Review: Multi City – city of crayons


The city is a colorful place. Families are dressed in their colorful suits to be easily distinguishable. Their characters move between houses that all have the same color. They take a few steps and board the yellow cars. The whole scenery then complements trees that are all vertically green. Or is it completely different? Is the world really much more colorful place?

To perceive colors in different way will teach us board game. It is published by the Latvian company and created by the pair and added the final form with illustrations and it all went out to the world in .

A yellow box of houses and blue figures will welcome us and after the lid is lifted, players will find pavement boards. On the back of each of these plaques, players will find nine colored squares. The whole set of thirty-two tiles is shuffled and placed in the center of the table. And then there are cardboard pieces for players – each of them belongs to part of the city, whether its trees, cars, houses or people. And each player chooses his one color and gets corresponding six figures in plastic stands.


Players will rotate on turn throughout the game and always have a choice of two possible activities. The first and initially more frequent is the chance to uncover a new pavement plate and place it in any way to the already landed area. This creates colorful dotted space, where the new tiles always have to be adjacent to one side with the current plan.

Instead, players are constantly looking for an opportunity (ranging from one to six) to place one of their pieces. This of course has its own fixed rules – figure can be placed in a row or column, but its outer edges must always be placed on squares of the same color. Players are thus creating positions and their own opportunities with their previous moves, while trying not to provide opponents chance to use their characters.

Players are alternating and game ends when one of the players uses their last, sixth, figure. He becomes an instant winner. In addition, it is possible to end the battle by unloading all the pavements. In such a situation, the winner is the one who has managed to get rid of the greatest number of characters in the game (or the longest ones).


Multi City is an exciting game for children, in which players are primarily trained to give attention and insight. That’s because the area is really colorful and it’s not easy to find a pattern. Figures have different dimensions, so children have to look for different distances.

Its also true, that by placing new figure, players at the same time are blocking each other’s positions, and after a while it’s not easy to find a good position for longer (up to six dots) pieces. It is therefore preferable to get rid of these longer ones as soon as possible. However, at the same time, the players have also exclamation marks standing in their way. They are printed on the tiles and its forbidden to build over them.

Players all share one main way of influencing their chances. Adding a new plaque to the right place can create a suitable color layout. At the same time, there is no risk that someone will occupy this position. The only problem is the unwanted creation of another colored pair and thus maybe even blocking some your own positions. Players must be careful not only for their colors, but also for their opponents.


Game has simple and clear rules, which means very good accessibility to smaller players from five years up. It is enough for children to recognize the colors and to be able to calculate the distance between the colored dots. Of course, the more participants in the game will be, the harder it gets to prepare for their next turn a position that lasts open for the whole time. Moreover, with the increasing number of players, the likelihood that the battle does not end with complete success, increases. Instead, in four, the game often ends up with pavement pile getting empty. Due to the age of the main audience, it is clear that the match will not be long and last for just over a quarter of an hour.

Gamers attention also deserves very original processing. The game is interesting in color, where every part of the world has its clear shade. Everything is colorful and the cardboard does not disappoint, but also does not shine.


Multi City is a kids game where everything is about connecting colored squares. Correct layout of new plaques is the only way to pave the opportunity and get rid of some of your pieces. Only the one with the best planning and estimation can at the end celebrate victory in the city of many colors, in Multi City.

Review: Multi City – city of crayons
Final word
Multi City is a game designed primarily for children. And it will try out their guess and attention already from five years. They use colors to create patterns, and they need to place colored dots in the right distances. This will give them positions to unload pieces of different length and get a step closer to a possible victory. Multi City is a very successful children's game.
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tile attachment
from four years up
blocking other players
two ending options
original graphics
there is nothing to criticize about this game for its audience
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