Review: Holterdipolter – witchcraft needs hearing


Children in school believe. But it is not enough to be able to do magic by themselves well. Not everyone can do that. True wizard must also have very well-trained ears. Even while uttering incantations, cracking can be heard indicating, whether the magic is done well or not. That is, why my first hour of practical magic as a teacher was completely focused on something other, than waving with a wand. Anyone can do that, right?

And we can join this teacher in his magical modern method in a children board game thanks to created by duo and . This is a new game from Moses Spiele company. And this one was published in , but we will be making spells together only now.

On the box, we see a group of wizards, who are in the midst of playing. And we join them as soon as we lift the lid of the box. It is square and relatively large. The obvious reason is an already assembled game board, that is turned upside down at first.


Once you get tired of looking at the rules and underside of playing area, you will find magical pyramid by turning it around. It uses depth of the box completely and is supplied assembled. It is divided into twelve slices, each one has a hole at the bottom and whole building is surrounded by a foam wall. Then, there is also round hole at the top. Under this main board, game contain also several plastic cups, balls, one dice, wooden cat and package of wizard cards.

At the beginning of the game, players each get one cup for themselves. Common one is a little larger and gets filled with balls, which will form a supply. Game board settles in the middle of the table, where all have it on their eyes. Behind a foam wall, players randomly place wizards and witches in their cardboard shape. One space is taken by cat figurine and game can begin.

First player must take one ball and throw it into the top opening of the board. Already at that time, all the participants in the game should be absolutely silent and stretch their ears. Within seconds of its rustling, every player must try to guess by sounds, in which sector eventually the ball ended its journey. But he should not reveal his guess, because from that point on, all players will be alternating in the hunt for the ball and making tips.


Starting player, who threw the ball in, rolls the dice and moves magical cat forward by a few steps. Players are not obliged to use all movement points rolled and instead may decide at any time to stop moving with the cat. Now at that point, player can raise wizard tile and hope, that the ball rolls out of there.

If yes, player may keep it for himself. Otherwise, a valuable catch is left to other players, who will be trying to grab it in clockwise order. But even they have to roll dice, move cat and in case of failure, set the wizard tile aside. Gradually, vacancies are increasing as are chances of finding the ball. Once it is freed from the labyrinth, one of the participants throws a new ball into the maze and all have to listen again very carefully.

Match continues until one player has gathere a target number of balls. Recommended number varies according to number of participants in the game. For each round, wizard figures are put back and holes get hidden again, so ball cannot escape from the maze. At the end, winner is clearly the one, who first obtained required number of balls.


Holterdipolter is an excellent game about good hearing. There is very few of those, but fortunately this is not the only reason, why this box is good fun. It really works well for children and teaches them patience and spatial perception of sound. A quite important skill to have nowadays.

It is not enough just to hear clearly, but in addition, player also has to get to required place first. Of course, it is a big chance, that opponents will miss with their guess and do not find position of the ball, so players can have even two or three attempts. Dice allow a bit of luck, reaching up to six neighbouring spots and the coincidence certainly does hold part of the outcome in its hands.

Game is very fast and game time easily adjustable by choosing number of balls. They are equal to the amount of rounds played. But usually, everything lasts about fifteen or twenty minutes. Number of players has a big impact on the game. Not only does a higher number of opponents reduces the amount of balls needed to win, but it also reduces number of experiments, that each player get to with every ball. Game is best with two, but due to its mechanisms, its easily entertaining children in any number.


Great advantage of this game is, that players receive the board already assembled. The reason is probably great demands on the cohesion of the whole board and presence of foam fortifications for tucking cards. The game is always and only about hearing and never about anything else. Overall, however, processing of the game works very well.

Holterdipolter is great news for all those, who want to be quiet and listen. Only the best ears can celebrate a victory here and gain the ball. Game is excellent and easily taught and even includes an expansion in the form of a memory element. Holterdipolter is a game, that will test your perception of sound to the limit.

DesignerGuido Hoffmann, Jens-Peter Schliemann
ArtistAntje Flad
PublisherGen-X Games, moses. Verlag GmbH
Year Published2014
# of Players2 - 4
Playing Time20
Mfg Suggested Ages5 and up
User Suggested Ages5 and up
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CategoryChildren's Game, Mythology
MechanicRoll / Spin and Move
Primary NameHolterdipolter
Alternate NamesAbracadabra

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Review: Holterdipolter – witchcraft needs hearing
Final word
Holterdipolter is game, which wants you to focus your ears. But also all other senses, because game is really hilarious and entertaining. All its parameters are directed at younger children, but because of the secret movement, it can entertain older players as well. There is even a little harder variant for experienced players and it's all very fast. Good hearing is not enough, because players also need luck and the more participants there are, the more dice decides. Holterdipolter is very pleasant game and it plays very well for children and adults with them.
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focus on hearing
for preschool children
only a slope, no maze to be known
players must finish in first place
option to involve memory
luck is needed to win
more random with more players
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