Review: King of the Creepies and ruler of the spooks


If you look at them, you would expect the worst. You are unconsciously holding all the valuables in your pockets. In the ranks of these warriors, there are thieves, murderers and vicious monsters. And if someone looks a bit trustworthy at first sight, you just talk to him and whole initial impression is gone. With these creatures, you would not really trust anything they do or say.

Players will get these creatures as theri company in board game and they even fight to rule them all. This new game comes from mind of and was grown on fertile ground provided by and . took care of the illustration. And the result of their joint work is getting on the European market in thanks to .

The box is not large, but gladiators are hiding inside. Not frivolous, but certainly warriors. That’s exactly what the picture shows on the lid, but then there’s a direct encounter with the components. And here, each of the participants will find one game board, which shows health score and victory crystals (both are marked with stones) and help table. Aside from the board, the players will find cards they receive at the start (two monsters, same number of gear and abilities as well as one goal card). Each of the opponents also starts with three monies and a pair of red dice. The decks of all five card types are then placed into the center of the table with pictures down, but available to everyone as well as tokens.


Each round starts in a business phase, in which players receive income for their creepies. At the same time, they take their retired servants back into hands and take a new card from deck. They can get any combination of two cards from decks – servants, capabilities or equipment. Other cards can be bought or sold and all for coins.

That’s all to get ready for the fight. The last step is choosing one creepie from hand. Players put the card in front of each other, the warrior can equip some weapons and bet the coins on their own success. Random top card of mischief is revealed and thus affects entire course of the battle.

Final step before drawing weapons is to determine the order. To the speed of their chosen figure, players add result of one roll of dice and according to that sum they determine the order in which they get to swing. Players then one after another mark target of their attack, roll a pair of dice and add value to the strength of their character. The opponent will do the same, but adds defense ability to the roll. Every attack, that penetrates the skin (attacker sum is larger) needs to be recorded on a health scale and life of that character slowly starts to approach zero.


Thus, players alternate until only one of them remains. He won the current duel, winning one victory crystal and several coins (according to his bet). Success can also be supported by skill cards. All these cards will remain lying on the table even during next round. Only then can the player take them back in hand and use again.

In such rounds, players alternate, always select one fighter and try to defeat all other gladiators. And as the victors get victorious crystals, they get closer and closer to victory. But only the one who gets the five precious stones first will become the ultimate winner of the entire game.


King of the Creepies is a crazy fighting game. In each round, only one representative is fighting for each player. He selects this character and can even bet on his success. He already knows a little bit ahead of his chances of fighting the opponents, including any unexpected one-off card action.

Order in which the players get to move are decisive, but above all its about their dice and courage. This coincidence may interfere with someone, because they can actually put some effort in. However, due to the ease of learning and playing this game, it does not do so much harm. But it does not change the fact that the influence of luck discourages some people.


Selection of characters and other cards is great, which results in perfect variability. In addition, players have their secret tasks, that they can try to accomplish and get more valuable stones. To these possibilities, we have to mention chance to buy a crystal for fifteen coins or to find this reward among item cards (another influence of luck to count with).

Overall impression, however, excels especially in higher numbers. If there is at least four players, then battle is really interesting. Players can choose to attack any of their opponents in their turn. They try to do it all tactically, but sometimes they just will not succeed. Number of participants, of course, has little influence on game time, but its not so crucial. While matches in two or three are not so entertaining, over time only slightly exceeds half an hour, with highest numbers it will take for another fifteen minutes.


In addition to the rules and rules described above, players will find a different option to play it all. You can play goblin poker, which looks like a texax hold’em at first glance, but it will also include fight and conflict.

Illustrations inside the box are really great, fun and enjoyable. Unfortunately, the quality of the other components can not keep up – the player’s boards are free of graphics, coins are thin and modifier tokens are too small. Fortunately, rules themselves are clear and you can learn to play really fast.


King of the Creepies is a fun game. We definitely do not need to persuade you, but the game still may be disappointment, if you stick to the quality of processing or avoid luck. The course itself is dramatic and full of duels. Players need dice and they also enjoy unpredictability of other players‘ attacks. King of the Creepies is finally able to entertain very well, although the overall impression is very much dependent on the number of participants.

DesignerJon Cohn
ArtistGilbert Jansen
PublisherIDW Games, Keyhole Games
Year Published2017
# of Players2 - 6
User Suggested # of Players Best with 4 players
Recommended with 3, 5 players
(1 voters)
Playing Time60
Mfg Suggested Ages12 and up
User Suggested Ages10 and up
(1 voters)
CategoryCard Game, Fighting, Humor
MechanicAction Points, Betting and Bluffing, Deck, Bag, and Pool Building, Dice Rolling, Hand Management, Take That, Team-Based Game
FamilyMisc: LongPack Games
Primary NameKing of the Creepies

Infos courtesy of More Infos.

Review: King of the Creepies and ruler of the spooks
Final word
King of the Creepies does not care about your sword. He wants your luck! But you can still have fun. You have to be open to lightweight fun with dice, coincidence and a lot of fighting. Everything is constantly changing and players have many chances to collect valuable stones. Everything is a major deal of luck. It's just a shame, that quality of some components failed to keep pace with solid level of fun. Even so, King of the Creepies have a sharpened sword, and they are ready to slice your bore.
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constant battles
players choose another fighter for each round
dice guarantee different winners
second game in the rules
fun illustration
quality of other components
in smaller numbers missing more interesting conflict and choice of opponents
coincidence plays a significant role
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