Review: Karuba Junior – three weeks of holidays


Guys at the camp found a treasure map. Tonda said it. He said, he saw them looking at it. But they’re older and look at me like I am some an annoying fly. It was all true yesterday. But somebody told on them, and now the map was locked in the teacher’s drawer. Finally, I could prove useful. When I returned the map, they had to take me to their party. And so when the camp was over, we were waiting for another, more adventurous part of vacation this year. All we had to do was wait until the parents are not home.

Children’s expedition also visits players at home without having to run from their parents. Just for all adventure greedy children is prepared board game . This is a variant of the very popular game of Karuba for older players. Unlike the rivalry of the original, and chose a cooperative approach this time. The game also comes under the brand with illustrations of the studio.


Yellow box is pretty big for a kid game. On the lid, we see a bunch of children embarking on an adventure to some mysterious island. But due to the size, the first slight disappointment comes after lifting the lid. This is because, there is only one two-sided game plan with the sea and the beach, a set of 28 pieces and then only the wooden figures.

At the beginning of the game, children will prepare this starting map and will spread the complete selection of the tiles, but their images have to be turned downwards. Three adventurers are under common control, so players will fight as a team. Figures start at the beach, while a wooden sailboat appears on the horizon in the space farthest from the mainland. Its route winds as a snake towards the island. These are pirates, who have seen the children and want to steal their treasure now.

The entire group of players will alternate with their turns. And the task of the active player is to rotate one of any map tiles and put it as close as possible to the already-discovered map. The piece shows the newly discovered jungle route. When laying, of course, all paths and areas with trees must be correctly connected.


The basis of everything are contents of the tiles. This is because it is not only about roads, but also dead ends with a tiger play important role. Such an unpleasant surprise does not mean anything negative, so only heroes can no longer explore this way. There are also pictures of a pirate ship among the spread tiles. If team members discover that piece, players have to move the enemy ship one box towards the island.

The best news for rotating tiles is finding treasure. This is finally the moment, when one of the heroes from start of the forest can move towards the catch.

After rotating and placing tile, next player will be doing the same. So all team members alternate until they can find a complete set of three treasures. So, if each of the little heroes is guarding a treasure chest and the pirate ship is not yet able to land, the children can celebrate a joint victory. But the players can also lose by placing tiles badly and can not place the next passage correctly. They strayed in the jungle and failed.


Karuba Junior is really a simple game for the very youngest kids. In addition to placement of the tiles, they can not influence much. They just enjoy the adventures of discovering the jungle. Its not about memory or anything. But here it is necessary to emphasize the target age, which has been set to age of four. And here it is important, that children learn not only to cooperate with others, but also to organize patterns, creating paths to follow.

The game is purely accidental, because it can not be influenced. Well, right here, it is important to emphasize, that one of the losing conditions depends entirely on these pictures. As with Drachenturm, the player’s enemy is shifting according to tile rotation. And while this bad luck was saved by other game options, this one offers no step further.


But it is not surprising. That’s because the smallest kids do not need any complicated thoughtful challenge. They need just a simple mechanism, that will be entertaining and encourage their imagination. Karuba Junior has a good foundation for this.


And since the players do not split heroes, number of participants has no influence on the feel. Perhaps only the wait is longer. Otherwise, they can communicate better and advise on the correct placement of the tiles.

Unfortunately, the little children’s heroes are only for decoration in the game as they do not move across the map. But that does not change the fact, that these great figures have an important role in the beautiful look of the whole game. This is fairy-tale, and it really creates an adventurous atmosphere in small children. The greatest joy will surely be about a beautiful pirate boat.


Karuba Junior is fun for kids, who enjoy it as one great adventure. Filling the board is just about turning the tiles, but it is enough for small players. Wandering in the jungle will bring them many interesting experiences. Karuba Junior makes children happy.

DesignerRüdiger Dorn, Tim Rogasch
ArtistRené Amthor
PublisherHABA, Swan Panasia Co., Ltd.
Year Published
# of Players1 - 4
User Suggested # of Players Best with 4 players
Recommended with 1, 2, 3, 4 players
(7 voters)
Playing Time10
Mfg Suggested Ages4 and up
User Suggested Ages3 and up
(18 voters)
Language DependenceNo necessary in-game text
(2 voters)
CategoryAdventure, Children's Game, Puzzle
MechanicCooperative Game, Modular Board, Tile Placement
FamilyVersions & Editions: Junior Versions of Grown-Up Games
Primary NameKaruba Junior
Alternate Names卡魯巴兒童版

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Review: Karuba Junior – three weeks of holidays
Final word
Karuba Junior is a children's game, in which they all have to take care of the success of whole team. Adventure on a remote island means a chance to find treasures. But hungry pirates behind their backs are moving forward and threatening to steal valuable chests. Kids need a good fortune to make Karuba Junior a success. And while they are doing it, they are having fin, because we're talking about pre-school children.
Reader Rating0 Votes
great for young children
beautiful processing
trains co-operation and perception of patterns
little tactical possibilities
luck can lose you everything
hero figurines have no function
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