Review: Insekten Hotel – accommodation for beetles big and small


If a beetle is to survive in today’s crazy world, where a trap, bait or predator is waiting at every turn, it must stay hidden well. Even if the whole beetle family goes on vacation. They are in danger. And because they are not able to protect their homes on the move, they will like to use the IHS chain: insect hotel services.

And role of the such hotel boss drops on you in game, which was prepared for us by authors from the Latvian company . There are two authors – and – who put their heads together and result was finally published in .

Box is smaller, because insect hotels do not need too much space. Players inside will find four boards each representing one hotel. They have a pallet growing from the center where there is probably just a staircase or ladder and they look like some kind of trees. Each building looks different, it has its colors and neon lights. Players each take one hotel for themselves and put it in front of them. Rest of the contents is only 72 cards with different images. After mixing, they will start the game in the middle of the table in a stack.


In his turn, player has a choice of two options. The main thing is picking up a card from a shared deck. The player looks at the card and compares the identity of the new insect visitor with the free rooms in his hotel. Each floor is reserved for a specific insect. The accommodation capacities are always open for each creature in two hotels. The player has one opponent for each floor.

If a player can accommodate a beetle, he will attach the card to his hotel. But his move in this case continues by revealing another card in the order, if he decides to do so. However, he may lose honey cards, that are special. Such findings do not go to the hotel, but players puts this cards in front of himself.

A change occurs if the player who has recently unveiled a card can not add it anywhere. Instead, he puts it aside with a picture down. Such a disappointed customer can be attracted by the owners of other hotels to their accommodation. They need two cards of honey to do this – one as compensation for the original cardholder and the other ends in back in discard pile. Besides this, players have to correctly guess the insects, that is hidden in the pile.


Continuing and finding new customers brings a significant risk with them. Players can also come across cockroaches, that steal all their honey. On the contrary, spider figures are welcome addition among geusts, because they allow attacking an opponent and scare off one of the enemy’s inhabitants. Spider will however be feared only by such an insect, that is on the floor alone.

Players alternate in the fight for visitors as long as one of them fills their entire hotel. Such a player can immediately celebrate victory.

Insekten Hotel is a game for young players. According to the recommendation, they should at least go to school, but the game itself is really simple. It will teach all participants to recognize insects and entertain them in a simple way.


This is not true, however, if only adults want to compete. The game is very luck dependent, because uncovering top card is unpredictable. There is a hint of pushing your luck, but for the most part it’s just about attaching cards and trying to steal something from your opponents. At the same time, it is also worth watching the game well, because it is possible to get some information about cards of disappointed guests, that can be attracted to your hotel.

Simplicity here is emphasized by the game time, which always fits within fifteen minutes and may take even less. Its enough for the players to get the cards right at the beginning. Conversely, moves can take longer because more cards can be revealed in a row. But a player must be willing to take the risk to do this. Battles are definitely better thanks to thievery and more competition in multiple players, but they also work in duels for their target audience.


In fact, our story at first is not far from the truth. Insect hotels are really inspired by reality, and these are little houses that offer broilers instead of hibernation during the winter season.

Insekten Hotel is a children’s game about hotel for all youngsters. Players must not only get insect cards, but need also luck that affects card drawing.  Insekten Hotel is a simple entertainment for small players, which are also attracted by theme and processing.

DesignerDennis Kirps, Christian Kruchten
ArtistGediminas Akelaitis
PublisherLOGIS, Mercurio, Muduko, Paladium Games
Year Published2015
# of Players2 - 4
User Suggested # of Players Best with 4 players
Recommended with players
(1 voters)
Playing Time20
Mfg Suggested Ages7 and up
User Suggested Ages6 and up
(2 voters)
CategoryAnimals, Card Game, Children's Game
MechanicOpen Drafting, Push Your Luck
FamilyAnimals: Insects
Primary NameInsektenhotel
Alternate NamesHotel de Insectos, Hotel pod pajęczą siecią, Insect Hotel, Insekten-Hotel, Хотел за Буболечки

Infos courtesy of More Infos.

Review: Insekten Hotel – accommodation for beetles big and small
Final word
Insekten Hotel is a card game, that gives kids insects to play with. All buzzing creatures want to simply get an accommodation, but the hotel capacity is limited. Players must collect all cards, they can even more times per round and try to be lucky. The coincidence plays a role in getting each card, which makes the game much more targeted to kids. Insekten Hotel is a pleasantly simple childhood game, that will entertain and teach your offsprings.
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processing and topic
simplicity for children
drawing is all about luck
less conflict with two, although its important for the experience
parents will not enjoy it much
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