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What is the moment, when a flat cross enters a three-dimensional world of cubes? It has no protrusions or nothing to declare its membership in the Z-axis. It is then quite understandable, that all the bones will gather and want also to have a look.

And many of them fell for this trap and right into a box titled . Here, for all players, prepared the evolution of his original Kippit game under the auspices of . The game dates back to .

Box is large in flat dimensions, but relatively low. That’s because under the lid, you’ll find exactly, what’s on it. Large wooden cross glued together from several parts. Each of the four legs has a number of protrusions, that serve as stops. Players will appreciate them at the moment, when they start using one or more colored cubes and place them. There is 72 of them in the box and differ not only in color, but also in size.


Players prepare a wooden cross and place it, so that the center bullet is turned towards the table. This creates a four-way swing. Players then split cubes of different colors, so that everyone has the same set. This corresponds to a total of eighteen cubes – six smallest green, five yellow, four large blue and three largest red.

But from that moment on, the game is starting. The opponents alternate in turn, where they can put one cube on the swing. However, it is always only allowed on one of the arms, that are currently in the air. Players can choose to lay any of cubes, that he still has in front of him. Their numbers, of course, diminish over time.


The player is not limited to one move. If he can place a cube, that swing shoulder with new cube does not fall to table, he can continue with another placement. Thus, several cubes can be attached in one go. However, when a new part of the structure touches the table, then there is another of the opponents. An exception is the situation, when (as a result of placement) some of the previously attached cubes fall. All of them must be taken back by active player to his stock regardless of who originally placed them.

The game proceeds by placing the cubes in any spot, until one of the players fails to get rid of the last one. Once the player has nothing to do in his turn, then he immediately becomes the winner of the game.

Kipp X is a game of strategy and skillful fingers. But skill is more important, because the cubes can be placed in many different places and it is not easy to let them fall. On the other hand, swinging occurs only if the player misconceived the situation. Apart from tactics, of course, it is also about having a good estimate.


The placement of each stone is thrilling and the match makes sense. The game is fun and the opponents are very fast on the turn. It is not easy to place most of the stones on the cross without weighing it over and returning action to the players. Therefore, it is also the art to be the first to put them all out of your stock. The game is challenging, but it retains a perfect quarter-hour length.

Based on four rays of the swing, it is clear, that the four players will also be the best. And that’s true. The game is fun in the family circle, where children enjoy exciting docking. It also has surprising success in a group of more demanding players, who want to test their good eye and laugh over easy fun. But when you have in the kids, this box is great with its woody concept, and it even invites the smallest players to play.


Kipp X is a game we like to play at any time, if there’s just a moment for some fast entertainment. It is pleasantly tactical, but at the same time retains the lightness, that will make a smile on the face during the course. Kipp X is a game, that combines the tension and lightness as it should be with this type of game.

DesignerTorsten Marold
ArtistBernd Märtens
Publisherfranjos Spieleverlag, SimplyFun
Year Published2012
# of Players2 - 4
Playing Time15
Mfg Suggested Ages5 and up
User Suggested Ages5 and up
(1 voters)
Language DependenceNo necessary in-game text
(1 voters)
CategoryAction / Dexterity
Primary NameKIPP X
Alternate NamesKilter

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Review: Kipp X – cross of cubes
Final word
Kipp X definitely does not disappoint as a family game. It offers a wooden breeze, where everything is like a swing. This time literally. Players put their cubes on a joint board and try to play more times per round. Only in this way can they outrun their opponents. However, they must avoid making any unnecessary mistakes, when the cubes could fall down on the table. Kipp X is a game, that finds fans among children, parents, but also players.
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from five years up
four swing directions
tactics and sklil
for five years
game of skill
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