Preview: Castles of Caleira


Building a castle is often just about putting one stone next to another. That’s what my father taught me at least. But he never told me how to protect such a building from enemy raids and bombing. So I have to find my way alone!

Two monarchs meet in the battle to build the most luxurious castle in new micro game . It consists of only eighteen cards. And this game is coming to and asking for your support. Our task today is therefore not only to draw attention to it, but also to say, if it is worth the investment and support.

Basis is eighteen cards with a total of nine buildings. Each of them, in addition to their title and illustrations, also contains text describing its ability and value in victory points. At the beginning, all cards available can be shuffled and each participant handed out two starting cards representing his basic equipment. The rest of the cards will create drawing pile in the middle.


In the game, all (two to four) participants alternate in turns, that consist of three phases. Everything always starts with drawing one card, if drawing pile is not empty. Main part of the turn is the ability to play card in front of himself, either with a picture up or down. This determines, when card’s ability is activated. By hiding its identity, the player can delay that moment for future turns, but keep his hand empty. Buildings must be played in line in front of the player.

Actions allow you not only to attack your opponent’s cards, but also to change your equipment, reveal cards and, above all, go for victory points. This is ultimately the goal of the whole match, that happens when no cards are left in the drawing pile. Players score their buildings on the table plus one point for any unrevealed card.

The gameplay is not surprising. This is, of course, due to the fact, that the Castles of Caleira are a micro-game. And yet the cards offer an interesting option. Playing hidden or open allows players to control the development and prepare the ground for later turns.


But. To be talking about later moments in this micro game is a little pointless. This is because the playing time of this little game is within a maximum of ten minutes. And as such, a smaller box in your pocket works really nice. This is exactly the mission of this collection of several cards, that can often offer interesting experience, when travelling. Filling up time at airport or in waiting room.

But this this, its not about mechanism itself this time. Players simply collect victory points. But rather that the game is fairly conflicting. Players have the chance to beat each other, which is certainly a good element in such a simple game.

So why should you just support this game? The main reasons are its speed, solid processing (illustrations are nicely detailed) and pleasant amount of conflict. The game is tiny and it will match any pocket. So if you like games with a few cards, then Castles of Caleira can be next additions to your collection.


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