Review: Frogriders – frog on your back or the other way around?


What to do when huge frogs appear in the garden? The answer is obvious. You should buy a saddle and make it your new means of transport. They are a bit slower than horse, but no obstacle can stop them and those jumps are also good experience.

Perhaps something similar happened to designer pair and . How else could they come up with idea of racing on saddled frogs in their game. It was published by a pair of companies and . An illustration was made by and game was released in .

Whole pond with frogs is hiding inside a large yellow box. On the lid, we see one elf with a saddled yellow jumper as it falls on the water lilies. Inside the pack, all frog lovers find a folding square board. There is not only a pond full of water lilies and its surroundings, but also a scale of points, a privileged position and a village. He places this board in the center of the table and accidentally spread four frogrider colors onto all the fields on the pond.


From the shuffled deck of privilege card, player reveal four on the designated place as the starting offer, and the rest creates a stack in the box above them. Two more green boxes are equipped with random cards from the public scoring deck. Next ten cards of private sets need to be shuffled and each participant gets two pieces, of which he chooses one. Participants choose their color, get an overview card and one piece, which they place on zero points of the scoring scale.

In his turn, player has to take any frog racer he wants and jump with it over its neighbor to a free space. Such a jump must be done in a straight line and just one space away, not further. The skipped figurine is reward for the player and he can place it in front of him. He can either keep the acquired frogrider, because he gets a point reward for it at the end of the game, or send it back home, to its village and get a special action.

It is possible not only to spend figure obtained in the current turn, but also any of the earlier characters. For giving up frogrider, player can make a new jump (and thus get another figurine), get any other frog rider from the village or take one of the four privilege cards currently in offer. Action is related to color of the returned frogrider and it is not possible to jump again after yellow frog has been set free.


Once it is no longer possible to jump and all the remaining frogs are too far apart, the game ends. With their frogriders, players try to make sets as prescribed by their private collection card, which no one else knows until now. For groups of frogs, players will receive points. They will also be awarded independently for public scorecards, but also for brown racers and privileges cards. Who scored most points in total is now the winner.

Frogriders are a solid game based on the popular solo mechanism of Solitaire. In this Solitaire, the players jump away only to throw the figure away, so they have as few of them in the end as possible. So, making some mistakes and orphans is unforgivable. But the situation in this game is quite different, because players collect color sets and they do not mind, how many pieces will remain in the end on the board. They follow only their purpose. The rules are beautifully simple and anyone can be learned to play it in one to two minutes.


Each participant has his secret scoring card that clearly identifies his priorities. One color will bring more points for number of sets. And the adversaries do not know each other’s plans. In addition, public scores are also available. These are every time revealed in different combination of a total of six. And while those player-specific focus on one color, public cards are a combination of two different colors. Rewards will be awarded to both players and one figure can be scored more times.

In his turn, the player always has a choice of more options. In the first phase, there are constantly new chances to jump with a frog rider. In the first round, starting player can choose from four possible moves. Then amount of choices increases, but near the end, the possibilities diminish again as last pieces disappear from the pond until player in his last move has no choice. But he still may choose, what to do with the figure.


This second phase of each turns is where the bread crumbles. This is not obligatory and depends a lot on the color of the frogs acquired. If it belongs to some colors of interest to the player, then he will probably keep it. Otherwise, he has the option to give it away. At the same time, he should try not to reveal to his opponents, what color of frog racers is he intersted in the first place. But it does not matter much, because players have no chance of harming each other.

And this also results into balanced quality of the match, regardless of the number of opponents involved. Only in two, the whole duel will take place in a smaller space not entire pond. The battles are easily completed within twenty minutes, thanks to the rapid progress of individual turns. However, the final scoring will take an additional five minutes of your time.


Frogriders are generally quite simple to play, which can hurt some enthusiasts. But the game itself on the box clearly shows, that this game is for families. And for this target group, the game is very good because it offers very pleasant freedom combined with secret tasks. Frogriders is indeed a very thoughtful game for families.

DesignerAsger Harding Granerud, Daniel Skjold Pedersen
ArtistAlexander Jung
PublisherBuró, Ediciones MasQueOca, eggertspiele, Matagot, Pegasus Spiele, Reflexshop, Stronghold Games, Surfin' Meeple China
Year Published2017
# of Players2 - 4
User Suggested # of Players Best with 4 players
Recommended with 2, 3, 4 players
(5 voters)
Playing Time30
Mfg Suggested Ages8 and up
User Suggested Ages8 and up
(5 voters)
Language DependenceNo necessary in-game text
(1 voters)
CategoryAbstract Strategy, Animals, Fantasy
MechanicGrid Movement, Set Collection, Static Capture
ExpansionFrogriders: The Green Frog
FamilyAnimals: Frogs / Toads
Primary NameFrogriders
Alternate NamesBékaharcos, La chevauchée des grenouilles

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Review: Frogriders – frog on your back or the other way around?
Final word
Frogriders are a good logical move that will delight families and less experienced players. Players in their turn simply skip a second figurine and receive the skipped frog. So they are gradually trying to make sets for which they receive victory points at the end of the game - whether according to public or their own scoring conditions. The game is comfortably variable and fast, but at the same time it is also prone to longer turns (because of lots of movement options). Frogriders will make family players happy with their processing as well as with logic requirements.
Reader Rating0 Votes
classic game for one now offers rivalry
suitable for all recommended counts
fast betting
lots of figures will attract children
plenty of move options to choose from
second phase and special actions
susceptibility to longer thinking
for more experienced players too easy
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