Review: Find the Code – search for treasure chest


We found a map to the treasure. We managed to defeat everyone else in the race to the island and even traced the place, where the chest is buried. But now we have it on board a ship heading back home, but we haven’t won yet. The treasure is carefully sealed inside and no one can open the box.

Children will be in a slightly similar situation with a box called Find the Code! This time it is not a board game, but a puzzle. Its mechanism was created by Antje Gleichmann and Kai Haferkamp under the logo. The illustrations were taken care of by Stephanie Böhm.

Cardboard box with peeping dinosaur is not closed entirely and offers a window, where interested people can directly touch the tin box inside. This box is closed by a three-digit lock, but their secret at the beginning is not surprise. The default setting is 000. Inside, there are a dozen puzzles, but also a puzzle set, a wooden figure and another cardboard box with cards.


It is these cards, that the adults take, choose one and thus determine the difficulty of solving the puzzle. Depending on the card selected, the last page of the rules shows the numeric combination, that corresponds to the solution. Right now, they have to set the lock to that combination using the instructions provided (and wooden figure).

However, the components of the game are not inserted into the box before it is closed and turned with the number wheels, they are needed outside. Instead, the parents should put some goodies inside the box, which will serve as a reward for opening it by children. They prepare all the puzzle components, the selected card and a set of puzzle pieces. In this way, they give the little children their task, or they can place the chest somewhere as a result of an entire treasure hunt or other adventure.

Small solvers have first task to complete the treasure map from puzzle pieces. They then place a wooden pawn at the beginning, and only then should they start solving one puzzle after another, from top to bottom. It must be kept in mind, that each task has only one correct solution.


Puzzles are of different kinds and each solution (one of the three offered) reveals value on the die. Now, the figure must advance by so many polka dots to the treasure map, and the first digit of the secret password will can be read from the place, where it stops. In this way, children continue to solve the other two tasks until they have a complete combination and they can try to open the lock. If they succeeded, there is probably no need to encourage them to eat the candy inside. Otherwise, they have to return to the riddles and try to fix mistakes.

Find the Code is a real treasure hunt series! Someone hid the lock combination behind a series of clever puzzles. Their solution is gradually changing and everything depends not only on the inventiveness of the small treasure hunters, but also on the chosen difficulty at the beginning of the game.


There are a total of twelve cards in the box, which is basically the number of games you can enjoy with the box. Children can easily remember, how they resolved the tasks and it will not be a challenge for them next time. But there is another feature of the reviewed box. The publisher has not given up on it even after its launch and offers on its website not only ideas for involving the treasure box with more fun or exteriors, but also the possibility to download new cards.

Overall, this is a unique idea, which is not quite a game, but rather a fun time spent together. But even that can not deter us from the praise that the company deserves for processing. The box is made of metal and is what atracts children from the first moment. Moreover, if you think that its code is adjustable and the solution is hidden somewhere on the card and the plan, then the imagination of the children will immediately start working at full speed. That’s why Find the Code has won tremendous success in our testing.


Find the Code will become an inseparable companion of small players, who experience him with a hunt for treasures, as if they were really in an adventure series. The theme of the first box is fantasy, so they will meet here with unicorns. This is subordinate to the graphics of the map itself, which has more meanings, than just counting steps. There are two boxes in the series, while the other already offers pirates, that you would somehow expect from the chest. It brings new tasks, a new map, everything a little different, but again in a beautifully elegant packaging and presentation. The choice between them depends only on the child’s preference as their gameplay is quite similar. But if your children like it, prepare to buy both.

But we leave it to the puzzle solvers. For us, Find the Code deserves absolute ranking, but because it’s not a game, we won’t award stars. Instead, we conclude with a sentence, that this chest belongs to every treasure hunt you are going to do with your kids at home!

Review: Find the Code – search for treasure chest
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