Review: Die Helden von Kaskaria or Heroes of Kaskaria


Every good hero needs some transportation. Someone reaches for classics in the form of horses, elephants or camels, but there are heroes, who count on first impression. Such fighters for truth and goodness can saddle up far more interesting creatures – bears or eagles.

Such heroes are located in Kaskaria. And (Buttons, Menu Monster, Ugah Ugah !, Space Planets, Yeti) went there to cast them in the lead role of his new board game . Game was released in in production of company.

In yellow box with heroes on the cover, players will find a large folded board. They put it in the middle of the table and beside it lay golden treasure stones. Golden (but still wooden) amulet is placed in the middle of the table, where the volcano is located. Each participant chooses one color and gets two characters – each will stand in one of lower corners of the board to start his journey, depending on whether he has wings or fast four legs. Of all cards, players create drawing pile (by shuffling all cards beside waterfall, which is then slid among the last cards), reveals three cards as joint offer and each gets five copies to hand.


Player has two actions to choose from at beginning of his turn. First is simpler and is all about drawing new cards. He may either blindly get a new picture from top of the deck or choose two from the menu revealed near the board.

Instead, player can fill his turn by playing cards. That will allow him to perform an action, whether it is a movement with one of his pieces, gain gold or reveal other cards. Colorful cards can be played sets to gain advantage – movement through more spaces or bigger profits.

Players have a clearly defined goal. To be the one, who collects most gold nuggets. Troll cave in a volcano is goal of both groups of heroes and the only one who gets here first, closes the entire game. As a reward, he gets amulet, which has value of the two gold pieces during the final settlement. Much bigger rewards are ready for players depending on their final position among a group of their race – runners and winged creatures. Following the granting of stones, winner is the one, who has most of these shiny things.


are oddly simple game. Especially, because it is surprisingly much based on luck. Its dimensions would suggest a bit more experience, but in fact players only receive cards in their hand and use them to play for movement.

Only scarce decisions await them and all are simple. They all together can not affect the outcome as much as luck does for them. At the beginning of each round, player must know, if he wants to acquire new card (or up to a maximum limit of ten in hand) or wants to use something. It’s all about that, whil playing sets is more profitable and therefore sometimes worth the wait.

But then, it is possible to take a card without knowing its identity and suddenly, heroes start flirting with chance. Even the colorful card offer might not suit your needs and others may simply have better cards on hand.


However, we believe, that all of this is intentional. Why? Because the box has age recommendation of six years. This is the age, when children are still struggling with numbers and distribution of motion between two heroes and trying to be as up front in both of them, is surprisingly fun for them. Children are the simple and only one goal, that this boxes may have.

And what is actually a waterfall card? Its purpose is simply to avoid revealing entire drawing pile and its then impossible to count cards. Players shuffle discard pile with the rest of the cards in the drawing pile, creating a new supply for upcoming rounds. This is not about any new elements, that would have a positive impact on the aforementioned properties.


You can compete in two to four and greatest joy provides the game in four. Order and tension is much more interesting then. To the contrary, duel for winning position is very boring and uninteresting, because there is not much opportunities to escape the other one.

Die Helden von Kaskaria are purely random and children’s game, in which the main role is played by cards and counting. Players do not feel like some heroes at all, because in reality, its about racing. And on two fronts, where players must divide their cards. Die Helden von Kaskaria might be interested, if you’re looking for some nice looking entertainment for children. But there must be enough of them to play it!

DesignerBenjamin Schwer
ArtistJann Kerntke
Year Published2016
# of Players2 - 4
User Suggested # of Players Best with 4 players
Recommended with 2 players
(2 voters)
Playing Time20
Mfg Suggested Ages6 and up
User Suggested Ages5 and up
(4 voters)
Language DependenceNo necessary in-game text
(1 voters)
CategoryChildren's Game, Fantasy
MechanicSet Collection
Primary NameThe Heroes of Kaskaria
Alternate NamesGli eroi di Kaskaria, De helden van Kaskaria, Die Helden von Kaskaria, Los héroes de Kaskaria, Les Héros de Kaskaria

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Review: Die Helden von Kaskaria or Heroes of Kaskaria
Final word
Die Helden von Kaskaria offers opportunity to compete with heroes. Mountain creatures or the winged grifins, there's always a lot of luck involved. Drawn cards are about luck and they decide about anything. Distributing cards in movement provides a glimpse of choice. Unfortunately, game is very weak in two players and best match is with maximum four. In the eyes of children, it can be a nice game to play, but even so, Die Helden von Kaskaria did not please us too much.
Reader Rating0 Votes
nice design
practicing for schoolchildren
lots of gold to divide
boring in two
pure luck
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