Review: Boom Runaway – bombs on the run


They want to silence us. Put us under lock and thought, that they will not hear our ticking noise. But the opposite can happen, because our forces have multiplied. In unity comes strength and if we bombs join up, nothing can stop our progress. Once there is right moment to escape, we take fuse on our shoulders and we roll!

Roll for your life with them, we will. In card game Boom Runaway, this is the only way to save the innocent bombs from prison. Author is a renowned designer games Christwart Conrad and his work was embellished with pictures by Junho Na. Game then went into production with labels of Korea Board Games in 2014.

Box shows bombs, fleeing by all possible means, it is only a bit bigger, than we are used to in card games. However, it does not have removable lid. Instead, we need to get inside through a small hole from the top. But even so, we begin to pull out bombs soon and all we have is hope, they do not start ticking. Fortunately, we soon discover, that there are only other cards with them and no matches or open fire anywhere. And one small booklet of rules, to be completely honest.


Among the cards is fifty bombs. Each image has only a single numeric value, that represents how much space does the bomb need to escape. Additional packs of cards are already significantly smaller – there are five images of paradise, where bombs can sunbathe in peace without fear of violence. And then, there are eight cards of guards, who want to block way to their dream. These contain five digits – one for every available color.

At the beginning of the game, it is necessary to determine, which bombs will try to escape. Each of the participating players will receive a dozen of cards. He puts card for his dream paradise in front of himself. Center of the table is then equipped with package of the guards, who will try to prevent stampede of those bombs.

At the beginning of each round, there is one guardian revealed and values ​​on the card of potential refugees must all fit with their sum into number in their color. First, each participant plays one escaping card ahead (in any color he likes), first secretly, but after all have done so, players reveal their choices together and thereby pave the way for the next two cards. These are played face down without any hints to others.


Only after everyone is ready to escape, it becomes clear, who will actually make run for it. It is too late to turn away or think about it. This is the time, when all players reveal their cards and make joint efforts to sum up values ​​in each color. Each outcome must then be compared with value of the guard, with bombs hoping to slip right under his limit.

If they managed to keep the common sum of the colors below limit attention of guards, all bombs escaped. But only player, whose cards have biggest sum among the escaped obtains cards corresponding to this summed up amount. He places these cards face up on his paradise.. All other player’s bomb cards are also moved on their respective paradise, but with back side up (and value one point each).

But not everyone is able to escape watchful guards. Whenever total value of the color exceeds allowed number, player with the highest value on the contrary gets penalty. They must take their bombs back in hand. None of these has escaped. Then the sum is checked again and players get a reward, like the biggest offer did not happen at all.


Players then proceed with more rounds and with other guards. Gradually, they will get rid of cards, but the result is based only on points accumulated from the bombs, which fled. Once a player has only two cards remaining in hand, game ends and all add up their values ​​obtained. The one with the highest total is the winner.

Opinions on the game Boom: Runaway is not uniform by far in our newsroom. There is no doubt, that the game is full of luck and unpredictable situations. In doing so, at the same time it can be fun in spite of the chaos. This already depends on the tastes of each player a lot.

Options affect all players and not only them alone. Because you never know, how it will go round. Only one bomb is played publicly and remaining two can completely change the situation. Especially, when everyone has his own agenda. Of course, it is always mainly about color, because only within them is decided, which bombs will really get away and which not.


Advantage of the game can be seen in length, that does not exceed thirty minutes. The more players participate in the game, the less control over the results individual opponents have. In smaller numbers, it’s better opportunity to make treachery and bomb out his color. Surprisingly, it works well in two, where everything is much more tactical and maybe even more fun.

Throughout, it is mainly about reading other’s intentions. So if you do not like a situation, where you are trying to determine, what other competitors will do, then this game is not for you. Only by choosing the color, that will not be sabotaged by others, you can get ahead. Sometimes, player can succeed even in more than one color, but mostly every color has its own winner.


Boom: Runaway is certainly interesting game, that deserves attention, if you like crazy bluffing games. Opponents are trying to see through each other and guess, who chooses which color. Only the highest card in a sufficiently low sum succeeds. This schizophrenia in the selection contributes to the fact, that Boom: Runaway is good entertainment.

DesignerChristwart Conrad
ArtistJun-Ho Na
PublisherKorea Boardgames Co., Ltd.
Year Published2014
# of Players2 - 5
User Suggested # of Players Best with 5 players
Recommended with 2, 3, 5 players
(5 voters)
Playing Time30
Mfg Suggested Ages7 and up
User Suggested Ages8 and up
(2 voters)
Language DependenceNo necessary in-game text
(2 voters)
CategoryBluffing, Deduction
Primary NameBoom: Runaway
Alternate Names붐:런어웨이

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Review: Boom Runaway – bombs on the run
Final word
Boom: Runaway is a card game, in which you try to escape as bombs. But when too many of one color accumulate, they bang. The game is full of excitement, when players try to read another player thoughts and guess the color chosen by others. But only one, who has the highest card in the color, can succeed if his sum does not exceed limit on the guard card. The game is fun for all the numbers, although always a little different and best with two, when there is more control. The game does not last very long and corresponds to card concept. Boom: Runaway is a pleasant and crazy filler, but that is not for everyone.
Reader Rating0 Votes
crazy game development
for two
more chaos with more players
funny graphic with bombs
effort to be as high as possible, but not to exceed common sum
can be too unpredictable
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