Review: K2 – most dangerous enemy

K2 - packaging

. Solitary mountain that does not give up and not like human company. Once you feel a human foot on its slopes, storms, and climbers trying to shake off all my strength, like untamed mustang rider. 8611 m above sea level is a paradise, but to get visitors to it, must go through thousands of meters of hell. Mountain, which everyone speaks with respect and never has been humiliated in the winter.

On the way you expect unpredictable weather and especially the lack of oxygen. And with its lack of will to fight the most, as you near the top of the mountain. Need strong commitment iron nerves and a lot of luck. Only you can climb and enjoy the view of the country from the second highest in the world.

K2 is a board game, which is just about one such output deals. This is a game in which several teams compete to see who will reach even the furthest peak K2. The entire expedition players have 18 days. Players must be careful and pay attention to acclimatization climbers who otherwise succumb to moods of the mountains and die in the attempt to conquer the summit.

K2 - packaging

The game gives K2 Polish company from whom we have great need to review the City Tycoon (review) or a special piece for two Drako (review). And just as well as appointed battle and dwarfs, and K2 is a creation of designer Adam Kaluza. It is with this game broke all over the world, although previously presented an excellent game for children.

The box, which hides the game, they operate on an icy glance impression. On it you will find a portrait of climbers with peaks behind. But the presentation that demonstrates the game, you certainly at first glance, and swallow. The first hint of the quality of it’s game plan on both sides – on one of the boards you can find a simpler version of the output, on the other, more complex route for experienced climbers.

K2 is a game designed for up to five players, so you pull a lot of components (vycvakávat) from the box in five copies. The first of them are gaming boards in five colors, which themselves have two acclimatization scales – one for every climber who are fit athletes.

K2 - packaging

The color sets for the players split the cards into piles ninety eighteen – for each round (day) and an all wooden pieces – pieces of climbers, tents and tokens for acclimatization scale. Mention has left us only tokens of risk that you will not be at all happy and twelve divisions weather – six summer and six winter, each with three positions.

The rules are twelve pages full of pictures and illustrative examples. The game itself is not straightforward. Of course, the Czech player will have a little problem, because the rules are available in the game directly in English only. Fortunately, thanks to Czech rules can be downloaded from the server fans Zatrolené game. All illustrations are the work of the game Jarek Nocon.

Preparation of K2 is basically simple. You must first determine the difficulty to which game you play. For beginners we recommend a simpler version, because that will give you a really hard time and not let you step up the snow free. Players can now break down all the pieces in their color – cards, four pieces, two tents and two round chips. Ahead lay the plate, indicating acclimation of both climbers and round chips placed on the number one on both scales.

K2 - packaging

You will notice that the scales are separated by a distinct shape of the pieces, as well as climbers in your colors. Two figures lay to the base camp in the lower right corner of the plate. The other two characters put in the right column where you poznačovat highest point, where your men for the expedition reached eighteen. Tents, players put together, like a deck of cards is shuffled and draws from it a starting hand of six cards.

Now you need to determine the weather. Together, players choose a side pieces weather – summer or winter. For starters, we recommend simple summer again, which to you will be milder. Random two of them put the game plan in the first position and place the black roller, which also determines the wheel. Chips mix of risk and put a number down to a pile next to the plan, three of them turn up and specify the number of novice players.

Each card is in addition to the image in the upper left corner of the figure. If the green movement applies to. Blue adds any number of climbers time to rest and acclimatization.

K2 - packaging

Most of the time players play simultaneously, with the exception of physical action phase. First, we all secretly choose three cards from his hand and landed in front of you. At the same time it will reveal his choice. The player with the highest sum of values must take one chip of the risk – you may choose any of the detected and randomly dolosovat one more choice for the next round. These chips will make it more difficult phase that follows.

At that stage the action of the wheel. Now players can move their climbers up and down just behind the action points of the played cards. Each of the cards can be assigned to one of his climbers. Moving from one position on the board to another is marked ropes that connect these sites. Output, however, always worth one point, but depends on the difficulty of the output. The number of action points needed to enter the box is marked with a yellow circle on the field.

Game Plan is divided into four areas – the 6000, 6000-7000, 7000-8000 and over the 8000th How to move up and change these areas, you reduce the number of climbers who can fit in one box. Number also depends on the number of players who participate and the parts are clearly listed in the right side of the board using silhouette figures. On the right game plan, you may notice that each of these areas is still divided into several parts, where you are recording the highest positive or you have achieved with a given climber. Whenever you move into a new top of the map, so to adequately raise the figure corresponding to climbers.

K2 - packaging

And now the most important thing you can expect and decide on the existence and nonexistence of all men on the wall of K2. This parameter is called acclimatization and each has its own climber. At the beginning of the game, the value is one. Acclimatization decreases and increases with the numbers that are in its current location in the caster in the lower left corner – blue number acclimatization improves, red at the top of the mountain it is deducted. If the number falls below one of the climbers one, so this man handle output and froze to death.

Fortunately, there are several ways to increase acclimatization. The first option is to play cards with blue wheels, which, while your husband moves through not forward, but lets you move a chip on his piece of the card above the number of points. The second way is to break the tent. If there zdrží the man all round, get two points for a reward of acclimatization.

But the endurance of your climbers has not only increasing altitude, cold and lack of oxygen, but also random weather. At the beginning of each wheel cylinder to move one space forward. Always know the weather for several days in advance so you can prepare for the weather. It can reduce your acclimatization or hinder your progress by increasing the price of progress on other fields, the number – for example, in a snowstorm is a procedure much more difficult.

K2 - packaging

Chips will reduce the risk of points available for the wheel, if you have listed on them a number. This value must be subtracted from any of the cards played, whether they are acclimatized or motion. In any case, such a chip much spoils any plans.

Until the end of the round, each player subtracts the appropriate number of points for altitude acclimatization and weather. Until then, do have a chance to respond and raise their climbers scale to weather the pitfalls mastered.

Once you run out the last piece of the weather, you’re eighteen rounds played. Players can now count the achieved number of victory points, depending on where the climbers came up and the winner is the one with the highest total. Meanwhile, back with them to descend to the safety of the tent. For climbers zahynutého his victory points count.

K2 - packaging

K2 is a great game with great presentation. Game system is well designed and everything fits together beautifully. Players must plan well, because all the cards in hand will eventually have to use, even those not very positive. Here is a very important timing.

If your motherboard also felt in the basic version of the game too difficult, you can play include rescue climbers in the family scenario. In this situation, your ward will not perish in the snow, but move it back to any box on the height of 6000 meters. The counter then victory points decrease by four positions, so that players could not take the risk, knowing that although die, but get points because it will mark them up. So the game is a little easier to forgive and a planning error.

Otherwise, K2 is purely about how well you can plan your move. Because you always have a choice of six cards, you need to choose three quite accurately. In addition, if you know what cards the package contains together, and you know what cards you have come.

K2 - packaging

The most important element of the game that can undo all the efforts of the weather. It is important to watch carefully, because such snow storm is very tricky. But since K2 is a considerable height, the weather always affects some sections of the mountain, so you can conveniently avoid danger if you climb up or descend below.

Besides the basic variants of rival players can go to battle with the mountain alone. The rules refer to assessment, to either filed their performance compared with the end table. They can easily overcome their performances until they are completely perfect.

Given that the box you’ll find just two games plus a difficulty compounded by two variants of the weather, the durability of battles on the walls of K2 guaranteed. The output is always very difficult and the game will not give you anything for free. He is also fairly balanced and good planning can reward. Way Up is always a few, so players can avoid each other, but the upper floors will have a relatively good block. In the battles more opponents it can be successfully used.

K2 - packaging

Processing is absolutely excellent. Figures climbers and tents on the board looks very nice. The actual illustrations on the cards and the board are perfect and clear. Everything thus can not be assessed otherwise than good.

Surprisingly, the K2 really suited to such a family game. It is a cruel game and purely strategic, but if you enjoy games in which you must carefully plan and zabaví whole family. For younger players, we recommend at least 12 years of age, because the requisite tactics there really is enough.

K2 is an excellent game for all. You may not be any hardcore fan of climbing that you enjoyed it. The theme is treated absolutely great game and players will have fun from beginning to end. Its share of that is the fact that most of the events happening simultaneously, and thus fight really fast running out. Each game is an exciting and often very survival of climbers hanging by a thread. If you like snow, voltage and board games, then K2 is a great choice.

DesignerAdam Kałuża
ArtistJarek Nocoń
PublisherRebel Sp. z o.o., Common Man Games, Ediciones MasQueOca, Heidelberger Spieleverlag, IGAMES, Rebel Studio, Swan Panasia Co., Ltd., White Goblin Games, テンデイズゲームズ(TendaysGames)
Year Published
# of Players1 - 5
User Suggested # of Players Best with 5+ players
Recommended with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 players
(184 voters)
Playing Time60
Mfg Suggested Ages8 and up
User Suggested Ages8 and up
(58 voters)
Language DependenceNo necessary in-game text
(62 voters)
CategoryExploration, Sports
MechanicHand Management, Player Elimination, Point to Point Movement, Simultaneous Action Selection, Solo / Solitaire Game
ExpansionK2: Broad Peak, K2: Lhotse, K2: The Avalanche
FamilyCountry: Pakistan, Digital Implementations: Board Game Arena, Digital Implementations: Tabletopia, Mountain: Himalayas, Mountains: K2, Players: Games with Solitaire Rules, Sports: Mountain Climbing
Primary NameK2

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Review: K2 – most dangerous enemy
Final word
K2 is a game for all. Players do not stand against each other in the traditional sense, but they stand together against common enemy – the mountain. The winner is still only one player, whose mountaineers climb closest to the top, but eventually all, who survive, will be heroes. Players fight with reducing amount of oxygen and with aclimatization, which gets worse with raising altitude. They can build tents for a little help, but most of all, they have to precisely plan usage of cards in their hands. Weather and other climber teams will stand in their way besides the mountain itself. K2 can be played in one player and even in family. Snow on the mountain is cold, but the game burns with great experiences.
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excellent production value
2 different boards
weather influence
solitaire version
strategic options
chances are same for all
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