Review: Concept Kids Animals – all animal features in one place


In the world of , everyone is equal, although there are tremendous differences between every species. One is bigger, the other is faster and the third has a really thick fur. Some like to spend the summertime in the dark, others crawl through the day and heat up in the sun, and others want nothing more, than to swim in deep salt water. Every creature simply has its own features, yet it is never certain, who will become the king. It will be the one, who knows the needs and looks of all his subjects.

It was purely the animal kingdom, where the board game called Concept arrived in its new version , subtitled Animals. This is a children’s clone of a very successful party game from designers and . An illustration of all the animals were taken care of by , publishing house is and distribution is made by throughout Europe.

You will not mistake the box for any other, because its all over again in white and the classic question mark is again on the lid. This time its shape is composed of heads of various animals. The box itself is similar in size, and no one is surprised about the game board inside. All players will find plenty of squares on it, that should characterize all the important individual features of the animals.


Beside the big board, that players place in the center of the table, bottom of the box also houses a deck of cards. Each one has a single animal depicted on it and a frame of one color around. This may be red or green, and determines the difficulty of guessing that particular creature. Box also includes an important plastic stand in the shape of a dog’s paw. Lastly, set of orange squares is a very important piece of equipment, that the whole team will lay apart in front of itself.

But all these components will be used by players together, because Concept Kids is a cooperative game. But the guess persists. Instead of rivalry, players try to make the cognitive and feature descriptions as best they can to give proper hints to the whole team.

In the basic version, children are participating in the game, describing the pictures and one older player guesses the animal. For one game, players always pick a dozen cards from the shuffled deck and one at a time, place them in a plastic stand. All this has to be done in a way, that active guesser does not see the card and has no idea, what pet is depicted on it. Remaining team of players see the picture very well and now they have to use the frames to best describe it.


To do this, board offers lots of different features from the number of limbs, through the living environment, size or speed. There also has to be color. The team is not limited in time and the kids can use any number of squares for each card. They try to narrow the selection down as much as possible, but they can not answer guessing tips with other words, than yes or no.

The team then draws, describes and guesses one card after another. They place animals guessed o one pile, while those, which have they given up despite the effort are placed on the other stack. Once they have passed the entire deck of twelve cards, they evaluate their joint success by using the rating table in the rules. The more cards guessed, the better.

Concept Kids Animals surprised us with its cooperative concept. At the same time, this choice is perfectly correct, when we take into account its focus on young children. Specifically, the really youngest since four years, which is absolutely fantastic!


Why? Because with the box in hand, parents get a tool, that not only enriches vocabulary of all children, but also enhances their ability to recognize animals. There are 110 animals hidden in box and there are representatives of various species.

There has already been written a lot about the very mechanism of original Concept. In our opinion, this is an amazing idea, that is even better done. And that is true of the new animal box as well. All the ingredients have undergone a reduction diet, but the main thing remains – the fun!


It is good, that the cards are divided into two difficulties. That’s why you can play even with smaller children, who would otherwise have a problem with more complex animals. For those you need to use a lot of hints. In fact, the number does not really matter, the players can only get better advice. But one of them will always be guessing.

There are other options to play included in the rules – you can let the children guess. This role rotation may be interesting, but it is more challenging for kids, than the suggestion, they can collaborate on. For older children, there is a bit more interesting adjustment, when the player gets two cards every turn from which he can choose one of these to keep and guess.


And yet we have one problem. We have simply failed to explain satisfactorily some of the more difficult animals using the available help icons. Maybe its a problem in us, but its there. This is true for some species of fish, but you can also get stuck on birds. It is not easy to differentiate them satisfactorily from others and to explain them only with the help of characteristics.

Absolute praise deserves processing. The illustrations are beautifully colored and drawn with clear emphasis on recognition. The plastic hint frames are precise. But the best is the game board itself, which is well laid out, divided into parts and offers plenty of options.


Concept Kids Animals is a fantastic game for kids from an early age. The parts are not unnecessarily long and all of them are constantly engaged in guessing or explaining. The game is absolutely fun for children and families, which features a number of common children’s games. Concept Kids Animals is just a great game.

DesignerGaëtan Beaujannot, Alain Rivollet
ArtistÉric Azagury
PublisherRepos Production, Asmodee, Asmodee China, Gém Klub Kft., Rebel Sp. z o.o.
Year Published
# of Players2 - 12
User Suggested # of Players Best with 6 players
Recommended with 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 players
(7 voters)
Playing Time20
Mfg Suggested Ages4 and up
User Suggested Ages4 and up
(17 voters)
Language DependenceNo necessary in-game text
(3 voters)
CategoryAnimals, Children's Game, Deduction
MechanicCommunication Limits, Cooperative Game
ExpansionConcept Kids: Animals – Fantasy Animals Promo Cards
FamilyAdmin: Better Description Needed!, Organizations: Forgenext, Versions & Editions: Junior Versions of Grown-Up Games
Primary NameConcept Kids: Animals
Alternate NamesConcept Kids Állatok, Concept Kids Animaux, Concept Kids: Animali, Concept Kids: Animaux / Dieren, Concept Kids: Tiere, Concept Kids: Zwierzaki, 语破天机 儿童版 动物篇

Infos courtesy of More Infos.

Review: Concept Kids Animals – all animal features in one place
Final word
Concept Kids: Animals belongs into every family collection, because it offers a unique chance to discover the world of animals and their characteristics. Children learn to distinguish creatures in nature in a variety of features, whether they are creating hints or guessing based on the help others have created. But they all work together and try to get the most guessed cards possible. It's not about victory, it's about fun on the road to it. Concept Kids Animals is a fantastic easier version of the classic Concept.
Reader Rating0 Votes
beautifully simple
offer of animal features on board
two cards difficulties
great design
some animals are difficult to explain
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