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We have been given another unique chance to take a look into the kitchen of upcoming board games. This time our focus has been on the board game. Its right now begging you for support on server and although there are pretty pictures and nices words, you would like to know a little bit more about the game before. Its author is and it will be published by new company .

Each player gets a group of heroes under his control. His team will fight on a map composed of a series of hexagonal squares. Each player has his own base on his side, where his heroes start their journey. Both rivals also receive the matching sets of cards – ten specific for each chosen hero. These cards are shuffled and create a drawing pile. Each participant will also need to build his temples in their starting locations. Three victory conditions are randomly assigned for every match.

Each round is the same. Players first alternate in activating the heroes on the map. They can not only move or attack the enemy army, but also use specific abilities or increase the influence of the faction on the map. Each character has three action points at his disposal, that can be arbitrarily divided between any activities.


In addition, heroes also have magical abilities, and can use cards from their hand by spending mana energy. It brings with it unpredictable twists, that make the game fun, beside being tactical. And as the players in the turn alternate, they can respond very well to each other and fight in the right way exactly as it should be.

However, heroes will not be fighting directly between themselves. Minions of all factions will also join the fight, although their main task is to destroy enemy temples. Heroes will be interested in fighting with them and they will attack them mercilessly.

As soon as all the heroes on both sides play their turn, the time comes for minions. In its course, control over the areas of the game board is determined and player with the majority will get a chance to damage temples of the opponent. Specialty is then the central area of the dome, which will allow the winner to control a huge elemental with its own action points for the upcoming round.


Players are attacking each other and alternating in turn until the moment, at which one of the victorious conditions is completed by any player. The one, who succeeds first, will immediately become the winner.

Although Skytear looks like a common skirmish, it really is a very sophisticated combat game. In addition to the above-mentioned elements, the game is also possibility of hiding in front of an opponent in the bushes or different conditions based on the chosen heroes.

Because Skytear is partly a card game, it even contains a hint of deckbuilding. A packet of faction cards usually consists of forty cards – ten for each hero. But the players themselves can change this, and thus release their tactical skills from the leash.


Basically, the game is designed for two opponents, but authors place great emphasis on its variability and complementary game modes. In addition to the classic duel, a team battle for four will be available in the final version as well as MOBA (all against all). But what shines on top of all this is a campaign mode! We have great expectations from it (its not available now), because heroes can get new items between the different parts and even improve their abilities. With such a game type, this is a really unprecedented idea.

The story is, of course, quite ordinary at first, but it is already clear, that the graphics will be exceptional. All cards we have seen contain really dynamic illustrations. Moreover, the designers themselves have promised great care for the miniatures themselves, which should be the absolute top.

What’s unique about Skytear is the universe, that will make the game tremendously variable. In the first season, a total of 24 heroes will be available. They belong together to four different fractions, each completely different. So, when you realize the width, maybe only the Krosmaster Arena can compete with this game.


But we’re still talking theoretically and mostly about rules. And that’s a shame, because Skytear is not only a very well-thought out, but it’s also really funny! The very struggle between the heroes is by far the most important. Everyone has their intent. Three victory conditions selection mean, that everything is very open.

While the minions phase does grind a little bit, it has its important place in the game and destroying temples is a goal, that you always aim for. It is simply tempting. But even more, there is an interesting chance to control Outlander, an elemental, and possible fifth member of the team.

We also have to comment game time of about forty to fifty minutes. This is not unnecessary too, but at the same time, it will allow both parties to play a sufficiently interesting battle and have enough chances to influence it all.


Our impressions of the Skytear game are based on a test version, that is a limited in components and of course also does not represent their final quality. Still, the game also has really interesting appearance. This is a very good promise, which means an interesting game, that you will not regret backing on Kickstarter. Skytear will certainly not be lost among your conflict games, if you give it a chance.


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