voracious heroes and their possible golden treasures. And under it hides a new set of figures, four heroes and six monsters. But there are also cards of rooms, treasures and threats. The novelty is promised by side task tokens and daggers to mark those completed.

In the classic game Munchkin Underground, each participant chooses one of his heroes, a potion and one gold coin, which clearly indicates his empty pockets. With their character, everyone will then run around the plan, which is filled with different rooms at different depths underground. The farther from the surface, the harder it is to survive. They can avoid some rooms, but for passing them, they gain threat tokens, which their opponents then use against them to play their own cards. Once someone stops, they must compete with the monster with the help of the dice and their equipment. For their defeat, they receive funding, a reward according to the room, and they can advance to the next level by spending gold coins. Gradually, they get deeper until they hit the main villain. The game ends by collecting a specified number of points, which are reduced by penalties (shame tokens if some of the monsters defeat the hero) and the resulting value determines the winner.

Of course, the basis of the game will not change in this expansion. The basis is the expansion of the range of rooms, which will enrich the basic set simply by mixing the players into a package and never know which of the new additions will appear in the cave they are exploring.

Secondly, we mentioned the heroes. He brings four new characters to the game of archers (ranger) and halflings (halfling). Each time, it offers its owner a different starting advantage, depending on its affiliation, thanks to which you will notice right from the first turn that something is a little different. And getting to know your species continues in the game, where they differ from the others through two special abilities.

However, the new characters have the absolutely fundamental nature of increasing the overall variability and selection at the beginning of the game. You will not get anything else with regard to the overall course of the game. Abilities are just such a special pinch to the shoulder that you feel here and there, but it’s no twist.

But it is these tiny elements of variability that ultimately help the original Munchkin Underground box stay on your desk and keep coming back to it. New rooms and new monsters are exactly the breeding ground that will touch you.

The main and only real novelty of the whole box are the boards of side tasks. From the menu of all fifteen, players will choose three random ones, and the individual participants will also receive a set of three completion tokens in their color.

Each of these plates represents a clearly designed task that is common. Once a player meets the conditions, he receives a reward, a new level for his hero. But the reward is not only waiting for the first, but for everyone who completes the assignment as soon as it happens.

This is such a small trifle, which will distract the players from their main and main goal, at least for a while. Players must defeat monsters or collect items, all tasks are simply focused on trying to be exceptional and as fast as possible. It is clear that the level gained can be absolutely crucial.

The workmanship is famous again. Who wouldn’t be pleased with other monster figures that the heroes will have to face on their way underground? They are again of a non-traditional smooth design exactly as in the basic box.

Munchkin Dungeon Side Quest is a necessary extension that belongs to every game. The simple distraction in the form of side quests is the title one, but the provided variability of rooms, monsters and new heroes will please you. We don’t see a single reason not to want this extension and make it part of the base box. With Side Quest, Munchkin Dungeon is a bit better and therefore excellent.

DesignerAndrea Chiarvesio, Eric M. Lang
ArtistJohn Kovalic
PublisherCMON Global Limited, Steve Jackson Games
Year Published
# of Players2 - 5
Playing Time0
Mfg Suggested Ages14 and up
CategoryExpansion for Base-game, Fantasy
MechanicTake That
ExpansionMunchkin Dungeon
Primary NameMunchkin Dungeon: Side Quest

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Review: Munchkin Dungeon Side Quest
Final word
Munchkin Dungeon is a game we enjoy. And with the Side Quest extension, it is no different, it is simply better thanks to the quality and selection of all possible elements. Monsters, heroes, rooms, everything is ready again in new numbers. And to top it all off, players will also receive a small reward in the form of new ways to get a level for their hero. Munchkin Dungeon: Side Quest is an excellent expansion that takes advantage of the fun of basic boxing and pushes it to the maximum.
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+ new monsters
+ new rooms
+ new heroes
+ side tasks
+ necessary extensions
= nothing
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