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The most important moment of every birthday is, when the celebrated child is blowing out the candles on the cake. And I am not good at this activity at all, although I train for it every year again and again. Always, one or two wax figurines remain to burn, despite my best efforts.

It is therefore time for the next workout. All children will be able to enjoy their birthday every day with a new board game or also Glücks-Torte.  developed the game and it was published under the brand of in .

The box is not big, but its surface has colorful frosting and chocolate layer. At the very top, there is one hard cardboard part glued to the box with the name and its all showing title picture of candle-blowing scene. And this box contains second cardboard floor of this cake. On top of this smaller square box are five colorful dots. And apart from the rulebook, players find inside already only one large wooden dice and then wooden components: colorful candles and yellow flames.


At the start of every game, player will first create a cake of two floors. This is created by placing a smaller part from the box on top of the lid, which is securely retained there thanks to that partially protrudent cardboard. Players then split among themselves randomly wooden parts.

Starting player takes the dice and result of his roll determines color of the candle, which can be placed on a common cake. In the first place, he needs to have it in his possession. If he is lucky, then he may lay the piece on the same colored dot on top of the cake. If he has no candle is the right color, his turn ends and passes the dice to the next opponent in order, without any new placement.

Once the candle is finished (composed of two parts of the same color), then it finally makes sense to roll yellow color on the dice. It authorizes the player to lit that candle, putting a wooden yellow flame on top of it. All participants conjure up a cake with candles and flames, playing nicely one after another. Whoever gets rid of all his stones (candle parts and flames) first is the winner.


Lucky Cake so is quite simple child’s game. But it really is not a surprise, because the box makes it clear, that the target audience is this time very smallest children around the third year of age! Now, they will not only learn to play with some of colors and dexterity in handling the stones, but also compliance with the rules itself.

Finding interesting and suitable games for small children like this is not easy. Most of them revolve around the same principles and only basic theme changes (Frozen, Masha and the Bear, etc.). This time, however, the author managed to connect an excellent theme together with the processing. Already the cake decorating is just something, that kids will hardly resist.


And then there’s the gameplay, whose simplicity is emphasized by use of dice. It is wearing a colorful dots, so numbers are not needed. That means, that children will need luck to win, which is perfectly normal in this category.

In cake decorating, it is possible to take part with two, three or four players, and it is always exciting and interesting game. Moreover, it offers an interesting reward for the winner. He closes his eyes and the others build the remaining cake candles, including flames. Then, winner can open his eyes and blow out the cake, while others are singing happy birthday to him.


Lucky Cake is a nice chance to entertain very smallest children and at the same time also teach them something. Winning is obviously important, but perhaps not as much as newly acquired abilities. Lucky Cake will children definitely enjoy and like to savor it.

DesignerMatthias Kaufmann
PublisherLOGIS, PMWD
Year Published2015
# of Players2 - 5
Playing Time10
Mfg Suggested Ages3 and up
CategoryChildren's Game
FamilyAdmin: Better Description Needed!
Primary NameLucky Cake
Alternate NamesGlückstorte, Youpi Bougie !

Infos courtesy of More Infos.

Review: Lucky Cake – happy birthday to you
Final word
Lucky Cake is a game of candle placement on the cake. Only one player can be toastee, that blows the final work out. This will be the winner of the game. All participants, however, learn a lot of interesting new things during the game. And they will have to bring some skill to the rivalry. Game is fast and nobody minds, that it is random, because it is primarily intended for three year old children. Lucky Cake perfectly fulfills its mission to learn something and have fun at the same time.
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from 3 years up
nice processing of cake
simple and fast game
practicing basic skills of children
option to really blow out the candles at the end
nothing (for the target group)
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