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The world has changed. Despite countless protests and struggles, now live among us. Still, there are places where they should not step in their own interest, but with every day and week, people’s views changes. Most of us have them as neighbors and perceive them as normal beings. Why not? They are willing to work and engage in society as ordinary people. But then there are illegal ghettos, where terrible battles are taking place in the arena. These are the mutants we all fear.

It is these ruthless duels, that are distilled into board game Mutants: The Card Game, created by designer pair and . And it’s now heading to with its campaign and fighting for the fans votes. So we decided to introduce it to you as another game from .

From the box with a flood of various mutated creatures, interested sides will first reveal large boards – one of which is common and should be placed in the center of the table. It serves as a counter of prestige, strength and rounds. Players will then get their own board and equipment – twelve mutant cards (two pieces from each of six kinds). Each of the opponents starts with six different specimens in their hand and the rest creates a deck. From this, each of the participants will receive a dozen cards, splitting them into three piles by four, creating his gene pool.


The entire game consists of maneuvering with mutant cards in the three positions the player has on his own board. He must always try to maintain the active middle position free. If it is occupied, fighter, who is here at this moment, must move to the left or right side to auxiliary positions at the start of the turn. In some situations, when all three places are occupied, the player must sacrifice one card entirely.

Only when a free position is active, player can it proceed to choosing one of the three available actions. And so he can pick up a new mutant card from his own gene pool and he has a choice from one of the three, that are visible at that moment. But he has to pay for it with a pair of cards from his hand, that on top of that have to match the icon requirements of the new card. Such advanced mutant will immediately enter the battle in the middle position.

Instead, it is possible to get a mutant from the offer in the second way – by discarding only one card (icons do not play any role this time). Such a character, however, will not be available to the player immediately in the current round, but at its end, he will place it on top of his drawing package. But the round is long in this game. On the other hand, cards held in hand can be played with the help of a third action.


But drawing does not take place at the end of each round. Instead, players will gradually play all the cards from their hand and then end the round. It may end prematurely, if one of the players gets to the top of the rankings of strength, while the others are on its tail. In the course of the round, all opponents use ability of their mutants, which are evaluated instantly.

Players can also attack other players with actions, defend themselves from being attacked, turn one mutant into another (card substitution), or use lasting benefits across multiple turns. The specific ability is freezing, that players use to remove their mutants and they then give them bonus points of prestige at the end of the game.

All participants will receive points of prestige at the end of the round according to their team’s position on the strength scale. Then each one draws six new cards and continue to fight. It all takes five prescribed rounds before players compare their point gains with frozen mutants set aside by special events during the battle. The owner of the highest score can celebrate the victory.


Mutants is a card game, that brings a whole new approach to deckbuilding. Each player uses only one card each time, and it is very unusual. And it brings players completely different dilemmas and situations they do not know. The cards differ in power, but it is not that easy to get them. Sometimes it is simply necessary to drop cards out of hand, which will come back later.

Just the fact, that the package does not turn so fast makes you think more about how to use every card. And building deck itself is also more important. Players can only choose between the three cards on the menu every time.

The chances of all opponents are very interesting and many cards allow them to attack their enemies. Above all, the game is focused on collecting points, which is the centerpiece of everything. However, here too you have to keep in mind, that you will get the prestige mainly because your team is stronger, than the rest of your opponents. The great emphasis on contact gameplay is at the same time one of two main reasons, why Mutants are really interesting.


The other is an interesting choice of the capabilities of individual characters. And you get different advanced mutants every time (the starting ones are the same). Total game time is not exaggerated, because players only have one action at a time. And that means, he will eventually keep a fight within one hour. And that’s the standard time for similar games. The more opponents participate on battle , the more interesting it gets.

Mutants are definitely a game you should notice on Kickstarter. It offers a reimagination of the deckbuilding genre, that has not been here yet. The match is so much less about shuffling cards and more about how good you are in using them. And this kind of distillation of the best properties is exactly, what Mutants do really well.

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