Review: Infinity Gauntlet A Love Letter Game – small glove for small hand

The desire to rule the world is strong, but for some it is something completely different. It is not just one planet, but an entire universe full of many unimaginable beings. When someone becomes strong enough, they all seem like difficult insects, so they can easily erase half of them from the world. The only object with such power is the infinity glove. Its stones are held by human heroes. Fragile shells and their unstable psyches. It’s time for Thanos to avenge the galaxy!

It is this instrument of destruction that will be played in one-on-all style in the tiny card game Infinity Gauntlet from the world of . The game was created by based on the popular Love Letter. So the original designer is . The new version with a license is published by and is made into Czech thanks to ADC Blackfire.

A small plastic blister with paper inside hides a purple canvas bag. This will be the final pack of this tiny game from the moment of the first opening, which consists of only thirty cards, a few red chips and two plastic pointers. To begin with, players must choose Thanos from each other, who will receive his own shuffled deck of thirteen cards. He picks up two of them.

Other players become heroes. Everyone receives one random character card, which happens at the beginning. He places a life tracking card in the center of the table, which he marks with two indicators – one will indicate the lives of the heroes, while the other will indicate the life energy of Thanos (depending on the number of participants).

Players take turns. It starts with Thanos, who draws one card from his pile. He can immediately evaluate its effect and, thanks to that, in some (printed) way challenge one of the heroes to a duel. Usually it is a matter of the opponent having a card with a number. Thanos sometimes guesses, other times the conditions are determined by the ability played. If the tip succeeds, the attacked hero will lose a life for his entire team. Otherwise nothing happens.

And then the players will do the same in the role of heroes. They also draw one card so they can choose from two and play one of them. When asked, the player must answer truthfully whether he holds the card with the corresponding number in his hand or not. That will decide his fate.

In addition to defeating the cards, there is also the possibility of a fight between players, where both opponents compare the values ​​of their cards (Thanos can choose one of the ones he has in his hand). The player with the higher value after adding any bonus power tokens (obtained in the previous round) becomes the winner and the loser must again deduct one life point on his indicator.

The game continues by playing cards and finding out information about opponents until one side meets its conditions for victory. Heroes simply need to reduce Thanos‘ life to zero. Similarly, the negative wins if the avengers lose the last point. But in addition, you can win by assembling the title Infinity Glove. Thanos must have all six stones of infinity together in front of him on the table or in his hands. As a sign of his triumph, he can snap his fingers and thus erase half of the living beings in the entire universe from existence.

is an excellent evolution of the Love Letter, in which the players, to our liking, have been over-released to chance, in fact without a chance to react to an opponent’s game. Nevertheless, the social and speed element made this twelve-card game a huge hit.

But the novelty takes only the basic idea and adds two roles to the players, or rather teams whose roles they have to take on. And everyone has their own package to fight with. Each side has its own abilities to try to surprise opponents. Thanos has more cards available in his hand to respond to heroes.

The main plus, however, is the absence of elimination of players, which was the biggest problem for us with the original version. Now everyone is involved, because it is a team duel and not a bloodthirsty duel between all the participants in the game. But still, with everyone’s moves, he can keep the games up for fifteen minutes.

Thanos can use his luck to gain all the stones of infinity or use his skills to try to deprive the team of players of the last point of life. Here, some skill is also needed, because from the movement of the cards and the situation, it is possible to at least partially estimate something at the opponent and thus increase your chances. And the role of Thanos is interesting, as the superiority of heroes appears around you and you try to repel them. In the end, both sides can win.

In two, even this game is not the best. It is generally assumed that the players on the good side will be on the real team in an effort to bring Thanos to their knees together as in the movie. In two, the player in the role of heroes has two moves in a row, which slightly prolongs the otherwise nice and fast dynamics. But the bigger problem is the absence of team spirit and the effort not to spoil it for teammates. At six, however, the villain may feel a little desperate when players get six moves before he gets a move again. The number of his lives should balance this, yet the game did not seem so balanced in this number.

Rules handbook has the dimensions of the cards that are in the game. But this brings with it a problem, because with the amount of text, the font is really small and players with glasses may have trouble reading them. Fortunately, there is a link to a video tutorial on the rules that addresses this issue. At least until there are some questions in the game.

Marvel: Infinity Gauntlet really greatly enhances the hugely popular game and gives it a pinch of control, while maintaining the accessibility, speed and idea of ​​a small package. Marvel: Infinity Gauntlet is a quality fast card that is a pleasant canapé whenever you have a moment of fun.

DesignerSeiji Kanai, Alexandar Ortloff
ArtistMonica Helland
PublisherZ-Man Games, ADC Blackfire Entertainment, Asmodee, Asmodee China, Asmodee Italia, BoardM Factory, Delta Vision Publishing, Galápagos Jogos, Rebel Sp. z o.o.
Year Published2020
# of Players2 - 6
User Suggested # of Players Best with 6 players
Recommended with 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 players
(29 voters)
Playing Time15
Mfg Suggested Ages10 and up
User Suggested Ages8 and up
(9 voters)
Language DependenceModerate in-game text - needs crib sheet or paste ups
(4 voters)
CategoryCard Game, Comic Book / Strip, Deduction, Movies / TV / Radio theme
MechanicHand Management, Set Collection, Team-Based Game
FamilyComic Books: Marvel Universe, Game: Love Letter, Players: One versus Many, Theme: Superheroes
Primary NameInfinity Gauntlet: A Love Letter Game
Alternate NamesLe Gant d'Infinité: Un jeu Love Letter, El Guantelete del Infinito, Il Guanto dell'Infinito: Un Gioco Love Letter, Infinity Gauntlet: Ein Loveletter-Spiel, Manopla do Infinito: Um jogo Love Letter, Marvel: Rękawica Nieskończoności, Rukavice nekonečna, Végtelen kesztyű, 漫威无限手套, 無限手套:情書系列遊戲, 인피니티 건틀렛

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Review: Infinity Gauntlet A Love Letter Game – small glove for small hand
Final word
Marvel: Infinity Gauntlet is a game with a few little rules, but above all just a pile of cards. But even those are enough for the two teams to fight really hard for victory. The game is about chance, but also about estimating opponents. It offers the interesting role of Thanos, who stands against everyone. At the same time, each party has its own cards and must handle them well. Just make sure there aren't many players in the game. Apart from the highest numbers, the Marvel: Infinity Gauntlet is much better than the draft Love Letter.
Reader Rating0 Votes
+ There is no elimination of players in the game
+ The role of Thanos is interesting
+ two teams with different options
+ portable
+ fast
+ remains easy to learn
= in six unbalanced
= small letters in the rules
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