Review: Megaland – world is scrolling to the right


Our country is a bit different. No matter where you go, you suddenly find that you are scrolling to the right. Even if you swore you turned to your left hand on the past intersection. Maybe, you might not even mind. All it takes is to walk long enough and you will certainly end up where you needed. But towards the right, every traveler is in danger. Step by step you have to continue or turn back!

We return to a world of adventure, where we could enjoy games Near and Far or Above and Below. We are invited to play the new board game . is not the only designer signed under inception of this game, but there is another name – . The game, of course, originated in ’s production and is stamped with the year . The European distribution is then provided by .

Box is smaller, but it is really interesting with its color and graphics. This is just as great as in the games mentioned above. Inside, players have a set of excellent GameTrayz plastic binders, and there will be plenty of cards found and provided by the box before each game. Players on the table create an offer of basic buildings (with an asterisk), choose random seven buildings (out of a total of seventeen) and next to it place a treasure trove. Nearby, players create a pile of tokens (coins, hearts and jumps), a level board and a mixed deck of ten level cards. Each participant chooses his own character, gets cardboard character and card, but also a set of four hearts.


Game takes place in rounds and each of them is divided into the stages, which players are going through together. At the beginning, everyone will send their hero to an adventure by placing his figure on a level board. Then they all take one card from the treasure chest, that they put in front of them as their first spoils of that run.

That’s the hero’s catch. But the prey must be paid for. Therefore, immediately one player reveals the top card from the level deck. It poses a danger to the players in their location, when they were collecting the treasure. If there is a skull symbol on the card, their character loses life point (or even more hearts). Subsequently, all heroes can decide, whether they want to continue their journey to the right or rather return home to safety.

So courageous heroes can easily get more treasure cards in one round. But if its courage is too much and starts to border with foolishness, some of the cards may make them lose the last point of their heart. In such a case, hero fell and all his collected treasures from that turn have to be returned. After that, his hero comes home with his bowed head and empty hands.


Once all the players have met one of these two fates, it’s time to use accumulated treasures. For them they can buy one or more buildings from the public offer. To pay for them, they need a set of different treasures. Such a building is placed in front of the player and he can take advantage of it (whether one-time or repeatedly). Cards can be spent also for improving the hero and earning bonus hearts. This makes the hero better prepared for the dangers awaiting him in the next level and he is therefore able to collect more treasures.

Then everything is returned to the original state and players will be going to another adventure tour. These two parts of the game alternate until someone collects twenty coins. They are provided by buildings. Player who gathers this wealth first becomes the winner.

Megaland is a wonderful and smartly designed game of risking and collecting right set of cards. Both players‘ abilities must merge well, because only then can he be the one, who buys buildings better. However, it is clear from the rules that Megaland is a very simple game that focuses primarily on families with children.


Each match will be a bit different. This is because there are other buildings in the offer and players will also want to buy other sets. However, the level crawling itself does not differ too much. Fortunately, because the level deck is always randomly sorted, players can never know, which monster they come across and when they are waiting for a card without any enemies.

Players can at least partially prepare themselves for the danger. This is allowed by jump tokens. If a player has such a token and announces his use before revealing a new level card, he may skip the enemy (jump over). Whether his attempt is successful or not, token in any situation is discarded. But the heroes can only jump over those enemies standing on the ground (they have a jump icon in the upper left corner). For example bats can not be skipped like this.

Also interesting is the rabbit on the way. He bites. There is no doubt about this, as he first causes injury of one heart to everyone. But then players, who did battle with him, get the chance to feed him with carrots. And for this, players can expect a profitable deal in the form of three new treasures!


In most of every round, players do not have to alternate, but play together. Only at the end of the day will everyone buy one of the buildings quickly and the match continues on. This makes everything very dynamic, because the first phase of the level passes much longer. And the game works just as well in both the maximum and minimum participants.

A great weapon is a wonderfully cartoon fairy tale graphics. The game is a joy to watch. Moreover, the quality of the components is excellent, which excels mainly with the tokens. And the cherry on the cake is the box itself and its plastic containers.


Megaland is an inconspicuous little game that has made us all the more delighted. It is a beautifully elegant entertainment that will be appreciated especially by the children. The course borrows from video games scrolling to the right, but the individual levels are really short and end early and successfully. Megaland is a wonderful children game and behind it we stand!

DesignerRyan Laukat, Malorie Laukat
ArtistNoah Adelman, Ryan Laukat
PublisherRed Raven Games
Year Published2018
# of Players2 - 5
User Suggested # of Players Best with 5 players
Recommended with 2, 3, 4, 5 players
(19 voters)
Playing Time20
Mfg Suggested Ages8 and up
User Suggested Ages6 and up
(11 voters)
Language DependenceModerate in-game text - needs crib sheet or paste ups
(1 voters)
CategoryFantasy, Video Game Theme
MechanicPush Your Luck
FamilyComponents: Game Trayz Inside
Primary NameMegaland

Infos courtesy of More Infos.

Review: Megaland – world is scrolling to the right
Final word
Megaland is a child / family game that is hard to find any negatives on. It is looking at most beautiful, while being fun, smooth and simple. However, this is not an ordinary copy of other games, but it is a bit of a way towards something new. The result can be enjoyed especially by younger players. But Megaland can delight anyone, who can appreciate light and casual entertainment.
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a combination of two mechanisms
opportunity to jump
In the levels you just collect sets
players play at the same time (not waiting for moves)
luxurious processing
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