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Is it evening again? When you are enjoying the best grass in the neighbourhood, the time is running out fast. After all, it all seems like we have just run out of our cage to the pasture, but Alik runs around and barks. He screams, that he’s hungry and can not eat until we’re all back in the corral. The last two bites, and I’m going home.

Such a fairy tale and game about fences was prepared for us by designer , who created it under the auspices of . This is the novelty of , for which prepared the illustrations.

Small box is not surprisingly yellow in color, but it is full of green. This corresponds to the freshly salvaged grass. On the lid, we can find all the animals from the farm – donkey, piggy, cock, sheep and cow. The same set is awaiting us on the pieces – four specimens of each of them are divided by the color of the barn on the back. This is because the player set is created with one pet of every kind, that is spread out in front of him. Before the first game, the participants will put stickers on a dice, and not only images of all five animal heroes, but also one icon of the barn.


One player starts with a dice roll. If the result is a portrait of a pet, that has not yet been chased back into the barn, the player can turn pad with the corresponding image in front of him. This will hide the image of the animal and instead show a symbol of the barn. At the same time, he should remember, which animal friend is hiding inside. Then another player comes in turn with his own dice roll.

But once a player takes a pet into the barn, it does not mean, he can not roll the same symbol again in the next turn. If that happens, he can release the same pet from opponent‘s barn back into freedom. Because it is no longer visible, he has to remember and reveal it correctly. Otherwise, if he finds incorrect animal, no release will occur! To be successful, players must be careful not only in their own turn, but also in turns of their opponents. Such an attack on another farmer is permitted to do even instead of chasing own animal into a barn. Player loses  chance to chase his own animal, but he can hurt the opponent, which might be more apropriate. Bar symbol on the dice acts like a joker, and lets player to select (he has to name it!) any animal to release or chase inside.


The fight continues with a hunt for animals until one of the participants can close barn doors also behind his fifth animal. Thus, if there are five tiles all with barn image in front of the player at any time, that player immediately celebrates the victory.

is a great gamefor kids! The dice is combined with memory, but it gives everyone involved a lot of options to hurt their opponent. This game is really very offensive. Especially in the second part of the fight, the players are more focused on releasing enemy’s animals, because their own barns are already full.

But the more players are going to take part in their farms, the more rewinds take place, and the whole match can be stretched. But you do not have to worry about any dizzying game lengths, because even so the game will fit within fifteen minutes. This is because the more players there are, the more pieces you need to remember. Twenty images you will not usually remember without error, so you will be making mistakes in attacking your opponent. The mistake is not punished. In two, the game is still much faster and will end without any problems until ten minutes have elapsed.


Layout of the barns at the beginning is random. This will affect difficulty of remembering not only for their owners, but also for their opponents. They do not need to know the position of your own animals, you only need to remember the enemy. However, it is also clear that the short game time in two rivals is redeemed with a great simplicity of remembering.

There are only few pictures in the game. Only five well-known animals. All of this means that the game can be recommended from four years of age. Children learn to love animals easily, because they love games with chance, memory and the ability to attack others. And in this category for little preschoolers there is not many small clever boxes to find. The rules are clear, and they recommend hourglass to increase tension.


Crazy Corral is full of animals, that would like to be home in the comfort of their barn. Everybody has animals in front of them, which are gradually turned back and forth, revealing the barn and escaping again. But as the animals disappear from the pasture, all the opponents should remember the positions of the animals on the table. Not in your barns, but in those of your rivals. This is because, in any round, one of the animals can be freed. Crazy Corral is a great gift for kids.

DesignerTim Rogasch
ArtistOliver Freudenreich
Year Published2017
# of Players2 - 4
User Suggested # of Players Best with 4 players
Recommended with players
(1 voters)
Playing Time10
Mfg Suggested Ages4 and up
User Suggested Ages4 and up
(1 voters)
Language DependenceNo necessary in-game text
(1 voters)
CategoryAnimals, Children's Game, Dice, Memory
MechanicDice Rolling, Memory, Set Collection
FamilySeries: Superminis (HABA)
Primary NameCrazy Corral
Alternate NamesBoerderij vol bengels, La fattoria birichina, Freche Farm, Una granja loca, Vite, à l'étable!

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Review: Crazy Corral – crazy fences
Final word
Crazy Corral is a game we recommend to all children. A memory and competitive game, where players can not only rely on their own tiles. They also have to take care, that others do not take their animals to the barn sooner. They need memory and a bit of luck with dice, but they enjoy great entertainment together, and that is the most important thing. Crazy Corral is a great kid game.
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dice does not decide
you need to remember your opponents' tiles
the game is fast
great emphasis on conflict
different counts
different experiences
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