Review: Freddy’s Colors – the right colors for animals


His name is Freddy and he really is colorful. It’s a chameleon and he is able to transform right in front of your eyes. One time, he may look like a butterfly, sometimes like a lion or even a rhinoceros. Do you think we made this us? Okay, so lets meet Freddy!

He is title character of a new children’s board game Freddy’s Colors (Freddy’s Farben), created by . We received it thanks to its publisher, which is company located in Vilnius. Game originates in year .

Today, we are not going to play as Freddy. This chameleon will teach us instead, how to recognize animals. And we can then become true chameleon too. On the cover, we find our teacher in many colors, which he took on himself because of striped background. Fortunately, he can still be seen, so he may take us on tour inside the box.


Inside, you will find some great color tiles and all critters in correct colors on it. There’s a blue elephant, yellow lion, red ladybug and green crocodile. Everything looks fine. But that’s only until the moment, when you pull out of the box a pack of cards. Each of them has three animals drawn and all come in different colors. But watch out! Only one of them has truly the right color. The other two are just disguised chameleons and its up to us to find the correct one!

To do this, players will need help from canvas bag, but especially of four wooden pieces of various shapes – triangle, square, circle and rectangle. In reality, of course, they do not come in 2D, so you now based on our description must pull up their representation into the third dimension.

At the beginning, players take a deck of cards and shuffle it. All wooden pieces are thrown into a bag, where they will wait for the draw. In the middle of the table, players place a common game board for everybody to see.


Players take turns and when any of them gets to action, he first turns around and sees top card from the deck. Player then attempt to correctly identify animal, that is shown in correct color. There even can be more animals in one same color, so they have to pay attention. Once player thinks he has the right answer, he turns card back, but he should not forget color! For now, he must hunt stones in a canvas bag with his hand and find only the piece of wood, that matches animal and color, he has chosen on card (based on his memory). When he pulls it out and checks if his answer really is the correct one, he may keep that card. And whoever collects five cards first, wins.

Freddy’s Color is actually a set of three games of which we have described only the simplest one, which we also like the most. Its perfectly suited for small children already, in addition to the basic memory training, it will also enhance recognition by touch. Both are very important skills and even some color recognition is involved.

Besides this, all wooden shapes are also used to make a reaction game. When players have chosen t his version to play, they first must place all the wood pieces to their place on the common board and then will start playing, revealing one card after another. Once all the participants see the pictures, they must quickly find a pet in the right color and grab the apropriate wooden shape sooner, than others. Only then can they get the card and gradually also collect the most of them. This is, what makes them win in this variant.


This way of playing has very well known from other games. It’s good, that authors included it in the box, but it brings nothing new, only repeating other party games with new children theme. But it also means, that animal heroes make this fun to play for young children even, when focused on reaction. Furthermore, cards are simple with only three pictures, so children learn to recognize the correct colors well and after a time even without checking the central board.

And then there is one version, that is listed first in the rules as the main one. In it, all the cards are laid out on the table and players reveal them as pairs. But before that, one has to draw a piece from the bag and mark it with a colored block on the common board. Only then, he will try to find a card with a pet, which has portrait in this area.

It is initially guided purely by luck, because nobody knows layout of cards on the table (but it can be easily changed by showing them for a while at the beginning). The memory element plays an important role in subsequent rounds, when players have seen some cards and can adjust their selection accordingly. They will collect those cards, trying to be the first having five of them. If instead, there is a situation, that there is already no card, that would meet required rule, a player can try to guess and announce it. For correct estimation, he earns one card and ends the game.


Third and final game is quite random and does not offer so much fun as it could. Perhaps it is too convoluted. That is main reason, why we like most the least demanding version for small children for its simplicity. It fulfills everything we can expect from similar educational entertainment.

Freddy’s Colors is nicely done colorful game for children, which offers three games in one package. They are sufficiently different from each other and players will surely find at least one they like. We will not say, that we like all the same as we have one clear favorite. The other two did not offer much originality, but they are still fun. And that is enough to make us like Freddy’s Colors.

Review: Freddy’s Colors – the right colors for animals
Final word
is a children's game, in which color plays a major role. That is why the main hero is a chameleon, and with his help, children will try to recognize animals in the right colors. Game board will assist them with that. Box contains three games, but only one of them is original and its the easiest for five toddlers, who examine and touch. The remaining two are using familiar elements, but they are a nice bonus to have. In addition, all games train memory and recognizing colors, which is great in children game. Freddy's Colors is definitely a good game for kids.
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three games in one box
cheerful color processing
wooden pieces
already for children from five years
coaches memory, touch and color
lack of originality in some variants
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