Review: Krosmaster Arena Season 5 – Wild Realms


I am already fed up of all the cemeteries. Running every day among tombstones, hiding behind them and fighting the local champions. I have done this many times now. Fortunately, this environment has also getting less and less interest of audience, who are not visiting the tribune anymore. So we started building a new arena full of trees and greenery. I was able to look several times at my surroundings in moments, when spells stopped flying around my head for a moment. And I immediately saw new terrible creatures. These are our future adversaries!

New creatures, of course, are must for new season of the popular fighting game. This is the sixteen additions to the world, that has created, and it is also a new series on the theme of digital games. This is season numbered five and its emergence dates back to the end of 2017.

And everything works just as we are used to. For your money, you can buy a small, unobtrusive box, that always contains one random miniature. So it’s not really a problem to have a bit of bad luck and buy two exactly same. On the other hand, this collector element is a little untraditional in miniature games. Usually, we have experience with similar concept in the card world.


If you want to minimize this bad luck, you can buy a big box with twelve boxes. These are usually folded to contain duplicates only exceptionally. But even so you will not have a complete set of figures and you will have to do exchanges or other purchases, if you want them all.

And again. In each box, besides the most important miniature, there is also one card with statistics and described skills. Without these Krosmaster statistics, you will not be able to play the Arena. Of course, it contains all the old known data – movement points, actions, and lives, speed for determining the turn order and then some special abilities.

The new line of figures is significantly more aggressive. Skills are forcing players to fight more actively and push opponents. Of course, new capabilities revolve around two key words – tracking and cover.


If the attacker is in the cover (ie in the same row or column) as his goal, then the complementary abilities of that hero are activated. Maneuvering is important once again, because escaping after a successful attack can free you from lock with another enemy. Thanks to this, most new characters are very variable in use, because they offer extra tactics.

But then there is a second keyword and it’s called an invasion. This means that the player’s character is in enemy territory. The home of each player is the first five rows from side where they sit. And if there is an opponent in such a position, its a great danger. Many new characters offer bonuses to attack if they are behind enemy lines.


Miniatures themselves are fantastic again. It’s not just about dog fighters such as Kro-Dur Le Blanc with an axe and tape over the eye, but even wolves such as Mula. These pieces are fantastically done on the theme of wilderness. Among the characters there is also a pig, a dragon, orcs, and finally a group of angry heroes who can call one of their friends.

There is even a little unexpected Dragon Cochon. I personally like the most beautiful green orcs who seem to be out of the world of Warcraft. But these generally figurines are so beautiful that you do not hesitate to put them on a shelf. The only complaint about the new season is those boxes – if you want to use them to store the characters, you probably do not appreciate their irreversible way of opening.


The new season of Krosmaster Arena offers again a selection of great figurines, that make the Framboise figurines a little different, but they also contain a chipboard. This is precisely because their ability to summon one partner.

Two new keywords are enough to move the gaming experience of tactical fighting in the arena again a bit further. Players have new possibilities and character likes to guarantee that you will want them all. Krosmaster Arena: Wild Realms is a good news that greatly enriches our favorite fighting game.

Review: Krosmaster Arena Season 5 – Wild Realms
Final word
Krosmaster Arena: Wild Realms is a novelty that brings sixteen new heroes to combat. So its for players, who are looking for more interesting team making and more tactical possibilities and combinations. The new characters also come with their specific skills that make the players more aggressive and move battle to opponent's territory. Krosmaster Arena: Wild Realms makes the Krosmaster match more interesting and adds great design of the characters.
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very nice miniatures
new keywords = new options
great fun
weaker boxes
financial burden
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