Review: Maze Racers – the marbles in the maze


The ball is very sad. Someone had ruined its labyrinth. It was there yesterday, full of cold walls, unexpected turns and blind streets. And today it’s gone. There are not even the stones or shadow of its paths. And so the ball is sadly waiting to see it again.

And we have the power to make it  happy and put labyrinth back together again. In a little different layout. This opportunity was provided by company and specifically by designer , who finished his idea in under name . And the European game market will be richer with this game thanks to .

A quick ball welcomes players on the lid of the box. Whole packaging belongs to the super heavy weight category. This is because it contains two massive plastic boards, that players will fill with foam sticks. Both opponents take one of these great boards to their possession, because Maze Racers is only a two-player game. Afterwards, players will receive additional equipment – a pile of foam walls (yellow or blue), one wooden stick and also a starting and target arc (green and red).


Both big plans have whole area divided into quarters and before start of each round, both opponents have to agree, where their maze will start and in which quadrant will route of the ball end. These rectangles are marked by placing the semicircles of start (green) and finish (red). They together shout „START“ and each builds a maze of foam walls of his color.

They try to put together the most complicated and confising ball path possible. There must always be at least one uninterrupted path leading from beginning to end. Whenever they want, they can use a wooden stick to verify width of their passages and aisles. If it fits, then there is enough room already for the red ball.

Once one of the opponents is satisfied with his creation, he simply reports this fact to his opponent by turning the hourglass. This means that enemy has last minute to complete his own construction.


As soon as both opponents complete their construction, they exchange built mazes with each other, place the ball in the green starting box and both start their effort to lead the ball through. Both rivals try to get the ball into red target position and then back to the start green spot (they can show their enemy, when they are half way to have some kind of verification). Player has to flip board with a maze, guiding the disobedient ball through the alleyways. The one who succeeds as first one becomes the winner of the round. The plans are returned to the owners, who destroy the finished labyrinth and continue with new round. The first player with two victories dominated the whole match.

Maze Racers is a surprising racing game with a ball. But twist is not in letting two players chase the ball with a maze against each other in a crazy contest. The whole spell is hidden elsewhere – in the way they build the maze for each other! This is where both opponents hold success of their opponents in their own hands. It all depends on how complicated route they prepare.

Biggest fun for many players will be in first phase, in building a maze. Both rivals will have roughly the same playing field as opponent, determining at the beginning of each round where the route must begin and end. Most wall plates are flat and offer different lengths. Their set is then complemented by several curved walls. All together are very well fit to build it, because the pieces are magnetic and hold on the board pretty firmly.


Maze Racers are half way between game and toy. For most of the time, both opponents play by themselves and create a plan. This is also the longest lap time of each round and creation of a solid maze lasts about five minutes. Its complexity depends entirely on the decision of the players and no one is forced to make complex routes. But excellent is adding dead lanes, that can be perfectly fool your adversary.

Game offers fantastic fun for kids who will train a number of important skills while building. At the same time, they also improve significantly with each round. Except for its weight, Maze Racers is great for traveling. Fortunately, in your car you will not mind its weight and racing with ball will greatly entertain children, who will not constantly ask „Are we there yet?“


Processing is absolutely luxurious. Massive game boards fit perfectly in hand. The foam walls are smooth and big enough to handle them well. It is good that players have a chance to verify width of their aisles during construction so that there is no jamming and therefore less chance for poor construction. A maze that can not be completed means an automatically lost round.

Rulebook offers a team variant, in which players build together and then each member of team goes with the ball only through half of the route (one player to finish and the other back). On the official site, players will also find a special layout for making advanced mazes, that already have some deployed walls.


Maze Racers is a truly original game, that is absolutely perfect for all kids as early as eight years old. The construction of maze and its solution is a tremendous pastime, that will not disappoint even adults. Of course, do not expect any tactics, everything is just about speed and skill – both in the construction and in the subsequent wandering with the ball. But Maze Racers deserves excellent ratings and deserves great attention from anyone looking for original game for their children. That’s the whole point of Mazer Racers.

DesignerAndy Geremia
PublisherCompeto / Marektoy, FoxMind, Gém Klub Kft.
Year Published2015
# of Players2 - 4
User Suggested # of Players Best with 2 players
Recommended with players
(3 voters)
Playing Time20
Mfg Suggested Ages8 and up
User Suggested Ages5 and up
(2 voters)
Language DependenceNo necessary in-game text
(1 voters)
CategoryAbstract Strategy, Action / Dexterity, Maze
FamilyComponents: Sand Timers
Primary NameMaze Racers
Alternate NamesÉszvesztő Útvesztő, Maze Race

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Review: Maze Racers – the marbles in the maze
Final word
If your children love building, they will adore Maze Racers. In each round, they can create a new labyrinth for their opponent, who must then make it with his ball through. The first phase of the round is noticeably about planning because the composition of the tiles into a rational maze requires excellent imagination. A chaotic labyrinth can be created by everybody, but to create one, in which you can lose yourself, that’s an art. Maze Racers is an unusually cool children (and family) game.
Reader Rating0 Votes
very original
great magnetic design
great on the road (in the car)
the building is super fun
you build maze for the rivals
rather toy than a game
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