Review: Dragon Clash – expansion packs Brown Mauler and Silver Channeler

Dragon Clash: Mauler vs Channeler - packaging

Inhuman roar echoed from the rocks for over an hour. The only thing people in the village can be sure of, was originator of the sound. Dragon has lived with village in peace for many days, because they delivered him enough food. They have to sacrifice sheep, cows and when there were no animals, even some people from their ranks. He seemed always satisfied as only bones remained…

But something has happened. Philip had the courage to set out into rocky area. Midway between the giant stones, there is a large stone platform. View, he came along, will he never forget. On one side stood a dragon in front of entrance to the cave. It was the one, he had already seen – their Belch, silver in the moonlight. His mane was stained with green blood. On the other hand, there was a helpless dragon lying and around him spreading lifeblood. Only now did Philip realize, that there remains only silence for some time around him. It all ended..

is a card game about duel of two . Its author is and he released it under auspices of , company. It all happened at the beginning of 2012, but as time went, other two eggs hatched into new dragons. And as soon as they learned to fly, they came to our editors room to show us, what they are capable of.

Dragon Clash: Mauler vs Channeler - game is ready

It is expansion in the form of two new gaming decks, we look into today. In Dragon Clash each player needs his own dragon deck to play and thus his pile of cards. New dragons carry flashy names – Brown Mauler and Silver Channeler. As with the previous two, this time are characterized by color (last time it was red and blue). Also this time are cards equipped with great illustrations of several authors.

Report on the creation of new expansions enchanted us. In a review of Dragon Clash (review), we made no secret of our enthusiasm and joy for adventure, the game offers. We shall not dwell in any detail in its gameplay, but we should at least remind everybody, how the Dragon Clash plays. For those of you, who have not read about the game, it will be better, if you go back to the original review, which describes game in more detail, including its positives and downsides. This is not the place, where you get evaluation of whole game, but we will look at contributions of new decks instead.

Dragon Clash is about rivalry of pair of dragons, who had just hatched from an egg. Each controlled by one of the players, who has exactly sixty cards in his deck. Above this number, you can still expect eight cards depicting gradually ageing dragon. As will time pass, you can let your fighter grow, if you feed him properly. Deck will serve you also one egg card and one distance card.

Dragon Clash: Mauler vs Channeler - game in progress

Players have randomly drawn seven starting cards in their hands and an egg, which you may not lose. You are protecting it. Its loss means instant defeat. You start with dragons at close distance and you mark it on distance card, indicating that dragons are near to each other and attacking each other using limbs is more than likely.

Each dragon has nine parameters, which are used during a game for melee attack, shooting from distance, but also to defend against each type. Yet you start with a small dragon, you have maximum health given cards in your deck. Your cards are your health and are called essence. All combat including your offensive efforts make you and lower your strength. If you run out of them, before the fight gets resolved by force, then you immediately lose, because your dragon fell to the ground with fatigue.

Dragons also heal during a game. But most of the rounds are primarily about trying to injure your opponent. You can change distance between the fighters at start of your turn and then you have a chance to take some action. Even in battle dragons take time to chow, because its only way, they can grow and overcome their rival. Growth for one size up need two discarded cards from your hand and therefore also two rounds, because you can eat only once.

Dragon Clash: Mauler vs Channeler - game in progress

Skills offer also depends on the size of the dragon and decides, how strong attacks can you use. Individual abilities go even further by playing same card on the previous one and raising your attack capabilities. Do not forget, that you must pay for everything by throwing away a certain number of cards from the top of your drawing deck, so you never know, what are you giving up.

And now finally we get to the most direct path to victory – attack. We use cards abilities, which have several numbers stated on them. They are divided by skill level and each of them is carrying a given essence number, you have to spend and also damage dealt to rivals with succesfull hit. But beware, it is not yet certain, you will harm your enemy. You need to compare sum of your attack plus turned top card of the deck to exceed opponent’s defense. Game continues until one of the dragon falls dead to the ground.

Cards have of course also other effects, which we did not address. This goal was in the original review, now its time to look in more detail at the expansion itself. So let’s see, new two decks, right?

Dragon Clash: Mauler vs Channeler - game in progress

Dragon Clash is an excellent game of duel of two players, but what brings us two new decks Brown Mauler and Silver Channeler? Each of new dragons has its own personality. You do not recognize at first, that these boxes are new, since the cover picture is the same. This will become evident by reading text at the bottom, where names of the two dragons are stated.

Brown Mauler is a force dragon, as suggested by its name. Although he is cute in picture, when he hatches from an egg. Its appearance is not so likeable later, when he grows, as he was portraited by Liv Hathaway. His melee attack starts at one and ends at two points without adding abilities, but his magic skills are zero all the way down and fiery breath is weak (max. 1).

Most interesting illustrations in this deck include cards Awaken and Night Terrors, one of which is a response to an opponent’s attack. With Night Terrors you can benefit from minor defeat, which lets you draw a card from the discard pile. Awaken will give you even a choice to discard a card and improve your following an attack by one level or use a similar ability, as Night Terrors provide.

Dragon Clash: Mauler vs Channeler - cards

Then there are also gifts and events, which improve close combat attack, but Mauler has more specific attacks. One of them is Rock Surprise, which can stun opponent, unable him to move in the next round, which will take you straight to next turn. Crushing Claw is excellent, making enemy to lose a lot of lives at low essences cost (two essences equal five injuries).

An interesting card in distress becomes Quick Nap. In sleep you can rearrange top ten cards in your deck and thus bring yourself in much better position for upcoming part of fight. Conversely brute force have Geysers of Earth, whose efficiency increases with the level and you can create combos, to be followed by card Leaping Claw, if you have it in hand.

At first glance, you as reader are able to see, Brown Mauler is focused more in physical way. Most of the attacks are towards close range, which allows his opponent to avoid some of them. But cards have also other subject – his stone shell. It’s not easy to hurt him, because he very well heals himself by returning cards from discard deck.

Dragon Clash: Mauler vs Channeler - game in progress

Silver channeler is precisely the dragon, which will be chosen by children players. Its his incredibly hilarious appearance’s fault. One might even believe, that this is what a dragon may look like, but Emily Mei really succeeded in capture of his character. It is immediately clear, that this dragon will be a failure in close force combat (even at the age of 8 years, his close range bonus is still zero, while the magic is on +3). That is, why he is at the same time not fit for beginners or children, as he is quite tougher to play for and goes in a little contradiction to his drawings of cute dragon.

Completely differently orientated deck required a large shift in cards. As with Mauler, you can find old friends here in cards such as Defend, Heal, Tail Bash or Claw Attack, which also have an old illustration. But there is not as many of them.

You will get immediately interested in the number of cards with a magic buzzword Lightning, located inside this deck. Most are Lightning Storms, but there are a Lightning Strike and Lightning Breath. Storm and Strike are magical. But Silver Channeler does not spit fire, instead a lightning comes out of his mouth. And its effects will not please your opponents, because its lowering enemy defensive abilities. All three lightning strikes are very effective, though it also combines with energy consumption, which is understandable and VERY high. Another reason, why playing for Channeler is such tough choice.

Dragon Clash: Mauler vs Channeler - cards

It is the essence of Silver Channeler, where you will have problems, because casting is generally expensive. But then, you find abilities like Redirect in your deck, which turns an opponent’s attack back against him. Or gifts of second wings (movement for one distance is now free) or lowering abilities level due to magical tattoos (Arcane Tattoo).

Game for Silver Channeler is very interesting and different from other games. Players strongly disagree in tactics, when Channeler is involved, because wile one is trying to pull the opponent into melee combat, the other constantly escapes (and has the means to do), but must handle very carefully with his energy, so he does not spit out too soon.

What is also worth mentioning is quality of new illustrations, that seem even better and more detailed, than the original two decks. There can be really seen development on this game. The more joy we have in announcement, that Marc Aranha put his game on with revised design. We firmly believe, that we will get this new version in our hands, because it looks absolutely amazing and includes elaborated pictures of full card size.

Dragon Clash: Mauler vs Channeler - cards

Its probably obvious from the text, we have grown a lot of enthusiasm for this expansion packs. Brown Mauler is more similar to the previous two dragons, but Silver Channeler is absolutely unique and we love it! While last dragons were focused on spitting fire, this time you will be fighting by other means. When you get a combination of four decks of Dragon Clash, you will have fun for a long time. And who would not like to have fun with dragons, right?

Although the Kickstarter campaign has ended, you can get new and improved packages over here:

DesignerMarc Aranha
ArtistJoseph Aderes, Juan Arrabal, Abraham Brown, Víctor Pérez Corbella, Nickolas Curtiss, Liv Hathaway, Ola Holmdahl, Rushelle Kucala, Brandon Leach, Tina Leyk, Emily Mei, Kristen Pauline, Kaitlin Reid, Amelia Stoner, Ruth Taylor, Adam Vehige
PublisherThe Game Crafter, LLC, WarSpider Entertainment, LLC
Year Published2012
# of Players2 - 2
Playing Time30
Mfg Suggested Ages8 and up
CategoryBluffing, Card Game, Collectible Components, Environmental, Fantasy
MechanicArea Movement, Campaign / Battle Card Driven, Hand Management, Variable Player Powers
FamilyCreatures: Dragons, Crowdfunding: Kickstarter, Players: Two Player Only Games
Primary NameDragonClash

Infos courtesy of More Infos.

Review: Dragon Clash – expansion packs Brown Mauler and Silver Channeler
Final word
Dragon Clash is card game of dragon duels. And this expansion brings two new creatures, who moved into their neighbourhood. One is silver and magical, while the other one has impressive power and brown skin. Battle of these two monster sis really interesting, because each of them emphasizes different skills. And not only when you compare them against each other, but also regarding to those last ones – red and blue – from original boxes. Saving up your essence, distance chance, levelling your skills, growing dragon and effort to hurt each other or destroy each other egg. Its all in there, only abilities of dragons change. They are really unique and above all Silver Channeler is beautiful example, how interesting Dragon Clash is. Playing for silver dragon brings entirely unique experience, but even Brown Mauler does not stay behind. Both decks contain new cards with gorgeous graphics. Two new decks are great investment for all, who like Dragon Clash as much as we do. New dragons add fresh options and can be reprehended only for repeating too many cards from basic decks. Yet its still perfect invenstment and it will not let you down!
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unique game experience for each of new dragons
all rules stay the same
cute and interesting Silver Channeler
excellent strategy stays
gorgeous illustrations on new cards
lots of cards repeat themselves from the last time
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