Review: Länder der Welt – drive through all countries of the world


Planning is important, when traveling. You must not underestimate it. You do not want to suddenly find yourself on your trip on the border with the country you are not allowed to enter. Therefore, it is important to know, which states is where and what its flag looks like. On the way around the world, knowledge of geography is crucial, so if you really want to experience something, then it’s time to start learning!

For all current and future travelers, creative team has prepared a new game, . Exceptionally, no specific author is signed under it, but it is a common idea of HABA creators. The only name we can find on the box is , who created illustrations.

On the lid, we see one of the backpackers, who has nothing on his back, but instead holds a briefcase with a number of stickers in his hand. The Eifel Tower, Taj Mahal, but also the cheerful penguins are already on the horizon. Even geography is cleverly integrated into the picture. This perfectly matches the quest for an educational element, that is not lacking in this yellow box.


Inside, players will find a game board representing a map of the whole world divided into colored places. Europe has its own frame, because of the fact, that its space is overwhelmed by small countries, that could easily be lost on the whole world map. Individual participants will receive a board with all 51 flags (and thus countries), that will be involved in their travel. Above all, however, everyone chooses one big wooden figure to put on the starting yellow field around the world. This leads along the perimeter of the board. For the game, it is also necessary to prepare a wooden die and especially a set of help cards, each dedicated to one country.

When one of the players is active in turn order, his opponent on his left hand draws the top card of the country from the shuffled deck and looks at it secretly. The task of an active player is to guess, which land is on the card. Three clues lead to the right solution – flag, capital city and position on the globe.


In the first stage of the game, the player can then choose, which help he wants to hear first. That’s because the sooner he guesses the country, the more points he receives for it. Thus, a player’s figure can move three, two, or one space, depending on how much help he needed.

At the beginning, it is easier, but as players gain more points, it is more difficult to answer questions. Later, the first clue is decided by luck in the form of a dice, and short before the finish line, opponents choose the introductory clue instead. As a result, the figures do not move so fast. There is always something, that players can’t guess. Usually these are flags, but sometimes the capital. Of course, it is good to choose clue depending on the current country. For example, a Greek or German flag should not be difficult.


Game continues, players try to guess one country after another. Gradually, their pieces move forward until one of them crosses the finish line. At that moment, the time for the last lap is still in place, so that everyone has an equal number of attempts. Anyone, who gets further after the same amount of turn (ie even beyond the finish line), becomes the winner.

Länder der Welt is a game, that smartly examines the knowledge of flags, capitals and geography. In the beginning, players can rely on their strongest discipline from these three. Thus, the figures advance quickly until they suddenly reach the space, where they can no longer choose by themselves. Now, it is a true challenge!


In doing so, most European countries probably cannot surprise adults. But they are not the main audience of this game. Above all, it could be expected that children do not have such deep knowledge of our surrounding lands. Especially those who have already started their school attendance are expected to participate from eight years of age up. And here is the obvious element of education, because all three properties of the countries of the world are important. The selection of states is good, the most famous ones are here, but even some more exotic can surprise.

But after several games, the duel will be much more balanced. There is only fifty lands inside, so sooner or later children will remember them. Then this game will no longer be meaningful, but it takes long and mostly – it does not matter that much, since game has fulfilled its purpose. It is this knowledge, that negatively affects replayability is the main element and we have to mention it as a negative point.


The game is quite fast and the duel exceeds 30 minutes. Of course, it also depends on the number of players, since the speed of the game’s movement is based on that. The more often a player gets to turn and the faster they move forward. But no one shifts for the wrong answer, so the length still differs according to the participants‘ knowledge.

Contents of the box are language independent. The only exception is the names of states and cities, but everyone can read them. Players on the board each have their flags and the card owner only tells them the flag number, that is the subject of the help. In addition, the components are beautifully processed, especially those wooden parts.


There is no tactic or anything similar in the game. All this is a combination of happiness (pulling out a good country card) and knowledge. This is an ideal lineup that will definitely not spoil any fun.

Länder der Welt is a great knowledge game, that come with a total of fifty-five countries from all around the world. Players must identify them by flag, capital city or position on the map. The less indicia they need, the more points they get, and the faster their pieces move toward the target line. Länder der Welt is a very well thought-out knowledge game, that teaches you the most important basic knowledge.

ArtistThies Schwarz
Year Published
# of Players2 - 4
User Suggested # of Players Best with 4 players
Recommended with players
(1 voters)
Playing Time30
Mfg Suggested Ages8 and up
User Suggested Ages8 and up
(1 voters)
Language DependenceSome necessary text - easily memorized or small crib sheet
(1 voters)
CategoryChildren's Game, Dice, Educational
MechanicDice Rolling, Roll / Spin and Move
FamilySeries: Lernspiel (HABA)
Primary NameLänder der Welt

Infos courtesy of More Infos.

Review: Länder der Welt – drive through all countries of the world
Final word
Länder der Welt introduces a puzzle to one of the players in each turn. At its center is some information about the country, be it the capital, state's position on the map or its flag. And the player tries to guess the country with as few indicia as possible. But he has only one attempt to do so. He needs luck to get the right land card, but above all knowledge. Länder der Welt is a very good geographic game, but over time (as you learn all the countries) loses its charm.
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increasing difficulty with game time
guessing countries by clues
success corresponds to knowledge
solid game time
for older children and adults
wooden components
random cards
knowledge spoils replayability
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