Review: Mit den Bären zählen lernen – mathematics for bears


It is said to be the best way to learn at school. That’s what parents say. But the truth is somewhere else. This is because teachers have no reason to care for children. They do not like them. But in nature it is a little different, because animals are controlled by instincts. And today, the best way to learn basics of mathematics is to let children into nature. In particular, they bears will be in charge of their education, because they are the best out there.

Such a role was assigned to them by company , when they created a game called Teddy Bears Count in English, but on the box, we find longer German name Mit den Bären zählen lernen. The game was published in in Vilnius.

A small green box will give you everything you need for such counting. Small cardboard basket full of wooden strawberries, all of which have a hole in their center. And along with them there are four dark laces in the box and a set of thicker bear cards. They come not only with different illustrations but also several values in the lower right corner ranging from minus four to plus five.


So it is clear that we will count apples with bears help. To do this, however, players must first take a rectangular basket, place it in the center of the table, and to all its sides put pictures of the bears with picture down. Around the basket, there will be two water tiles somewhere in first two rows and only then will their line be appended with four more cards. Order always has to be random within that group. Each player then gets a lace and creates a knot at one end to keep the strawberries on it, once they are there.

Players then alternate and gradually reveal one tiles after another. They turn it around and place it back into the row. But at the same time, they must follow instructions on the picture – more specifically number in the bottom right corner. If a teddy bear is happily holding a stack of strawberries, player can take the same number of strawberries from the middle and put them on his string.

Dramatic twist will only occur, when player finds a teddy bear standing aside on his picture. He pulls his hand and wants to share his strawberries. This also is passed on players, who have to give as many strawberries as there are in the picture to their neighbor. They are passed to right or left based on the side, where the teddy bear is looking. Player pulls the strawberries off his string and hand them over to his rival.


However, if one of the players does not have enough strawberries to trade, then he is eliminated. No more strawberries will come to him. Other players, however, continue to uncover tiles until they work their way into the middle.Now it’s time to compare number of strawberries collected. The one player, who has most of them, becomes the winner of the competition.

Teddy Bears Count is a super fun kid game about counting strawberries. Players are guided by randomly revealed tiles, that tell them exactly what to do. Their choice is directly up to the player, so it all remains a matter of just luck. Both positive and negative digits can be found.

Fortunately, authors did not let luck completely dominate the game. There are no negative points between among cards on the edge, without water. Players can gain some strawberries or in the worst situation find a zero. This means that teddy bear ate all the strawberries by himself. However, it’s all still about who will reveal which card.


If the game becomes too simple for your child, there is one option to make it more complex. At the beginning of the game, pads will be spread with pictures revealed and all players are allowed to see and remember their values. Then the cards are turned around and from then on, all have to rely solely on their memory. It is not always easy to get the card, that the player remembers correctly, because some of the opponents can steal it sooner.

Number of players is due to donation better to be as high as possible. The game is suitable for up to four opponents, which is also an ideal number. In three, its still possible to give strawberries in both directions and players are in contact with everyone. In two, the fun is much worse, because it’s all about picking strawberries and that’s fine, but not as good as it could.

But the game is so beautiful, especially because players do not collect some virtual numbers. Instead, they all have strawberries. And another beautiful phase of the entire game is the donation of your catches to your opponent. Players will learn not only to count, but also to divide. Interesting is the solution with final evaluation, where everyone can train counting one strawberry after another or simply place the cords next to each other, compare their length and find the winner even faster.


Teddy Bears Count is a beautiful child game. They pick up strawberries and lose them again, but they do not return them to the center. Instead, they hand them over to other players. This is the conclusion of the final two rounds, when all of them have got enough strawberries. Teddy Bears Count is a beautifully crafted and well-educated game for kids.

Review: Mit den Bären zählen lernen – mathematics for bears
Final word
Mit den Bären zählen lernen is a beautiful game for children, which can they start testing from three years of age. It is especially beautiful with wooden strawberries and illustrations of bears. Players catch their prey on strings, but only temporarily. Some cards tell them, on the contrary, that they must donate to one of their neighbors. Leadership is constantly pouring down, all depending on luck and not on skills. But that corresponds to the target audience, which is really from the smallest children and it is possible to adjust the rules as we have in our Teddy Bears Count review.
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teaches counting
collecting real wooden strawberries
different every time
from three years up
luck decides everything
donation does not work in two
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