Review: Mary Engelbreit Loonacy – fools are allowed to enter


Crazy pictures for crazy players are looking for crazy winners. This game is truly crazy. Well its called , so there is no surprise. This is the third variant of this game, which comes with illustrations by Mary Engelbreit. The author of all three boxes is the same designer and his company released it for . European distribution is made by .

It’s a small box with illustrations of flowers and cherries. We are not familiar with the traditional illustrations of this author in Czech Republic, but it is probably the best representation of her graphic style. Inside this small cardboard box, we find two decks of cards, together forming a stock of hundreds cards, which just need to be shuffled at the beginning of the match.

Depending on the number of players, four, three, or two piles have to be created at start by placing one card as its base. Each of the participants then receives seven random cards, but they should not look at it yet. Instead, they can take them in their hand or place it picture side down in front of them.


There are no turns in the game. Instead, players countdown to start, and at that point everyone can look at their starting set of cards. At the same time, they can start comparing their images (each card contains exactly two) with those available on the table. If part of the card matches with picture on the table, player can place it.

But even after successful play, nobody wants to draw. Instead, player can continue to play another card, if he can (by matching picture again). Players all fight at the same time, using cards one at a time, so the offer is constantly changing. This makes it very likely for someone to have a chance even, when he has nothing else to play.


However, if player has no picture, that can be seen on the table at a given moment, he will stretch his hand slightly toward the drawing pile. This suggests to others, that he has nothing to play. In the event., that all players do this gesture and they have reached a state of indecision, everyone can get a new card at the same time, looking at it and trying to immediately play it. If they are lucky, their new image will create a kind of donkey bridge between the cards, they hold in hand and the cards that lie on the table. The first person, who has no card in hand becomes the winner.


Loonacy in general is a totally chaotic game. This is what we have seen in previous reviews, that you can read on our site. But we can also tell you, that despite the randomness and the unpredictability, we have enjoyed this game at least as much as the classic Fluxx.


But Mary Engelbreit is not at all classical Loonacy. Images generally have a great impact on experience and difficulty in this game. And with new box, the demand for searching of pairs may grow above bearable limit. That’s because Loonacy suddenly changes from reactionary game to a place, where everyone furiously compares their pictures, because they simply can not remember them.

Do not get it wrong. The graphics are beautiful and the cards are overwhelmingly colorful and interesting. It just does not fit us with the idea we have about the course of Loonacy. The illustrations are really fabulous and rich in content. Unfortunately, one more possible shortage of the whole box is, that you will look for icons on carsd in vain. So if you hold eight or ten cards in your hand, which is no exception, you have no overview of the pictures, you can choose from. This brings with it constant flipping and a bit of a sense of bad luck.


We like Loonacy and we will never reject match in it. Unfortunately, this new variant really disappointed our expectations. Instead of a new box of fun, we’ve got a pretty confusing game in which there’s even less control than ever before. And this time it will show up on playability. Mary Engelbreit Loonacy is the weakest card game in the series and will be interested only by fans of the title illustrator.

DesignerAndrew Looney
ArtistMary Engelbreit
PublisherLooney Labs
Year Published2018
# of Players2 - 5
User Suggested # of Players Best with 4 players
Recommended with 2, 3, 5 players
(1 voters)
Playing Time10
Mfg Suggested Ages8 and up
User Suggested Ages8 and up
(1 voters)
Language DependenceNo necessary in-game text
(1 voters)
CategoryCard Game, Real-time
MechanicPattern Recognition
FamilyCard Games: Shedding / Stops
Primary NameMary Engelbreit Loonacy

Infos courtesy of More Infos.

Review: Mary Engelbreit Loonacy – fools are allowed to enter
Final word
Mary Engelbreit Loonacy is a card game, that has all the prerequisites for success. Outstanding game system and beautiful illustrations. But when these two properties come together, it does not add to an even better experience, but their joining here is not as ideal as it may seem. The game is suddenly unclear and difficult to control (even for Loonacy ratios). And that's why Mary Engelbreit Loonacy is a disappointment.
Reader Rating0 Votes
beautiful graphics
game mechanism
fun game
fast and dynamic match
icons on the cards are missing
pairs of images are hard to find
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