Review: Bad Decisions – make the right choices


When a person has a choice, it’s not good news. There’s a good chance, that he makes wrong decision and will regret it in the future. Therefore, it is better to leave people in the feeling of freedom, but in fact decide about everything what they do and when.

About the wrong choices will be telling story card game , which was published under flag of . Designer with help of and created it in . The whole game has undergone a campaign on and gathered almost eleven thousand US dollars from 113 supporters.

Box is all black, as will be your conscience over certain decisions. The game actually does not have any graphics at all, whether on the box and inside. But again, it does not matter much, since the main element of the entire contents is text on the cards. There is incredible 660 pieces of those inside, two hundred from each of the three species. There are fools, crisis and bad decisions cards. Final sixty cards are stories. Each contains text and color line, which should be replaced by terms from some card.


Each player gets five cards of each type at the beginning. Starting player becomes a bard, a singer of the story. At this moment, he also draws top card from the story deck and uses his words to fill the first two of the three vacant strips. All other players choose one card from their hand, trying to fill the last vacant position best and as funny as possible. Bard now shuffles these cards and one after the other reads all the proposed options and chooses the best according his own taste. The player, who selected the card, scores a point and gets the story card to mark it.

Bard role then moves clockwise to the next player in order and everyone draws card of used type, so they have five cards of each type again. New player in the role of the bard again determines the focus of the story, while the remaining players will try to finish it with a witty or interesting point. Gradually, the players take turns and game can end usually by gaining a certain number of points or played for several rounds. The winner is the one, who won the most story cards.

Bad Decisions is a narrative game full of strange stories and crazy combinations. They are sometimes funny, sometimes a little less, but players often have good fun. Overall, it’s not about anything more, than just forming sentences and trying to be as humorous as possible.


Game assumes a relatively solid knowledge of the English language, because the cards are full text and you need to understand all of it. And some words are pretty strange, I will tell you. Each player must make choices for himself, so he has to understand all the options on his cards without the help of others.

However, this is related to the necessary compliment about content of the cards. Despite the huge number of choices, most cards and sentences make sense. Only from time to time it happens, that text does not fit together. But the player always has a sufficient number of cards to choose from, so he should usually handle selection well.

The end result of sentence creation in most cases will be the laughter of everyone involved. However, although the game requires at least three players, the best combinations and variations of one card will you get with larger number of participants. However, the number between six and nine is already losing momentum, because players spend more time reading the responses, than playing alone.


Some cards in the box may be perceived as inappropriate for younger audiences. But they are in a package clearly marked with the letters L / S / D (language, sex, drugs), and is thus easy to discard them before play and play Bad Decisions without any significant age restrictions.

Game offers a truly relaxing atmosphere. There is no hurry or rush in it, players always have enough time to make their mind about their choice. On the other hand, they have no reason to overly delay anything. Text on the cards is interesting, ranging from the President of the United States, NASA to teacher of computer skills.

In the game, you can create stories like: Today we found out that a professional player of computer games has been implicated in the fact, that scientists have discovered the Higgs boson. Who recorded embarrassing selfie on the internet? You will to find out after the break!


Bad Decisions is a word party game. And this inclusion it really fulfills and offers solid entertainment for all candidates. It is primarily intended for less demanding players, given the easy rules, which even count with a variant, that players will not fight for the victory. Instead, you can simply enjoy a fun combinations, that ooze out of the game.

DesignerIan Price
ArtistCharlie Price
PublisherDiamond Dust Dreams, Inc.
Year Published2015
# of Players3 - 12
User Suggested # of Players Best with 8 players
Recommended with 3, 4, 5, 9, 10, 11 players
(2 voters)
Playing Time20
Mfg Suggested Ages13 and up
CategoryParty Game, Word Game
FamilyCrowdfunding: Kickstarter
Primary NameBad Decisions

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Review: Bad Decisions – make the right choices
Final word
Bad Decisions is a funny game, where you combine right cards and you have to understand them. Plenty of lesser-known English words will test your knowledge, but will also prove players of creating funny stories. Humorous and crazy. Sentences are compiled from the cards (a huge amount of them), so you will not meet the same combination anytime soon. If you love word games, are hosting a party from time to time, it certainly is not a bad decision to buy Bad Decisions.
Reader Rating0 Votes
huge selection of cards
simple mechanism
lots of fun
you do not play for points
width of the number of players
narrative, rather than a game
some combinations do not make sense
great emphasis on English
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