Review: Fungeon Party – fighting the fun


Normal cave with monsters is usually called dungeon. But when all the monsters are gone, the heroes get bored, it must be something else. And so instead of it, we created Fungeon: a place where obstacles merge with fun. And nobody wants to fight anymore.

These bored heroes also featured a group of four designers – , , and – and so they made game for fun. And is bringing it to life and attention of players. The illustration was prepared by . Distribution in Europe is in hands of .

Entire cave full of fun is hidden in a small cardboard box with a confused trio of heroes printed on the lid. After it is opened, you will find cards and tokens, but also dice. At the beginning of the game, players specify the number of tasks to complete, randomly draw them from the deck and create a stack. This also determines the length of their trip and difficulty of it. The amount of cards selected corresponds to the time limit, that players are given as a team to complete whole game. It’s thirty seconds per card, so it will usually be quite short.


Then everyone has to choose character with which he will like to do this adventure and each of the participants will get hearts (corresponding to his hero life meter) and also a pointer indicating active ability. Individual teammates then also receive their set of five dice in their chosen color.

Once the countdown is triggered (by common agreement), everything starts to be hectic. Players reveal top card from the task deck, read its text and have to complete the assignment as soon as possible to move to next card. Sometimes they will work together on one goal, other times each of them will try to contribute by doing their own part of success. The card is always unambiguous and everything is understandable from the text.

If the task is accomplished, they can put it aside and reveal a new one immediately. Thus, in the course of time, they walk around the path of the quest deck until the last of them is passed successfully or the set limit expires. In the event of failure in one of the tasks, heroes lose one or more hearts (penalty is printed on the card) and injuries can be divided among heroes as  they choose. If one of the team members has depleted last point of life, common effort ends with the loss of the whole team. The same goes, if t he time runs out, before they succeed.


Players can only celebrate if they complete all the tasks. Within the game, they may occasionally skip cards, but especially have a chance to use special skills. Once this happens, green token is turn to its inactive side to indicate, that it is not possible to use that ability again in this game.

Fungeon Party is a crazy party game in the Dungeon Fighter style. Players must mentally prepare for crazy tasks, in which they often try to hit something or have to guess the number chosen by one of the teammates. Often, cardboard magic wands can also be used to make the jump, cobblestones, a wooden piece, or a monster dice. One thing they will not be used is – well – magic.

Overall, gameplay is really crazy. This is no serious playing and this information at the same time eliminates many potential candidates as many people do not like to feel silly, when playing board games. Only those, who do not have a problem with fun and will not need tactical challenges will have a chance to like this game. It is purely skill and speed of the whole team, that counts. But it also focuses on cooperation.


Real-time games are much better, when done in cooperation. Players do not have to think for themselves, they just have to work as a team. This creates a more relaxed feel. Otherwise, it is usually not possible to complete each of the tasks in given thirty seconds, that the game will put in place. The difficulty is set very well and victory is real tight and far from certain from the start.

After the game, players receive points of experience. For them, they can improve heroes and strengthened them accordingly. Usually it means a higher number of hearts or a chance to use the ability multiple times during one game. But even this improvement is a team decision, so only the hero, on which everybody agrese, will get stronger.

In many rounds, the role of the main player is also important. This is indicated by the icon in the top left corner of each task card, poiting to one specific character class.


Dice are, of course, an important element. But the players will not just roll them and hope for the right result (but even these actions are waiting for you in the game), but they can throw or slide with them. Everything is possible with some of the total of 66 task cards. This number is quite good and provides some 10 matches, before you get through the whole deck. And then you start improving your skills in some of them, so even when the repeat, its not a dealbreaker.

Length of the game is determined by the number of cards you choose. But even with ten tasks, it’s still five minutes of game time and that’s amazing! It is even possible to get to a minimum of three minutes, if you use the recommended number of six tasks. This means, that the game is a perfect thing to relax or shorten some waiting. Up to five players can participate in the game and the more there are, the more complex the game can be in the case of joint assignments.


If we wanted to take points away somewhere from this game, then it comes to processing. The game is mostly textual and with the cards, we could even say, that they are really weak from the graphics point of view. It is a great shame, because otherwise the dice are nice and the tokens really massive. And some nice illustrations would make the game feel much better at first sight.

Fungeon Party is going for the title of the most interesting stupid game. However, there is no need to take the word „stupid“ as a negative feature. Its just a word, that describes the best, how will you feel, when you are hunting dice on the floor. Fungeon Party is not a game without mistakes, but a party game (as the title suggests), that definitely has its way open to your table (and under it).

DesignerThomas Jones, Brian Lewis, David McGregor, Marissa Misura
PublisherWizKids (I)
Year Published
# of Players2 - 5
User Suggested # of Players Best with 5 players
Recommended with 2, 5+ players
(1 voters)
Playing Time30
Mfg Suggested Ages14 and up
User Suggested Ages8 and up
(1 voters)
CategoryAction / Dexterity, Dice
Primary NameFungeon Party

Infos courtesy of More Infos.

Review: Fungeon Party – fighting the fun
Final word
Fungeon Party is a game, that does not want to look smart or complex. It offers only a series of cards with entries, that players must perform in real time and within a given limit. The game is crazy, full of silly situations, but it just brings fun, if you're in the right game circle. It's all about co-operation, and if you're successful, you can even improve your chosen hero. The game does not look well from graphical processing point of view. But Fungeon Party gets it all forgiven, when you start playing, because during gameplay, its simply fun.
Reader Rating0 Votes
great game time
crazy (but interesting) tasks
adjustable length and difficulty
change to upgrade character between games
special abilities of heroes
silly for someone (players make fun of themselves)
average processing
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