Preview: Chronicles of Crime The Millennium Series – chronicles of crime on a journey through time


Past or future. It does not matter. Each period has its own crime stories to solve. And they’ll need your help on all the time lines. Just as The Doctor, also players will travel forward and backward in time, just as David Cicurel has prepared for them. The development has now culminated in a currently running campaign on , which should be (and after a few hours of campaign we already know, it will be) a new stepping stone to release three separate boxes in the Chronicles of Crime: The Millennium Series. The release will be signed by Lucky Duck Games.

Each box is individually playable and will take us to a different time, years 1400, 1900 and 2400. Each box will contain (at least) a total of four stories, in which players will have to go through hints, clues and find the perpetrator.

The original game Chronicle of Crime is board game entertainment combined with a digital story told on a mobile device. It is with the help of reading QR codes, that players can search for clues, interrogate witnesses and seek help from their contacts. The overall atmosphere is complemented by the ability to view the scene directly on the screen and look around the crime scene.


All of this is preserved in the new boxes, the preview version of which we had the opportunity to taste. Specifically, we plunged into history, into the year 1400 and had a chance to investigate the murder of a young scribe. So the basic experience remains unchanged, which is great news. Chronicles of Crime works fantastically and offers a true detective movie atmosphere.

A minor change is, of course, going back in time from the modern age. You can’t call for help, instead you can go home and ask for help from your siblings and uncle, who are in very suitable positions to supply some informations. So they can help and advise you when you ask the right question at the right time.


But the real first novelty are vision cards. Their revelation is decided directly by the application at the right time and is therefore a new interactive element that further explains the story and should also serve as another guide to solve the case. There are several of them.


This is where information about items, that players do not have in their hands, will be shown. Their cards are also immediately put on the board, but in the blue section of thoughts. Investigators do not own such items yet, but they are aware of its existence, and they know they should look for it somewhere. It is clear, that it sensitively simplifies this element of investigation. However, as with the overall difficulty of the stories, we have to wait until the game is complete and we will not allow ourselves to judge on the basis of one preview game, the course and content of which may change.


But besides their family members, players will have one more important help at hand. They get a four-legged companion, whose services (and especially the sensitive muzzle) will be able to use all the time. They can recognize the smells of objects and associate them with characters if players ask well with the help of a code.

Each card contains a QR code, but the graphics still support the overall game experience and atmosphere. We have to keep in mind that each box will contain its own components. This is especially important with a sophisticated script editor, for which the creators will then have a chance to use the library of all cards to create stories, that even transcende time!


One of the twelve detective stories is over. But even this is not the final number, as the campaign will also identify other cases to solve. But even a small tasting suggested that would be a great sequel. The freedom of exploration and interrogation remains, and only the little things are added, which generally enrich the game. This is true also to thematic inclusion in other time periods. So if you like the Chronicles of Crime and then now is the right time to support the new edition.


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