Review: Bim Bamm – a cat in hideout

Bim Bamm - packaging

Animals are spread out into the surrounding area and farmer is unfortunate. Only this morning, when he left for the field, he had five hens in the hen house, five cats basked in the window, five donkeys were braying and right next to them, five pink pigswallowed in the mud enthusiastically. Five dogs supervised them all. But now he returned home and numbers do not fit at all. It’s a tragedy. Who will help him?

We’ll take this difficult task on our shoulders. But we do not have to run around, because we can do it a little bit easier with children board game . Its authors are and and their work was published under auspices of a new company , who released our favorite Ciao, Ciao (review) and also nice Pelican Bay (review). Illustration for their novelty were done be .

On the lid of the box, there is mischievously green-faced cat waiting for you. Her expression suggests, that you will have fun with these animals. The others, which can be found in sheets for punching out, have in fact smile on their cheeks. In addition to these fifteen double-sided tiles with one animal on one side and other on the opposite side, players will find another tile with arrows on it in the packaging. At the bottom of the box, there is fifteen cards (three for each pet) and all this overlapped by multilingual rules.

Bim Bamm - game is ready

With these components, we also start the game. We simply throw action token into the air. The party that goes down determines starting frame color for all tiles. Players now work together to spread the tiles right with correct color looking up into four times four square, so action tile is located in the lower left corner. Each player receives one card from a shuffled deck and searching for animals can begin.

Player has two options in his turn – either he use power of action tile and then turns it upside down or turns one of the fifteen tiles with animals to its other side. There hides a completely different animal. Players are trying to accomplish a task, that is given to them by card secretly held in their hands. Whenever all five animals, that the player is looking for (= the card), are lying on the table face up, he immediately cries BIM BAMM! As a reward, he can put this completed card in front of himself and takes a new one.

Players can also exchange their task card during the game, simple by inserting that card underneath drawing deck and taking a new one. This, however, means they lose opportunity to turn any animal that turn. Or they can exchange their task card with an opponent. What of these two actions can or can not player perform is specificed by image on action tile in the bottom left corner. That’s also why player has to immediately turn it after doing the action.

Bim Bamm - game in progress

Players search for animals and rotate tiles, changing their arrangement on the table, finding them and losing them again. It all goes round until the moment, when someone manages to fulfill third card. That player becomes the best hunter and also winner of the game.

Bim Bamm! is another game inspired by idea of searching similar objects among hidden tiles. But popular collection of pairs has an unexpected variation this time. The race for the win is entered by a secret mission and also trying to be the fastest, who manages to accomplish his task.

There is always fifteen images of animals (sixteenth with the action plate) on the table, which means, that all the animals will always be there at least once and some even four times. You will often continue playing, while there is all five of them visible, but none of the players will have the right card to call for it.

Bim Bamm - game in progress

By becoming more familiar with layout of cards as time of match goes by and state of game changes more and more quickly. It often happens, that same players are fighting over one card, because it shows both of their animals. At first glance, remembering fifteen tiles is simple, but be aware that they also have the other side, on which barks or brays a completely different animal.

There is always as many task cards in the game as there is players. Therefore, with a higher number of opponents, also chances, that you can have a card race, increases. The starting disposition (other than a random distribution of tiles themselves) can always be in two levels – black or white. But distribution of animals is not affected, because there are always exactly three of each type on the table in the beginning.

It is necessary to track layouts cards on the table throughout the game and not just because you should know, where which card is. Even more important is chance, that someone else will uncover your fifrt animal. Either by chance or by will. Only that player, who pulls out to shout winning phrase BIM BAMM! first gets the card. There can be several players looking for the same animal. So all kids are constantly involved in the game, which also does not take long to complete. Accumulating three completed cards is a matter of fifteen minutes tops.

Bim Bamm - cards

Thanks to simple rules and language-independent components, the game is perfectly playable since six years of age and kids will truly enjoy it. It’s the funny illustration, but also the colors, because of which they have a chance to beat adult in this. It just needs a little explaining to these little players, that they are looking for a set of five same tiles this time.

Bim Bamm! does excellent job as a child’s game. It has no significant mistake and although experience varies with different numbers of players, it is still a very good fun with memory. That will please children, who love such simple games. In addition, it manages to surprise everybody with hidden task cards, that add depth to the game. Bim Bamm! is thanks to all this a very nice family game.

DesignerMichael Palm, Lukas Zach
ArtistJohann Rüttinger, Rolf Vogt
PublisherDrei Hasen in der Abendsonne, FoxGames, Kanga Games
Year Published
# of Players2 - 5
Playing Time10
Mfg Suggested Ages6 and up
CategoryAction / Dexterity, Animals, Children's Game
Primary NameBim Bamm!

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Review: Bim Bamm – a cat in hideout
Final word
Bim Bamm! is a simple children's game, that prides itself on the memory. Its based on the classic pairs, but at the same time its changed beyond recognition. Players are still rotating tiles and try to find the same pictures, but there are many more tactics, than ever before. There is five animals and all players are holding their secret task cards. The game is so much less luck dependent. Because there is more cards of each type, sometimes even speed might set in and decide, who gets the card by shouting winning phrase. And it can be disturbing for some players in an otherwise thoughtful game. If you do not mind perception elements, then you are in for a new simple fun. Tactics is also improved by adding the ability to change cards, but everything will be at stake on the ability to remember the positions of the cards in the end. Only then can you succeed in Bim Bamm! and make friends with animals.
Reader Rating0 Votes
smaller proportion of luck
secret task cards
action tile
great game for young children
simple rules
uncertainty, if anyone else has the same card
all players are constantly involved in the game
perception element
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