Review: Das verfluchte Piratengold aka The Curse of Pirate Gold


Our pleasure in finding a bag full of gold did not last long. When counting coins, we soon found strange black dice with strange engraving. When I looked at it closely and tried to wipe it, only dust remained in my hand. A sinister dark cloud formed from it and flew over the sea. The bad feeling was replaced in a while by a hint of a ship.

A long pirate waited for someone to dig up his treasure, because he can not step on the mainland. Now there is only a strong curse left. This was created by set of black coins. And you will be trying to avoid them in the lead role of the children’s game , created by . Its publishing was done by .

Treasure is contained in a small yellow box, on the top of which we see image of young treasure hunters. The main hero holds the very famous black coin and does not have a clue, what can it do. On the other hand, players will need the bottom of the box, so they have to remove all the components, combine two cardboard pieces into a cross and place a square board with chests on it (there are cracks for throwing coins) as well as stowage positions for black coins.


Players now choose one of their chests (and by extension, also their color). They put fifty coins into the cloth bag with eight black mixed together with the ducats. Nearby there is also a place for decks of cards – one with thirteen parrots and another with forty treasures.

Starting player takes a wooden boat (with a cardboard canvas attached), he can dip his hand into a canvas bag and, according to his own courage, take out a handful of coins. But he must hope not to pull out any of the black coins. If he succeeds in doing so, he can throw them all one at a time into the crack of his chest. It falls down into his triangular hideout.

But it may well be, that he will not add anything. This is because whenever a coin is black, the player returns his drawn treasure back to the bag. An exception is the black treasure mentioned above, which must placed on one of the eight available positions on the common board. If the last eighth space is filled, one round of treasure hunting ends, although there may still be a large set of goled coins remaining in the stock.


Players will then reveal their catches. So they pick up a cardboard board and each count their own gathered coins. It is important to first identify the poorest player among coin dealers, who can take two random parrot cards and hope for coins printed on their back for a bonus. Then, depending on their wealth ranking, the players receive one or more treasure cards.

Before starting the second round, players put all the doughs back into the bag. The ship figure advances to the next player to move the advantage of the first turn around the table. And its position determines the length of the game, because after each participant had a chance to start once, the game is over. All players will reveal their treasure cards and the one who has the most coins on them will become the winner.

Das verfluchte Piratengold is a game, in which victory is pure luck and its just about the action and ability to take risks. Players can not believe their touch or estimate, but only and blindly have to rely on luck. But one mistake here does not make or break it, because the whole match is quite long.


Players are doing this for several rounds, in which they always draw a large majority of the coins from the bag. And thanks to that, you have to count with thirty minutes of gameplay. The length depends a lot on the number of players. With more players, there are more rounds to go. Although the individual matches are shorter in lower numbers, the evaluation and preparation of the next round is still slowing down the whole game.

Progress of each turn is very simple and it is only up to the players, how much risk they are willing to take. It is just a matter of balancing risk and luck with all possible success. However, the coincidence of this kind of game is not detrimental, because the main target group are children and their parents, who are mainly looking for pampering and relaxation. Children also learn to count on coins.


For children, it’s not just about winning tokens, but mostly about hiding resulting coins by players in their chests. Throwing through the hole is fun for kids, which is very closely related to beautiful processing. It is good to see, that even these small games get great attention and care. The game looks very nice, including the center of the board and the stone spaces for the black coins thrown away.

Unfortunately, the drawing is still the same. This means, that repeated play will start to get repetitive after a while. The player should not expect any variability, and although it does not matter to the kids, if they are to collect their parents‘ coins. But it matters, when they play frequently.


Das verfluchte Piratengold is a quality entertainment for children, which is one of the simplest and smaller games from HABA. But it does not lose any interest and entertainment because of its size. Although it presents gamers with classic dilemma of pulling out a lot of tokens and risking the loss of all or taking less and making sure, he can keep them. A simple mechanism and beautiful processing is exactly, how Das verfluchte Piratengold can easily approach its relaxed audience.

DesignerPau Moré Gómez
ArtistTimo Grubing
Year Published
# of Players2 - 4
User Suggested # of Players Best with 4 players
Recommended with players
(2 voters)
Playing Time20
Mfg Suggested Ages5 and up
User Suggested Ages5 and up
(5 voters)
Language DependenceNo necessary in-game text
(1 voters)
CategoryChildren's Game
MechanicSet Collection
FamilySeries: Mitbringspiele M (HABA)
Primary NameDas verfluchte Piratengold
Alternate NamesCurse of the Pirate Gold, L'or de Captain Black, El oro maldito

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Review: Das verfluchte Piratengold aka The Curse of Pirate Gold
Final word
Das verfluchte Piratengold is a game for kids and their parents, who want to measure their strengths with them. Within the match, they will always simply draw the coins out of the bag. However, their number is determined only by the courage of the player, with a ratio of approximately 6:1, so chances are good. But all it takes is to draw one black coin and everything is lost. The game is fun, although the rounds remains the same. Players will have more fun in more participants, because a game gets a bit longer. Das verfluchte Piratengold is a nice risk game full of draws.
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coin drawing
risking when drawing multiple tokens
more rounds
appealing to children
games with temptation of happiness are nothing original
game is always the same
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