Review: Krosmaster Arena Season 2 or how miniatures can change your game


We need reinforcements! Cages under the arena, where all the fighters should be, are empty apart from the biggest stars. Several other remaining residents are either wounded or weakened by constant battles. Viewers are asking for more and more, but organizers have no heroes to send out. And so they call for support back to the country, where we all come from. Krozmoz must send more fighters!

There is, in fact, more to this world, than to simply call it Factory of Heroes. We know it well thanks to Arena series, which has combined the world of magnificent miniatures and elegant duels with surprising ease. The game is being released by , which, besides the basic boxes – Krosmaster Arena, Krosmaster Junior or Krosmaster Quest – also supports its brand with a series of expansions in the form of unique miniatures. And we were given the unique opportunity to look at the second season of these characters and to see, how they change the whole gameplay.


Do you like Krosmaster? Then you (like us) were thinking of buying additional pieces. These are sold in sets or as random booster packs in small blind boxes. The second season offers together 32 new miniatures, that are compatible with all available games from this world. All of them are indistinguishable and contain one painted figure firmly seated in a plastic insert, but also a character card and some accompanying tokens.

These tokens do not really depend on the character, but they can either provide you with some new 3D elements for a game board (tree or something else) or complementary tokens of life, movement or even new tokens of hero friends.

The individual Krosmaster heroes are of course unique not only in appearance. They also have different speeds, number of motion points, actions and above all amount of life points. They will surely benefit with it in what is the most important part of every Krosmaster game – the fight. But not every game of this world is a pure deathmatch of more teams (Arena), but players can also cooperate (Quest). And all in different age requirements (Junior).


However, all parameters are always important. But you can see real differences in the very attacks. They differ not only in the way of execution (attacking your imagination more than anything), but also in their ranges and, above all, in the injuries they are able to deal to another hero. So, Ira Tayte has a whip capable of attacking more efficiently another pet token, but she can also summon her own friend. Others are armed, like Kitty Rage, who has a small gray sword. And he can make a good storm, cut through enemies and even do some spell! And she has a respectable sixteen points of life. Did it become your favorite character right now? Wait till you see the others!

Individual characters have (not all) also their special powers. They often can support their colleagues in the battle, because basic Krosmaster is a team way to fight. Other times, these skills allow them to better defend themselves or have some resistance. Second season bring some new keywords into the mix.

New rules for season two can be found on official site and provide, of course, explanation to all new special abilities. Meet the heroes, whose movement can not be blocked by neighboring hero, and others, that can buy demoniac rewards more easily. Slight changes have also been seen in the course of the game itself, providing new rules for repeating actions or range attacks.


Very interesting novelty is the ability to aim on multiple targets and thereby injure more opponents at once. This further supports importance of position play. New turrets are coming into play. These are separately placed, summoned structures, that fight along player as their regular partners.

Each hero comes not only as a miniatures, but has also a card with beautiful illustration on its back. It is interesting half-asian image style, that perfectly reflects the color of the entire Krozmoz world. There is plenty of impressive miniatures in these expansions. Among them are old friends in new clothes and colors, but also a lot of new heroes.


Collector system fuses blind boxes with the ability to buy (more expensive) transparent boxes, when you know what you are buying in advance. It is not easy to decide between these two choices, because as you go through list of all available heroes, you immediately fell in love with some of them. And you do not even have to know, what their special powers are. This collector element is really powerful in Krosmaster. You can of course decide not to buy separate blind boxes and buy them as whole (unpacked) set of blind boxes. This packaging contains set of twenty-four miniatures and you will certainly not own eight characters. As long as the box is packaged by the manufacturer, there is a combination of unique heroes inside, 24 out of 32 total. Some rare ones will simply be missing.


The greatest attraction is the over all processing of the individual heroes described. The miniatrues remain beautiful, detailed and fun to play with. It is hard to explain to your children that this is a game from fourteen years of age. But its can also be very simple in basic rule level, without keywords and skills. But for these purposes, there is Krosmaster Junior, that broadens target audience. And its compatible with these new heroes.


Krosmaster is a great way to enrich your experience with this great game. This is primarily about the variability of team building (usually four heroes). The more figurines, the more different your battles will be each match. In addition, it brings interesting news into rules, that look like little things, but together they certainly add to the overall experience. And so it is possible to criticize just the mentioned attack on the wallets. With Krosmaster Season 02, we will be having fun much longer.

Review: Krosmaster Arena Season 2 or how miniatures can change your game
Final word
Krosmaster Season 02 is an expansion that you can not buy in one box (besides a big box booster). Players must spend their money on individual miniatures, even wrapped in blind boxes. They will get great new characters to join their battle team. Variability is definitely the biggest freer, but players can also look forward to some minor news and tuning of the original game. Season 2 is great and makes Krosmaster Arena even better. Just watch the wallet!
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variability of new characters
new rules
beautiful character processing
additional elements for the game
some characters repeat (with different looks and other abilities)
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