Review: Guess Club – guessing towards victory


People love to guess and solve various mysteries. But for some, this is not enough. They need a bigger challenge. They are looking for like-minded individuals to share experiences, but above all to assign each other harder and harder tasks. But they need a place, where they can meet. So, a Guessing Club came to be.

is also a name of new board game, which we got into the editorial office from , which got help from . was responsible for the creation of the game and completed the illustrations. The game was released in .


The box has a standard size. On its lid, we see a house, where the whole betting will take place. The game board is placed on the table and its hole in the middle is filled with a jackpot cup (which will start with thirty dollars bank). There is also a betting indicator, whose transparent marker stone starts on zero space. The second board in the middle is the bonus area, that players fill according to the assignment. There is also a shuffled category card. Then each player takes the components in their color – a chip and six tiles. In addition, the basic equipment – pens, stand and finance worth 150 dollars is also given to every participant.


Each game consists of three rounds. In each of them, there will be a theme about one category. One of the participants reveals card and selects from the printed text the option, that he likes best. He reads it to all opponents together with six examples, that belong to the correct answers. Then each writes six responses on his own cards using his own pen. In doing so, they try to achieve the greatest possible agreement with others.


Meanwhile, the answers will remain secret. To reveal them, there is second phase of the round, but even here, it is not as much about answers as about money and correct guess. The player can reveal one of his tiles to the others in his turn (and ask for possible matches), but instead he can wait and bet on the number of matches, that will be met during the whole round. He simply throws ten dollars into a cup and places his color token on the selected number of bet counter.


In the course of a round, for each revealed tile that has at least one match, players move the stone on the pointer. But the imagination of players can also interfere with the game, as everyone can invent their own answers on top of those examples, that are on the card. However, if others find it invalid (not in the category), then the author must pay twenty dollars from his pocket to the pot as penalty.


For the existence of a match, however, the player is rewarded primarily by the ability to receive the complete jackpot in the middle and keep money in it to himself. Immediately after emptying it, a cup is filled with thirty dollars again, so that even the next winner will not come shorthanded. Once the third round is played, the game is over. The richest player becomes the winner.

Guess Club is primarily a party game, that uses the well-known word matching mechanism. It has been used many times and not only in a simple game City-Country-Plant, which we played in childhood and needed only paper. So what should interest us in this novelty and convince us, that we have to buy it?



Players in this news have a choice. They can follow the hint and choose an answer, that is more likely to show from others. Or they will go their own way with other, more group-likely answers. Unfortunately, the hints at the same time act as an attraction, but they also distort the game. In the wrong group, the game can only be a struggle to see if the players choose the right of the six options and not try to think of anything else at all.

Trying to be original here is of no use. If no one else answers the same way, then you will not get any finances and you can’t think of winning. Nothing motivates you to be original. Because players have to think of six options each time, they can spread their answers in both approaches. But they have to keep in mind, that the answer that no one else has, mean losing ten dollars from his own pocket.



Ultimately, the game is not so much about the ability to respond correctly, but about timing the reveal well. If you win the jackpot just after it was emptied, you may not be so happy about it, getting only 30 dollars. The bowl of money is gradually being filled and the players have to choose the tiles correctly and when they will be revealed.

Betting is the last element, in which players can influence their profits. But it’s hardly anything other than making guess. For most of the round, players take turns to reveal their answers and only choose the right order.



There are not many laps, so the game does not tend to stretch unnecessarily. Everything is usually resolved within thirty minutes. The more participants there are in the game, the more interesting the whole story is. Writing responses will not slow down, nor will the revealing phase lose momentum. Players will reveal their choices even outside their turn, if someone else has written and revealed their word.

Guess Club builds on the classic mechanism of secret word matching and finding. Fortunately, it adds some new features, that make the game feel different. But there are many shortcomings in the game, that do not facilitate the experience. Guess Club definitely deserves bonus points for trying, but its not as good as it could have been.

DesignerSky Huang
ArtistCinyee Chiu, Missquai
Publisher(Self-Published), Broadway Toys LTD, cosaic
Year Published
# of Players2 - 8
User Suggested # of Players Best with 8 players
Recommended with 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 players
(7 voters)
Playing Time30
Mfg Suggested Ages10 and up
User Suggested Ages12 and up
(3 voters)
MechanicBetting and Bluffing, Hand Management, Paper-and-Pencil
FamilyCrowdfunding: Zeczec
Primary NameGuess Club
Alternate NamesGuess Club 猜心俱樂部, ゲスクラブ

Infos courtesy of More Infos.

Review: Guess Club – guessing towards victory
Final word
Guess Club is an interesting game. It takes an effort to match verbal answers with other players and adds some new depth to it. But where ideas came, there are no mistakes. When players are to write six responses, they get help on the assignment card, and try to match as much as possible with their opponents. But its best to simply copy. As a result, the game loses an otherwise solid ability to entertain. Still, you can enjoy fast game time and lots of themes. Guess Club is a game, that could definitely be much better.
Reader Rating0 Votes
interesting expansion idea
good categories
even in a higher number of players
players tend to copy words from the card
betting is just a tip
originality is useless
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