Review: Der Schatz von Castellina – wandering around the castle


Electricity? What are you thinking about? Nothing like that exists in our time! If we want to have light in the castle, we have to put torches, lanterns and candles everywhere. And half of the servants go here and there and keep the flame alive. But from time to time, they are simply not enough or forgotten, and then a large hall will find itself in the dark. Like recently, just when we were drinking. We spent the rest of the meal searching for food by touch. And it became a completely different experience. We might even make it a habit.

also invites us inside a dark castle in his new game, , which Moses Spiele prepared for the German market. The game was published in with illustrations by .

The game is hidden behind the shining hole in the castle. It is depicted on the lid of a square box. The players, which open the box, uses the bottom part of the box to build the gaming board. In the bottom, he places board representing the castle chamber and builds a large wall around with a small opening in the front. By connecting it to another cardboard part, it will create a tunnel. Even before the folding itself, players would have to free up fifty wooden cubes of different colors from inside the box. They are scattered inside the castle and each player takes a cardboard treasure chest.


When the player gets to his turn, he first has a ten-second chance to carefully examine the layout of the stones in the castle. Then he turns the entire building around to have an entrance in front of himself, without seeing inside. His task is then clear – he tries to get cube of his color from the castle. Each set includes both small, large cubes, as well as round tokens.

The active player might, for a moment, touch the stones and compares their position with the way he remembers them inside the castle. Once he is happy with his catch, he pulls the stone from inside and can look at it. If he got the right one, he could put it in his chest. Once he does that, he can return to the castle and try to find another stone still in his current turn. He can repeat doing this as long as he pulls the right color.

But if the stone does not belong to player’s color, things start to happen. A valuable cube travels into the possession of its rightful owner – player of the same color, that is the cube. It can happen that no one has such a color. In that case, player must put the dice back through the front edge of the castle.


However, if the extracted stone has a white color, it means a completely different result. White does not belong to anyone, but the cube still is kept by the one, who saved it from the castle. This is because pulling third white cube means the automatic elimination of the player from the game!

Everyone else cares about precious stones and compete for the first place in more rounds. Once someone has managed to collect all ten stones in his color, rest of the round is played and the game is over. If any other player managed to pull tenth stone during final round, game has more winners. Otherwise, there is only one winner with ten cubes.

Der Schatz von Castellina is a simple game focused on children, their memory and tactile recognition. When these elements combine with a beautiful big cardboard castle, we get interesting and very tempting entertainment.


Already in form, we have introduced to you in previous lines, game is challenge not only for those smallest children. Even if players have the chance to look at the complete set of dice and choose the one they want to catch, it is not easy to navigate around the castle without looking and finding cube through the opening in the front.

The course is very fast. Success means another pull, so if someone is significantly better, the duel can end even faster. Anyway, it’s a matter of fifteen minutes for the individual duels no matter what. This is good for the target audience, who will surely be recruiting from the younger preschoolers at the age of five.


Luckily, however, the box also offers a more complex variant, in which the player have to say in advance, what shape their picked stone will have. Only such is counted as a valid catch. In this game, use of touch is even more important, but the course itself is not so much more difficult.


Number of players in the game does not really matter at all. Everyone looks for his own stones, but at the same time, not active players (its not their turn) can watch efforts of others behind the curtain. While an active player has a wall in front of him, most of the remaining players can watch curiously as he is trying to pull out the right stone. They should not, however, make it clear (with some expression) whether the player is wrong or not until he pulls out his catch.


Der Schatz von Castellina is a game we have grown to love. Children feel like they’re really hunting treasures in the dark. The game is fast and fun, especially for kids. At the same time, it also trains their memory and estimate in a non-violent form. Der Schatz von Castellina is a great kid’s entertainment, that will definitely not disappoint and most certainly would be a perfect success with all tiny school children.

DesignerCarlo A. Rossi
ArtistSandra Freudenreich, Michael Menzel
PublisherG3, Gen-X Games, Kikigagne?, moses. Verlag GmbH
Year Published2013
# of Players2 - 4
User Suggested # of Players Best with 4 players
Recommended with 2, 3 players
(3 voters)
Playing Time15
Mfg Suggested Ages5 and up
User Suggested Ages3 and up
(3 voters)
Language DependenceNo necessary in-game text
(1 voters)
CategoryAction / Dexterity, Children's Game
MechanicMemory, Set Collection
Primary NameDer Schatz von Castellina
Alternate NamesLos Tesoros de Castellina, Les Trésors du Château, Zamek Kasteliny

Infos courtesy of More Infos.

Review: Der Schatz von Castellina – wandering around the castle
Final word
Der Schatz von Castellina is a game that can be fun for young children. You put the dice inside the big cardboard castle and try to remember their position. Their task is to catch the dice in their color and then play again. However, there are other balls in the game, even white, which can be eliminated by the players. The game is ideal for children. Der Schatz von Castellina offers ideal ratio of entertainment and training.
Reader Rating0 Votes
very nice processing
trains both memory and estimate
simple and fast play
difficulty variant
bad catch goes to opponents
mainly for the smallest children
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