Review: Manasurge – a magical duel


There is not enough place in the whole world for two greatest mages. Only one, the really big one, can lift the magical crystal over his head and control it. This allows him to become even stronger. And that is why in the interior of the mountain, near the boiling lake of lava, several men are preparing for the final duel.

Inside the mountain into the fire of the duel invites all players . He named his work and released it with help of . The game was decorated by the illustrator . It was first published in .

And inside a small colorful box with all the conceivable elements we find not only the cards that form the absolute basis of the entire duel, but also a set of tokens. However, right up to the start, each participant chooses one card of his wizard to give him one special skill. To start the game, each of the opponents gets five cards, while the remainder creates a drawing pile.


This time, however, all the wizards do not start shooting the spells one after other. Instead, they choose one of them, who starts with magic. He selects one card from his hand and marks it with a token. Such a card always belongs to one of the elements. An active starting player moves this card to one of the opponents. He can choose a side, whether he sends the spell in the direction of clock or counterclockwise.

Person to whom the spell is directed must immediately respond. In order to not be hit by it and thus do not cause end of the round, player must play card from any element with a higher or at least the same numerical value. However, if the player deliberately plays a card of the same element, he resonates with the spell and adds another shard token to the card. At the same time, he also can use card action.

Conversely, if someone plays a card of the same value in another element, it is a counterattack and this new spell allows to attack an opponent. He also has to deal with the attack, so that he does not expect anything unpleasant. If player does not have the appropriate card, spell hits him (the number of damage determines the amount of wounds) and round ends.


After the air is clear, players fill their hands back to the maximum number of cards (initially it is five cards). Role of most dangerous wizard (starting one) will pass on someone else. Players then try to collect tokens after each round. At the same time, these will decide on the winner, because it will be the first person to gather specified number of fragments.

ManaSurge is a card game, in which players have nothing to lose. They send spells here and there, waiting for who gets hit. In the beginning it is possible to aim, but the opponents can cope with it and send the enchantment further. Or you can take revenge and bounce spell back in the opposite direction and injure the player who sent the spell in the first place.

There is a lot of luck happening in the game. It and only it determines, what cards does the player gets in his hand at the start or whenever he draws cards from the deck. Control remains only for question which card the player selects from his hand and, if so, whether he will defend himself. The role in each round changes because you can be the main wizard (and start by sending spell) or defender and only try to survive or send it on.


This card game is dramatic and not just for two players. Even though experience in two is much better. Fortunately, even with higher numbers, its still fun, but it’s more and more lacking any tactical options. While players are still attacking, they are confronted and contacted only by the closest person.

During the game, it is possible to get to the so-called ManaSurge, which occurs when the last card of the spell is removed. Now player will get two tokens instead of one for any success and then as for taking the risk (he must refuse to win cards and try to play all the spells, which can be dangerous if he does not have the right element to defend with) draws cards to maximum.

Such dangerous spells may explode in the hand. And that does not, have a nice effect. Just to watch such failures, players will also use cards, that they place in front of themselves. And when they get too much hits, they will get reborn. This occurs when the player’s damage equals or exceeds five. He must return one victory token as punishment, lose all cards and then continue.


In the game, it is crucial to keep a good set of different elements in hand. Players need to be ready and respond well to any spells. Each such spell has its own card and the illustrations are very colorful, although quality of the illustrations itself is not entirely at the highest level. Still, it is solid and absolutely sufficient.

ManaSurge is a solid card duel. It is very simple in rules and battles themselves work only on the basis of simple playing and reaction. There are various minor improvements, but it’s still just a filler that does not warm your brain cells. ManaSurge is good, though there is a luck in here, and there is also chaos in the form of a constant reflection of spells. But still, fun spell death match game.

DesignerFrank Sronce
ArtistZulkarnaen Hasan Basri
PublisherDaily Magic Games
Year Published2016
# of Players2 - 6
User Suggested # of Players Best with 6 players
Recommended with 4 players
(4 voters)
Playing Time30
Mfg Suggested Ages14 and up
User Suggested Ages10 and up
(2 voters)
CategoryCard Game, Fantasy, Number
MechanicHand Management, Take That
ExpansionManaSurge: Elementals, ManaSurge: Kickstarter Promos
FamilyCrowdfunding: Kickstarter
Primary NameManaSurge

Infos courtesy of More Infos.

Review: Manasurge – a magical duel
Final word
ManaSurge is no competition for big card duels such as Mage Wars. This one is on a completely different level. Card game is very simple and non-time consuming as it fits easily within thirty minutes. Players are wining and each tries to overwhelm the other and bounce off incoming spells. Whoever does not have the right card is unlucky. And here it is obvious that whoever does not wish for luck will have problems. Apart from the impact of chance, ManaSurge is quite a chaotic and magical card game.
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ability to return spells to their author
wizards with unique abilities
chaotic in more players
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