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And the jumping is back. The frogs just can not help themselves. They are competitive nation, which must constantly hop somewhere. And we have to be there, because their jumping is just magical. If it will be fun also this time, in a new board game called Ponder coming from Sweden, that is, what we will learn together in our today reportage from a frog orienteering..
Please enter a world of crabs, where only the biggest groups are meant to survive. Help all those four colored crab species to find their frineds and home. You will do this and much more in a game from polish company Granna. The game is called Kraby and it beautifully takes together logical reasoning and family entertainment.
Beautiful and magnificent creature terorizes a little dwarf village. Which side will you pick? Will you help the dragon spread fear or you will rather side with the dwarfs and chase the dangerous dragon away? In a great new game Drako, crafted for two players, is the choice only yours..
Today, we will take a journey into one really old and creepy house. But it would not be righteous haunted house, if there would not hide something shiny behind those frightening monsters - in this case, there are shiny chests full of gold. Prepare your team of heroes and outsmart your enemies!