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Bend your head and look over at the sky. Do you see at least one plane? There is nothing to be surprised, because tens of thousands of planes will fly over Europe in one day. And there are hundreds of people on board of each of them. Only some people get on board, because there is always a limited number of seats available. Who will sit and who will be unlucky and stay down on the ground?

Each player who opts to play board game will become manager of airline company. But because its still small firm, his task is not only to collect profits. He will have to take care of everything, including seating the passengers, so every free space is occupied. But he has to watch out not to sell one place multiple times. If he makes such mistake, people will become angry. Maybe from his own experience, getting stuck out of his flight, got idea of his game. He created i tunder flag of .

This is hot new game, that has currently campaign running. So it’s high time to look at it to know, whether we should support its origin. And so each player sets his own board with a map of front part of the aircraft and also get six cubes of vouchers. A lot of stones representing passengers themselves are placed in the gaming area, so everyone has them in reach. And in the middle there must be a place for four random passenger cards, creating an offer. Remaining cards will create a deck on the side.


In turn, player chooses one of the four available booking cards. They always show a preference, how customers would like to sit on your plane. These orders can come in different shapes, but someone wants to sit in the aisle, while others at the window. And all that is mixed with colors that indicate types of travelers – for example reds are lovers.

Based on the selected card (that can be rotated freely), players must place stones passengers on their aircraft in the same disposition. And of course in the appropriate colors, that will soon be of great importance. Nevertheless, one group can never exceed section, reaching across the aisle to the other side. And there is always not enough place. Sooner or later there will be a situation, where another passenger will be already sitting on a spot, that you desperately need. Such a seat becomes overbooked. Stone with the original passenger gets discarded and is moved to a reserved place on the board, where it will bring negative points at the end of the game.

But getting reservation cards from the offer is not just like that. While the card all the way to the right is free, all newer ones come with a price. And players have to pay with their cubes, which have to be put on each card lying to the right of the one they have taken in hand.


Match continues until supply of passengers of one color runs out. At that point, it is necessary to complete the round so that all participants have the same number of turns and the battle ends. Players add up points for the different sets, they have made of colors placed on the plane. But the goal is also to fill whole sections, which can bring high rewards. And there are even children (white stones) traveling on the plane, which must be surrounded on all sides by adults to bring some more points to your purse. Whoever has most points in the end is the winner of the day.

Overbooked is a positional game and greatly uses options on its chosen theme. Nowadays, overbooking an aircraft is an interesting theme, which has filled news several times. If someone buys a ticket, why should someone else sit in his place?

But here all players see it from the other side. And the effort to distribute all passengers in the best possible way is perfect fun! It’s such a puzzler, in which you have to make compromises and look for the best places. And this is fun. Therefore, players must have excellent overview, because otherwise rounds can get slow and with them the whole match. Searching for options can drag. This is also the only risk, that can bring negative experiences to playing Overbooked.


Game itself is great for all less experienced players. They only need to navigate in several different icons, and then it’s all about the skills. Players all have the same offer from which they can buy even more expensive cards. But it must not be forgotten that even not used cubes in player possession bring points in the end. Every decision makes sense. You will not need more than thirty minutes to settle all those interested in the flight.

Various numbers of players have different aircraft maps. The boards are double-sided, with two types of airplane. Positioning gets harder with less rivals, because players have two ailes instead of one and less room for placing their passengers. On the other hand, they get quickly back on turn, so their secretly wanted cards do not disappear so easily.

Overbooked is an excellent family game, which feels like a little tangram game. But to fill the whole space is not the only meaning you can see in the game. Points can be earned for different things and other well placed stones. The player must therefore always decide, how does he want to earn points. Overbooked offers more ways to score and win, if you like smart games. There is no doubt about it, Overbooked looks like a really plaeasant entry game.

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