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Portraits of monsters will really shuffle your head. Parts of their body spins so fast, that you hardly manage to watch, how each of them looks. Sometimes pairs are better suited together and sometimes less. But that’s really not the point. You are trying to help police track down perpetrators of horrific crimes, in which the victims were swallowed in clothes and only a puddle of saliva was left. Is some creature on the loose? You are the only witness. Do you remember, what it looked like?

Mixing is leitmotiv of card game called naturally . But not only shuffling of cards themselves, but also three body parts of blue monster. This card game was designed by and was released in by . Of course, it could not miss fair in Essen, where we have acquired one sample for review.

Small blue box with one creature has inside exactly, what you’d expect. One deck of fifty cards and a few sheets with rules. These are also mixed up, with different languages ​​always covering portion on one page, so it is not easy to know your way in those paragraphs. Altogether, there are three sheets. Cards at quite the same and most of them contain an image of creature body part – a head, body or feet, but some have the whole monster figure, showing goals.


At the beginning of the game players take all cards and sorted them out into two piles, one of them being secret mission with a smiling biscuits on the back. Each player gets one of these, while rest creates a draw pile. Similar operations are waiting for cards of monster body parts. But each rival gets three cards of this type, that he should hold secretly in his hand with task card. There will be a space on table, where portraits of monsters arise. Players begin these by revealing top two cards, each serving as the initial body part of one of two portraits, which will be throughout the game on the table.

Although monster will look different every time, players will alternate in turns. Every time someone comes to action, he gets a choice of three possible actions. Main and essential is to take one card from his hand and make it part of the body of one of the monsters. Player can fill up some empty space (at the beginning of the game) or overlay previously placed card. After placement, he takes a replacement card and his turn ends.

But there are two further alternative activities. First one occurs, when a player is unhappy with his goal portrait, which he received at the beginning by random draw. Each player may exchange this image once per game and draw a new task from the pile. In addition, players can as an action move body parts from one creature to another.


As the appearance of monsters is constantly changing, players must always watch it. Whenever a drawing package gets empty, all but the top card in played piles should be shuffled and create new package. The moment the monster looks exactly as shown on player’s card, it’s time to shout out loud „monster“. This player wins the round and gets one imaginary cookie. Whoever manages to get three cookies, becomes the winner.

Building monsters is fun all around. That was proved to us by several games already – lets remember for example a little-known Monster Factory. But back to the game Mix it, which does it a bit similarly, but in very good fashion and provides fun especially for its category of children card games.

Basic tacticc and influence on outcome of the game is quite inconspicuous option to move cards from one monster to another. Here, players have a large selection of options to alter their appearance and move it closer to their goal. On the other side, no one else knows their cards in hand, so surprise is also very important.


Game is of course largely controlled by chance. Just get the wrong goal monster or constantly draw bad cards and victory may be far away. Fortunately, one round does not make you champion, so you can fix your taste in the next duel.

Cards are surprisingly variable, there is enough possibility to build monsters and all look interesting and funny. Game passes quickly, because there is not too much to do during one turn. Three cards in hand and possibly some shift on the table. Most of the planning can be done ahead and just adapt to changes in recent turns. Entire battle takes place in fifteen minutes, allowing you to keep attention of preschool children high.


Mix It is a very nice card game aimed at children, but also very well suited for the whole family. It provides very pleasant and relaxed course, but still has enough interesting content for everyone involved. Thanks to that facts, Mix It is a very good choice in terms of entertainment for fun family night together at the table.


DesignerManu Palau
ArtistManu Palau
PublisherBrain Picnic, Nasza Księgarnia
Year Published2015
# of Players2 - 6
User Suggested # of Players Best with 4 players
Recommended with 2, 3, 5, 6 players
(3 voters)
Playing Time15
Mfg Suggested Ages5 and up
User Suggested Ages3 and up
(2 voters)
Language DependenceNo necessary in-game text
(1 voters)
CategoryCard Game, Children's Game, Puzzle
FamilyCreatures: Monsters
Primary NameMix It
Alternate NamesPora na stwora

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Review: Mix It Monster Edition
Final word
Mix It is a children's card game, where every small kid (and even those, who still do not attend school) can compose body of an unseen monster. But it will not frighten anyone, because they are fun to hang around. This game will examine tactical skills and luck of gamers of all ages. Besides the children, it can be enjoyed by whole families, because of its pleasant atmosphere, quick playing time and variability of individual rounds, it can keep everyone's attention. Luck in one round is not enough for the overall victory and game allows you to combine already dealt cards towards your private goal. Mix It is a nice achievement, which is full of cute creatures.
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kids love the game
simple rules
playable for families
sufficiently variable
fast game and turns
for preschoolers
odd rules layout
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