Review: Floppy Ears – everyone wants a big slacking ears


Best ears has cocker spaniel. There is no doubt about it. Beautiful hairy flip flops, that move in every direction. A very deep otosalpinx to hear the mouse in the field behind the window. I would have liked all that, but I can not have them. They say such ears are not suitable for children.

Fortunately, this is far from truth for game called , in the original. It was created by three designers , and with illustrations arranged by . This is a novelty for , which was introduced at the Spiel 2017 fair in Essen.

Smaller yellow box shows dog and boy playing with their ears. That’s exactly what we will do, as soon as we open the lid of this game. Inside, there are 36 cardboard ears – they have different colors, symbols, but they all have a hole in the middle. From the shuffled offer, each participant receives five random (and secret) ears. He chooses two of them, tries to remember their color and symbol as best as possible, and hang them one on every ear, while keeps the other three in hand. He must place those pieces like so, that others can clearly see their color and symbol. Rest of the ears creates a stock in the middle of the table, revealing the top one image up. This creates the starting conditions.


All opponents alternate in playing their ears to the center of the table. They must always have to follow either color or symbol that is on top of the discard pile. In doing so, he must use piece on his ear, if it is possible to play it. If a player makes a mistake (he has a card on his ear that he has not used or plays a card from his ear and does not match one of the features), he must take a new card to his hand as punishment. Once a piece has been successfully played out of the ear, the player must immediately replace it for new one chosen from his hand. In doing so he must remember his color and icon again.

If a player does not have a suitable tile both in his hand and on his ear, he must get a new one out of stock. His turn ends. Players are alternating in playing, including universal three-color jokers. They are all trying to be the first to get rid of the last plate from his ear. That player immediately becomes the winner of the game. At this time, he must do a „woof, woof“ .

Floppy Ears offers cards hanging on the ears and puts emphasis on memory of players. If this element was not here, the game would be just another of the infinite variations on Uno. This time, however, the experience is different enough to prevent similarity.


It is not about you, reader of our article, but especially about children. These are the main target group of this dog oriented game. From five years of age, when they can recognize and name colors and symbols, children can match skills with others. And this novelty will definitely become very popular and will replace the classic Uno for a long time.

Hanging earpieces places great emphasis on memory. The player can not make a mistake, because others are constantly controlling him. A mistake will bring a penalty in the form of a new card. Children do not want to make an error, but as their colors and earpieces are constantly changing, sooner or later mistake will come. On the other hand, one error simultaneously allows the player to look at his ears again and thus remember it better.

Game itself runs very fast. There are only five cards in hand and ears, so if the player does not make a mistake, it may take only five rounds in a match. Usually, game time is between ten and fifteen minutes. Gameplay is great not only at home, but also on the road, even in the car. It is not difficult on table space at all, because opponents have necessary tiles either in their hand or on the ears.


Minimum box number was set for two players. This is similar to original card game, but more players are simply better. The game picks up, although it’s stretching by a few more minutes for everyone to make a turn.

Floppy Ears is a game, behind which there is a great idea. The kids will be fascinated and will certainly score points regardless of whether they are a boy or a girl. Processing is fair, tiles are large and holes are good enough for adults too. Floppy Ears is amazing game for children and family and you will constantly be scratching your ears in rememberance.

DesignerGil Druckman, Danny Hershkovits, Danny Kishon
ArtistGabriela Silveira
PublisherHABA, Hobby World
Year Published2017
# of Players2 - 4
User Suggested # of Players Best with 4 players
Recommended with players
(1 voters)
Playing Time10
Mfg Suggested Ages5 and up
User Suggested Ages5 and up
(1 voters)
Language DependenceNo necessary in-game text
(1 voters)
CategoryAnimals, Card Game, Children's Game, Humor, Memory
MechanicHand Management, Memory
FamilySeries: Mitbringspiele S (HABA), Traditional Card Games: Eights
Primary NameFloppy Ears
Alternate NamesBau bau: Orecchio pendulo, Guau Guau: La oreja colgante, Hau Hau, Ouaf!, Voff voff: hängörön, Wau Wau: Das Schlappohr-Mau Mau, Woef Woef, Ушки на макушке

Infos courtesy of More Infos.

Review: Floppy Ears – everyone wants a big slacking ears
Final word
Floppy Ears are cardboard pieces, that hang on your ears. And players must remember very well, what color and image they have hanging on both sides of their head. Children look funny, which is another plus point as they have motive to laugh. Parents can play, but prefer to leave little joy to little preschoolers. The game is better with more players and it's always a matter of memory. Floppy Ears is fast-paced race, but this time you'll be thinking mainly of your ears!
Reader Rating0 Votes
five years and up
emphasis on memory
symbols make it harder
game time
great for traveling
in two less fun
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