Arena is shaking with hits. The blood you were looking is not there. Titans can not feel pain. Their injuries have far-reaching effects, because they are simply gaining upper hand for the attacking side. And only by pushing opponent to defensive can bring victory.. Titans Tactics will show you, how to do it..
Look for a room number 25. There is salvation in it. This is all, that was written on a piece of paper, when we woke up. We are inside some strange building and we want out. Sterile environment without any dust is radiates danger.. We will go looking for room number 25. There has to be our salvation..
Solar system is our home, just like planet Earth is. As the perception of mankind spreads, also his impression of distance changes. But now it is still quite far to the edge of our solar system. But what if there comes a time, when this faraway place would seem to us like a vacation journey to another state here on Earth? Yes, it will happen sometimes. Welcome to High Frontier world, where the whole solar system is your world..