Preview: Jetpack Joyride – swirling through the lasers


Have you ever imagined, that you are the hero of an animated film? A bad scientist is holding you captive in his lab. And then just a moment of inattention, you – a brave prisoner – grab a nearby jetpack and throws yourself towards freedom!

We did not even have enough to recover from Zombie Tsunami game review and campaign for Chronicles of Crime and are here with another game. It’s called , and these days you have the opportunity to support it on . Its designer is and originally the game was created in the cellar of the small company .

Each player will have during game in front of himself a map comprising of several big lab cards. These are double-sided with many spaces on it. However, players do not get a figurine of a fugitive with a flying machine, but instead they will have a selection of transparent pieces of various shapes in the middle of the table to mark their escape route. The overall impression is then complemented by only joint missions, the fulfillment of which will results in a bonus.


The whole match consists of three escape rounds. And because there is a dramatic action involved, players do not need any turns, but they simply fight for freedom at the same time. Everything from their point of view starts at the left side of the lab, where they can choose their starting position. After starting, they always pick one tile from the middle and place it on the table, so that it follows up, and one piece behind the other creates an escape path.

Their attachment, of course, has its own fixed rules. The parts must not overlap, but they need to be directly linked. But the content of the map itself is also important, because it is not possible to fly through obstacles.

Once one of the players succeeds (in making their own way out of the lab) to finish drawing the line to the finish, they will report it to the others and the round ends. Now it’s time to glimpse the achievements – in the accomplished missions, collecting coins along the way, but also losing points for broken rules of placement, if rivals encounter it. Everything moves like this three times, then everbody counts their point profits and the one with the highest total becomes the winner of the whole escaping.


Jetpack Joyride is a crazy and fun game in which everything happens in real time. Everyone has their own puzzles, so players usually also need different pieces. This is not all about the same shapes but the interest is of all kinds.

But speed is far from everything. Players are primarily wondering about collecting stars, and mistakes must be avoided in order to pass through the room successfully. Far from being the most important in terms of scoring, its ultimately missions, that brings various crazy bonus tasks. And that’s just the moment, when all the flying of the labs becomes difficult to plan.

But the missions are not the only thing, that makes player’s heads tangled. Different pieces of equipment will also come into play, giving players other abilities or benefits over their opponents. They select them at the end of each round to provide advantage to the player with the lowest number of points. This catch-up mechanism for weaker players can also be the main objection, if you are looking for a fair fight.


Players fight more with themselves, than with each other, so it does not matter, if you battle in two, three or four. Points do not sprinkle on all sides. As a result, the results are quite close and the third round can easily change everything. Because they all play at the same time, there’s no reason to be bored or wait for anything. Only scoring is gradual and takes a little longer, because you need to check the placement of each player’s pieces. Even so, the game can easily fit within half an hour.

Plus, the game looks pretty nice too. Although there is not much components to go through, and we only have a prototype in hand, and yet it’s just a full-fledged experience.


Jetpack Joyride does not bring anything extremely original, but above all, its able to make the most of the fun, in which everyone is trying to meet same conditions at the same time. So, if you like this type of game, Jetpack Joyride should provide fun for you. In addition, in the Kickstarter campaign, you can look forward to some bonuses and better price, than in retail. So what are you waiting for?

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