Review: Cortex Kids – tasks for child’s brain


Children can use their knowledge with direct approach, that will often surprise. That’s because their brain works a little differently. All the important links are just forming, but it gives them in some situations even some advantage over us, adults. There is therefore no wonder, that they are constantly looking for opportunities to make their thinking stand out.

Proper chance for them will without any doubt be provided by new card game . This is the second package in a series of games with brain on the lid. Even this one was produced in company and is distributed by . Not surprisingly, this is a brand new game for .

Purple box welcomes us with similar content as the original Cortex. We have a deck of cards, which can be divided into two parts – classic cards with tasks and then cards designated to be touched. This is all complemented by pieces of cardboard, representing fourths of the brain.


We praised original Cortex for variability of tasks. This time, children have eight ways to measure their strength and all of them will be played in a single game. Each card falls into one of these categories, only tactile cards are lying aside, waiting for their chance. Type of card is reported already on their back side and will test memory, counting numbers of items represented on the cards, but also their ability to navigate a maze.

Connecting element of all tasks in Cortex Kids is smaller number. We find less icons on the cards and less numbers of bends in the labyrinth. Additionally, the labyrinth has a thematic solution, as players help cat to catch a mouse or a soccer player finding ball of his color. Memory and duplicates are at first sight very easy with only four (naming them after covering card) or six figures, but its apropriate for kids.

There is one new task called Odd done out. Here again, children have a set of four pictures and they have to identify a picture, that does not belong there. For example, between wind musical instruments, they must identify guitar. The game will then continue offering a classic test of coordination by placing a fingers on the head, search for most often image represented on the card and also finding correct shapes for empty space. And all of these cards are designed for children as well as difficulty. They are so easily identifiable. Whenever the card of touch task appears, child who won the last card must identify item on top touch card from the menu without looking (there are ten cards).


Pictures of course are new and not so much similar to the adult version. We find a snake, turtle, sea, but also strawberry, which is common to both games. Touch tasks together again serve as a great temptation to play this game.

Unfortunately, with easier identifiability of cards is a bit lost the greatest benefits of Cortex game. Replay value is not so high, but still remains sufficient. Just from this point of view, it is simply not such a wallop as with the original, where cards are crowded and hard to memorize.


But again, it does not matter much, because in all other areas of bringing fun to your table, this game is successful. Children can have great fun, thanks to the wide range of tasks, which are constantly interesting and dynamic. We should also appreciate the fact, that content of them was adapted to child audiences with all the nice drawings.

The game offers a very interesting battle. Cards are not final step to score points and win. Earnings a card allows player only to put it in front of himself. But there can only be four pieces in his possession and only by spending two cards of the same species, he finally gets an important piece of the brain. And who earns four of those, wins.


Cortex Kids remains a card game, that is worth of your attention, if you have children and want to have fun with them. It has the same rules as original, new type of task, but is very well simplified for kids. You can play it since six years up. Thanks to this, Cortex Kids can be great fun for younger audience and that’s good accomplishment.

Review: Cortex Kids – tasks for child’s brain
Final word
Cortex Kids is an adaptation of Cortex for kids. It offers a simpler cards, which can be expected. But it also brings a new type of task and new tactile pictures. The overall mechanism is yet preserved, bringing this game closer to children, who can enjoy the tension and effort to be as fast as possible. The only drawback is, that there are excessive differences between individual cards and it is therefore possible to remember them more easily, than with version for older players. Cortex Kids is still a memorable children's game.
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plenty of exciting challenges
difficulty adapted for children
getting card is still not everything
new kind of task
playability is retained
cards are recognizable / memorable
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