Review: Ausgefuchst! – clever fox on the scene


Hens and foxes. Two completely different worlds. Predator and prey. And because foxes are known for their cleverness, they are tired of catching stupid chickens without some challenge in it. And so every night, they all gather in the henhouse, one of them sets a trap and then every redheaded hungry creature is trying to collect chickens, without waking the whole henhouse.

Players take on role of being sly foxes in the game  Its author is and his work was published by company. The game was a novelty for year , even with illustrations by .

When unpacking the box, which shows a satisfied fox, big board appears. Center of the frame should be now punched out – by doing this, players will create thirty-six tiles (five sets of hens, two foxes, and four other inhabitants of the henhouse (ladybug, mouse, spider and butterfly). Large frame is used as wall of the henhouse with positions for caught hens on its border. All thirty-six tiles are spread randomly inside and face-down. Among these potential catches, players put during preparation five perches and place one hen on each of them.


After issuing start command, players all simultaneously start searching through tiles between hens. They are encouraged to use only one hand. Struggling to find the hen, they still do not have in their collection. Each catch is laid in a row on their side of the board and players place their tiles over black and white illustrations on the board, covering the specific dinner.

But if a player reveals a tile, that he already has or pulls other residents of henhouse, he must return them to the center and continue with his search. While trying to be the fastest, players must also reckon with the risk of bumping into other hands or knock one of the hens still sleeping peacefully on their perches. These are the henhouse guards, who fell asleep. But just one fallen hen is enough for all of them to start clucking loudly.

At that moment, all players will try to quickly silence them. Their task is to quickly grab this wooden figure in the hand. Hunt for hen is done without player, who woke it up. Who is the fastest and obtains this wooden figure and may place it on any space among his catches. This piece serves as a joker and player moves a step closer to victory. This happens a moment later, when one player has collected all six hens (or some jokers). At that moment, fox thinking about victory has to flee the coop. To do this, player needs to find the tile, which shows only red fox tail disappearing in the doorway. In that moment, he may celebrate triumph over others.


Ausgefuchst! is a children’s game of skill, speed and acumen. All players are looking for the same stuff and it always brings contacts and pushing. In the efforts to be the fastest, looking for plates, that you have not yet explored. There is certainly also space for memory. However, with each such stretch also increase chances, that players collide and tip over one of the perches, where chicken patrols sleep. And in that moment occurs twist.

Every game is different. Once, hens are falling one after another, second game is full of jokers and many tiles are left unexplored, sometimes no chickens wake up and everything is just about being silent and quick on the floor of the henhouse.

There is just enough tiles for players to be able to keep track of their location, but to preserve search interesting enough. Moreover, processing and graphics are done to retain sufficient individuality. Fox is of course prettiest, because players would not begin to sympathize with the chickens, which serves as food.


Fortunately, games are variable thanks to different variation, when  even colors get their chance. Players must collect chickens with the same background color. And they will have to look pretty in turn, finding images sequentially. And here comes into play a much greater emphasis on memory, since all first have to explore the terrain and try to remember, because they have to complete their hunt from left to right (based on their board border). But be careful! Each player has different order of hens.

All players must be careful not to knock chickens, but in fact are trying to quickly locate six different tiles. That means, that game does not last very long. Especially, when offer is continually improved by jokers, that are represented by fallen hens. And because of it all, combat usually takes about ten minutes or less. So why should even the smallest children not compete in the search for the hens? There is no reason for them not to try it. The game is designed for children of four years and those will surely be glad to try it. The challenge is still the same and even adults can play and not be disappointed.


Ausgefuchst! definitely ranks among the most interesting games for young audiences. The whole fun is not just about speed, but also about luck and skill. And who has the best combination of these capabilities will be very powerful adversary in Ausgefuchst! Players have to be cunning foxes to hunt for fun.

DesignerThilo Hutzler
ArtistJohann Rüttinger
PublisherNoris Spiele
Year Published2016
# of Players2 - 4
Playing Time15
Mfg Suggested Ages4 and up
CategoryAnimals, Children's Game, Memory
MechanicMemory, Set Collection
FamilyAnimals: Chickens, Animals: Foxes
Primary NameAusgefuchst!

Infos courtesy of More Infos.

Review: Ausgefuchst! – clever fox on the scene
Final word
Ausgefuchst! is a children's entertainment, which works very well. All small (or even large), participants must demonstrate a variety of skills. Just one less crafty chicken hunter is al lit takes to raise the alarm (hens falling from perches). Search for platelets suddenly is battle for fastest escape. Caught piece serves as a joker. However, player can not deliberately be crashing figurines, because he can not participate in the hunt. Ausgefuchst! will not disappoint, if you are looking for fun game for kids, in which you will not be bored alone.
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entertainment for children from 4 years up
progress interesting enough
not only a reaction game
distinctive graphic
fun for older audiences as well
quick and short course
advanced option
luck is an important factor (in finding the right tiles)
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