Review: Castle Crush – breaking down a fort


If you are successful conqueror, then castles fall into your lap one after another. Initially, it is a beautiful idea to own so many buildings, but over time, there is already too much of them to preserve. And once you get into the situation, you suddenly do not know, what to do with them. There are no people, who would care for them and you do not even have money in the treasury, because most of the money is poured back into your unstoppable war machine. Its time to bring them down!

Do not dream too much, because we will not be any castle owners. Instead, we get only to destroy them in board game . It was created by , while graphics are work of . The game was released in Taiwan in under logo of .

Massive and heavy box with scene from the game itself will prepare players their first surprise, that somehow relate to all components. Game is environmentally friendly and made from recycled materials. You can recognize this on booklet of rules, which has eighteen pages and even on a scoring game board, where also round counter is located.


One floor below, ie in the bottom of the box, all the wooden parts required to build a castle are hiding. There is a total of thirty large wooden blocks, whether they are houses, towers or rooftops. Components also include base (one circular and four square), four oval figures of kings and other four for generals. Everything is concluded by tokens for tracking victory points and mainly one wooden hammer.

To begin, players choose their color and put a chip on the zero starting point on scoring scale. Each rival will also get one king and one general, together with a square base, which is places within reach of the hammer from central round board. All building blocks create supply next to playing area.

Each match has a total of three rounds, which then always consist of three phases. At the beginning of each round, players according to prescribed rules take stones and build their castles, piece by piece. Castle is then completed by placing a king on some tower. General figure stands somewhere on the plate next to the building, so he seems to be guarding the entire building. For construction, players are rewarded with points – the value of individual pieces is multiplied by the floor, where it lies.


Then all players gradually get the chance to attack. They are allowed to stand hammer on its tip anywhere in the territory of the center (round) board and release it, falling with its own weight on one of the opponent castles. Each building block or figurine, that touches the table after the impact, is expected to gain points for the attacker. Each participant has two chances to attack. To their architectural points, players now add their architectural awards. It all continues throughout the next two rounds, in which players are using parts of the castle, which survived the attack in good health. Whoever has at the end of the third round most points is the winner.

Crush Castle is an interesting architectural-breaking down game. Players collect points for both activities and must excel in tactical capabilities, especially in the construction of their castle. It will have to withstand several attacks, so it will not provide opponents with too much points. Above all, wooden figures of king and general (very generously scored) should remain within castle wall even after the fall of the hammer.


Despite its simplicity, the game is still interesting. If you additionally felt, that half hour of such mindless fun is too much, you can even shorten it even with the so-called accelerated version. It is part of the rules, as well as solitary variant for training purposes.

Players are not burdened by any tactical feast or difficult decisions. Everything is constantly moving forward, because there is not too much to think over. The first part of turn is done by all players at the same time and watching the other phase is pure fun, even if its not your turn. Therefore, it is actually at not possible to pay attention to anything else than playing Castle Crush, even outside your own turn.


Scoring is really clever. Rewards for building motivate players to build for the sky, reaching highest floors possible. But at the same time, these buildings are least stable, so they make give points to opponents, because demolishing them is easier. It is therefore important to balance both parts.

Great advantage is simplicity of the rules. Only the initial setup has some modifications, otherwise everything is quite intuitive and anyone will learn how to play. Its wood processing is also another attraction. Because of the risk of minor damage to furniture or flooring, it is recommended to play on carpet or tablecloth. However, hammer in most cases falls on the castle of the opponent, so that does not give blow directly to the gaming surface.


Castle Crush due to its simplicity is a true magnet for children. The game is at the same time very playable even at a party or in a group of older players. This is because breaking down the opponent’s castles is simply tremendous fun. And that’s, why Castle Crush is successful with us!

DesignerTsai Huei-Chiang
PublisherSoso Studio
Year Published2013
# of Players1 - 4
User Suggested # of Players Best with 4 players
Recommended with 3 players
(4 voters)
Playing Time15
Mfg Suggested Ages8 and up
Language DependenceNo necessary in-game text
(2 voters)
CategoryAction / Dexterity
MechanicPattern Building
ExpansionCastle Crush! Cubes & Cards
FamilyAdmin: Better Description Needed!, Components: 3-Dimensional (3D)
Primary NameCastle Crush!

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Review: Castle Crush – breaking down a fort
Final word
Castle Crush is a big surprise, which has overrun our editorial office with a single dose of entertainment. And because magic is hidden in simplicity, this game knows exactly, how to enchant. Beautiful wooden processing together with the simple idea is behind the fact, that this game will be a success in different target groups. Points are rewarded also for building, but demolishing is simply the main magnet for all players. Castle Crush is a success for both party and family!
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wooden processing
demolishing is great fun
quicker variant
players can choose their target
points for building and tearing down
all are part of the game
you influence rivals by building
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