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The duel of good and evil has been stretching since beginning of time. All the more surprising is, that it has not appeared in great battles of our time. But now is the time. Finally, the wizards‘ wars will also be experienced by druids and necromancers. Two completely incompatible forces meet on the battlefield today!

Forces of life meet the darkest darkness in the expansion of the card game, which bears the title . We are waiting for the introduction of the new cards and drama that and the editorial company have made for us. It was first releases in .

On the lid we see a fight of undead monsters with flowers and roots. The low box again has such an unconventional shape and has a fair weight caused by almost 220 cards, but above all two new spell books. This is one of the elements, in which Mage Wars excel – players choose their cards and combine them in their own real books. Above all this, players will find one sheet with tokens inside the box.


But lead role is with two title characters. Necromancer is categorized as a person, but his ability does not completely match that. He can summon various creatures in his ranks, but only one of them can be honored with title Eternal Servant. This corresponds to one of the new tokens, which add not only one point to the piercing but, above all, its owner can call him back again after it dies (by paying magical cost).

His characters and items often consist only of bones. For example, a skeleton archer has a very useful weapon at a distance. In a sword fight, player will rely on forces of skeletal knight and his firm armor. But not all servants are without meat. There are also zombies, that can cure themselves. Necromancer has even specters on his side. They can teleport and can not be injured by physical weapons.

As with the classic necromancer, even in Mage Wars, the greatest power of the Lord of Darkness lies in number of his servants. A large amount of skeletons and zombies can overflow opponent’s head and rewrap it. With this numerical predominance, tactics are changing completely, and this character is truly unique and also very appealing to many players.


Boney warriors can repair and zombies can rise from the dead again and again. It costs only half of the initial summoning cost. The map of the arena is full of monsters that came from the hands of a necromancer. There is plenty of spells, but lord of evil definitely does not rely on many items in his deck.

A great impression is created by the fact that a player of evil can also evoke the personification of his own magic book on his side. Libro Mortuos, as he is called, is a wizard and can even use magic and call the undead into his position (of course, this is nothing new). And under the flag of the necromancer, will meet even undead insect warriors, like Ichthellid with the possibility of laying eggs.

Druid works in a whole different way. He is a forest elf, who likes everything alive, while plants and animals are rewarding his affection. With the help of wine sprouts, he can spread influence on the board, and without having to be physically there, he can choose such a place (formerly covered with wine) as target of spell. This is a very powerful effect the player can use. In addition, with a tree bond he can establish a deeper connection with one creature and thus add significant bonuses.


But there is also a great deal of servants from forest realm. Thornlasher is a purely root creature that can, in addition to a classic attack, also snap and pull the enemy from neighboring zones. Among the tree creatures is huge Togorah, guardian of the forest, which spreads fear around. He is enormous and his wounds can stun enemies. Moreover, he can reach far away with his long, blooming fingers.

There is plenty of trees, but there are also flowers. Seedling sucks mana from the environment and some other monsters are born. In the future, if the opponent does not destroy it. Kralathor The Devourer can eat a smaller creature and thereby grow. It’s a really dangerous opponent. Elf can also shoot thorns, it can rain (and still cure) thanks to the Renewing Rain spell.

Here comes the new keywords, which are still the biggest issue with Mage Wars. Their flood make it difficult to navigate and the problems with them has everyone except veteran players. If you play the game occasionally like us, then you will often swim in their combinations and effects. We meet new rooted creatures, who can not move. And also possibility of infecting the opponent’s warrior with the ichthellid larva, which acts as a poison.


Mage Wars: Druid vs Necromancer is a new great addition for a great game. Two unique characters, new spell books and game elements. Both characters are interesting, although the necromancer is much more extraordinary. Druid reminds the already existing beastmaster, though this time flowers are in the lead role. Mage Wars: Druid vs Necromancer brings with it new fantastic possibilities to rebuild your set of spells in a different way and get stronger.

DesignerAaron Brosman, Bryan Pope
PublisherArcane Wonders, Pegasus Spiele
Year Published2013
# of Players2 - 2
User Suggested # of Players Best with 2 players
Recommended with players
(3 voters)
Playing Time90
Mfg Suggested Ages14 and up
User Suggested Ages10 and up
(2 voters)
Language DependenceModerate in-game text - needs crib sheet or paste ups
(4 voters)
CategoryCard Game, Expansion for Base-game, Fantasy, Fighting
MechanicDice Rolling, Grid Movement, Simultaneous Action Selection, Variable Player Powers
ExpansionMage Wars Arena
FamilyGame: Mage Wars, Players: Two Player Only Games
Primary NameMage Wars: Druid vs. Necromancer
Alternate NamesMage Wars: Druidin vs. Nekromant

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Review: Mage Wars Druid vs Necromancer
Final word
Mage Wars: Druid vs Necromancer is a luxurious expansion of the game, which still makes many players happy. And it brings them everything they can wish for. First of all, there are two new characters, one of which is really great. The bonus is then a flood of new cards for building any package not just for these two heores. The new effects will turn your head again, but only if you play Mage Wars from time to time. Druid vs Necromancer is a perfect expansion for anyone who moves daily in the arena.
Reader Rating0 Votes
quality of Mage Wars does not drop
excellent necromancer
pile of new cards and statuses
still great entertainment
minuses remain (see review of original game)
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